Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 49- What Was Supposed to be the End

--Vincenzo POV--

“Where was he all this time?” Don asked.

“In the animal sanctuary that Vince took me to. In case of emergency, I created a one-time summoning contract with him,” Now, when did she manage to do that?

“Hm. I don’t get it,” Don came to stand beside me as he stared at the quiet lion.

“I didn’t use him before because I didn’t need him but now that I know the faces of the men that set off the bomb attack, I imprinted their faces in his mind so he can easily go find them for me, aren’t I amazing?” Nora crossed her arms with a proud look on her face.

“Yes, you are,” I laughed, ruffling her hair, relieved that the weight of losing her had finally gone. I’ve never been so on edge before and I’ve never been so scared before.

But here she was, smiling brightly at me as if she wasn’t kidnapped, proving to me that she really is a strong woman and that I had nothing to be scared of. She taught both Alpheus and Conrad a lesson before I even got here.

Not only that, she was able to lead me right to where she was situated, not letting the fear control her. She truly is one of a kind.

Not being able to help myself, I pulled her into another hug and inhaled her scent, concentrating on the beating of her heart beneath mine to make sure that this wasn’t all a dream and that she was, in fact, stood right here, in front of me and in my arms.

I missed her.

“The men will be here in a bit. We can send them to follow the lion,” Don reminded and I pulled away from Nora but held her hand in mine.

“Fine with me,” Nora agreed.

“But... why is it a lion? There were so many other animals in the sanctuary?” I asked.

“I like lions,” Right, she did.

“Moving on... What’s going to happen to them?” She asked, gesturing with her head to Alpheus and Conrad who had given up struggling and simply sat there now. I watched as Nora clicked her fingers and lifted the spell off of them and gave them free rein to move but it was okay since Don tied them up.

Instantly, I felt my mood darken at the sight of them.

“I want to kill them,” I spat out venomously.

At that thought, I heard the sound of approaching hooves and momentarily, turned to look out the window and caught the sight of my knights rushing towards the inn on the backs of their horses.

“You lot. Follow the lion and capture the people he leads you to, don’t let a single one escape,” I shouted to a small group of my men before I had even walked outside and they were confused but quickly took off after the lion when they saw it.

“You, drag these idiots back to the palace and don’t you dare let them get away this time. Don’s already done a safety check on them and they’re not carrying anything harmful... so you have no excuse this time,” I ordered a different group.

On cue, the strangled shouts and groans of both Conrad and Alpheus were heard as Don pulled them out into the daylight for all to see their pathetic selves.

I scoffed at the sight and turned my head away to look at Nora who was talking to one of my knights, instructing him on how to control the lion and he carefully listened, nodding along to her words.

I glared at the sight of the bruise on her cheek. I hated the fact that Alpheus dared to hurt her. If only I had gotten there earlier.

“Let go of me you fools! I was a King! How could you!?”

“Oh shut up, will you! You’re getting on my nerves with your incessant childish bickering,” I massaged my glabella with an annoyed huff.

“I’ll make you regret this! You will regret treating me like this! I’ve broken out of the dungeons once! I can do it again!”

“Not if you’re dead!”

I got my gun out and pointed it at his forehead which instantly shut him up and he stared up at me from his kneeling position on the ground with fear shining as bright as the day in the grey depths of his eyes.

I heard the eyes were a window to the soul. In that sense, his eyes were disgusting to look at. It was the same as mine, the same colour, the same shade and yet it was the complete opposite, filled with nothing but the blackness of his soul.

“Say one more measly word and I will put a bullet through your head. You’re always going on about how you killed my uncle with this gun, would you like me to do the same to you?”

He gulped.

“Tch,” I placed the revolver back in my belt and spun around.

“Get him out of my sight,” I spat.

I looked up from the dusty ground, my eyes which were originally focused on the black leather material of my boots turned to focus on the beauty of the lady I have grown to love.


Yes. Love.

I loved her, there was no point in denying it anymore.

With that smile, how could I not fall for her? I was like a moth drawn to her flame of fire but I knew that she would never let me burn, she’s too good for that.

But then... I watched as the smile slowly began to slip off her face.


“Move!” She screamed.

Deja Vu.

That’s what this was. It was all happening again, like a reversed clock.

The unsheathing of a sword and the angered cry of Alpheus... but I couldn’t move. My eyes and all of me was focused on her and only her.

Not again.

She scattered into golden particles and disappeared and the rest of it happened faster than I would have been able to process.

The tickle of Achilles which sat on my hip, the glowing of the sword was seen emerging out of the scabbard and Nora emerged out of it, her eyes focused on something behind me.

And as I spun my body around, taking a few shocked steps back, her arm shot out and held the sword which would have been going through me if not for her fast reflexes. The blood poured out of her palm but she didn’t do much more than flinch.

Alpheus screamed in rage and I choked on a gasp as she effortlessly broke the sword in half, the impact pushing Alpheus to fall back and while Nora threw the discarded metal of the sword away, I pulled my gun out once more.

1 shot.

2 shots.

Then finally, putting the clock on pause with a 3rd shot.

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