Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 50- The Last Mage

--Vincenzo POV--

I did it. Finally.

Alpheus lay in a pool of his blood and I watched emotionlessly as his body soon lost its life and he lay dead on the ground in front of me.

He’s finally gone.

“That’s what you get,” I placed the gun back in the holster on my waist then slowly turned my gaze to look at a whimpering, fearful Conrad.

“Unless you want to be next, I would suggest that you shut up, stop struggling and do as you are told because I’m in a bad mood now and I wouldn’t mind putting a few bullets through your annoying self either,” He rapidly nodded his head.

“Take him away, straight to the dungeons and lock him up,”

Don and the rest of the men went away, wrapping Alpheus’s body up with some cloth then taking him along too, leaving only Nora, me and my horse here. I didn’t waste a second to look after them and rushed to Nora’s side, enveloping her in my arms then pulling away and taking her injured hand in mine.

“Let me... see,”

It’s gone. Or rather, it’s healing.

“I told you. My body gets used to it quickly,” She didn’t seem happy about it as she stared at the quickly healing wound on her palm with a sad look glazing her eyes.

“Afterall, I’m not even alive,” She whispered, looking as if reality had just come crashing down and with her, mine did too. How did I expect myself to be happy with her if I can’t even find the courage to set her free?

Father was right. Love really does change people.

“Nora...” I called lightly and she chuckled, raising her head so our eyes met.

“I seem to keep forgetting... That I’m not normal, I’m sorry,” I pushed myself forward, placing a hand on the back of her head and her face rested in the crook of my neck as I hugged her.

“I’m the one that’s sorry. I didn’t want you to leave me,” I mumbled honestly.

“What if I stab the sword through you and you disappear? How can I continue living without you by my side?” I whispered and her arms which were around my waist, clenched the material there and I felt her tears soaking my clothes.

“I want to be free, Vince,” She cried. Sighing, I ran my fingers through her hair and stared down at her. Did I love her enough to risk losing her?

But seeing her like this now, crying in my arms, I didn’t like it. Above anything in this world, seeing her honest, happy smile is what brought me the greatest joy and the fear of never being able to see that again scared me beyond which words could ever describe.

“I love you,”

She froze, moving away from the hug and tilting her head up to look at me. Placing my hand on her cheek, I smiled at her and leaned down, resting my lips against hers in a feathery kiss.

“R-Really?” She stuttered as I moved away.

I didn’t reply. I closed my eyes for a second, willing myself to calm down and then I pulled Achillies out of its scabbard and I moved faster than which I would be able to think and regret my actions.

One thrust. That’s all it took for reality to come crashing down.

She choked, coughing out droplets of deep red blood as I put the sword through her. With shaking hands and eyes filled with unexpected surprise, she clutched onto me in pain and I bit down on my lip, hard, to keep the tears away.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered out, unable to keep the tears from glazing my eyes.

“I love you, I love you, Nora,” We both fell down and I hugged her cold body to mine, berrying my face in the crook of her neck as my body racked with broken sobs.

“I love you too,” She whispered.

“I wish for you to be free, Nora... Eleanora,” I managed t breathe out.

I moved away a bit to look at her face and with both my hands on her cold cheeks, she smiled at me through the pain. She was fading, her skin was like snow, making her blood look darker than it already was. She was fading.

And then, in a single instant, she was gone.

Falling forward, I caught her in my arms and cried through broken tears, begging for her to wake up again as a free woman.

I turned her body around and stared at her closed eyelids, running my fingers over her delicate features, my tears falling freely on her pale skin but she didn’t wake up. She wasn’t waking up.

“Please, wake up,” I leaned down, berrying my face in her neck.

“Please,” I begged.

But she didn’t wake up.

However, the rattling of Achilles paused my tears and I sat back up, watching as the sword began to crumble away. First the blade and then the hilt, it was breaking away into dust until it was completely gone as if it were never even real.

My eyes turned to the wound just above her stomach and I waited for something to happen and almost choked on my gasp of delight when I saw it slowly beginning to heal.

She’s coming back!

“Nora,” I laughed, looking back at her face and stroking her cheeks and my hands slipped down to her pulse, waiting to feel the beating of her pulse.

It took a few minutes, but when I felt the assuring thumping, I wanted to scream in joy.

She was coming back.

Her wound completely healed up as if I had never even stabbed a sword through her and I wiped away the dry blood which had been trailing down from her mouth. Her skin slowly regained it’s beautiful honey-kissed colour and eventually, she looked as if she were simply sleeping.

“Nora,” I called, patting her cheek and waiting for her to open her eyes. She didn’t.

“Nora,” I called again but she wasn’t waking up.

Why was she not waking up? Achillies is gone, her wounds closed up, her pulse is beating so why are her eyes still closed.

Picking her up in my arms, I got on Amadeus and we quickly rode back to the palace.

The journey back felt too long but I knew that whenever she would open her eyes again, not only would she be free but she would no longer have to feel so alone.

Never again, I’m not going to lose her.

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