Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 53- Bickering Siblings

--Eleanora POV--

“What are they doing?” I asked.

“Flirting,” Vince replied.

“Flirting?” I raised a curious brow.

“Yes. Suggesting interest in a deeper relationship through playful means,”

“Deeper relationships? But they’re married,”

“Yes, they are... but I guess they just like flirting,” He crossed his arms at the sight of his parents and I turned to follow his gaze, smiling at the sight.

“They seem so happy,”

“Maybe because they are... and you can be too,”

I felt Vince’s eyes drift away from his flirting parents and turn to look at me and as I turned to look at him, I was met with his smiling face. It was a small smile but a smile that made my heart flutter nonetheless.

“Because you’re free now,” At his words, my lips curved up into a bright smile.

Right, I was free now. Achillies is gone and I will finally begin ageing again, I can live my life the way I want now. All thanks to him.

“Hey!” A female voice shouted, followed by a series of laughs and when I turned to look at the previous King and Queen, he was carrying her bridal style, spinning around with a large, almost childlike, grin on his face.

“Ugh, I’m related to those cringy weirdos,” Vince winced at the sight.

“Are they still flirting?” I asked and he nodded.

“If that’s flirting, don’t you do it all the time too?” I tilted my head to the side in curiosity and Vince shot his head to look at me, glaring at me jokingly.

“Yes, he does... and I’m the one that’s always suffering because of it,” Silas’s head shoved itself between me and Vince, an annoyed glare directed at his parents who were still giggling away under the large tree.

“When is it going to end?” Vince turned to look away from his parents.

“When you start expecting to welcome a new sibling 25 years younger than you to this family,” Silas shivered.

“There’s a limit to how un-funny your jokes can get but this one, dear brother, was terrifying. Don’t ever say something like that again,” I chuckled at his words. “Besides, mother can’t have any more children. Not after the complications with you and Charlotte,” I quietly added.

“Why don’t you just look away if it’s so disturbing?” I asked.

“It’s a hot day and I prefer the feel of the real wind and not an air conditioner but if I’m going to keep the window to my office open, my ears will throw up at the sound of my parent’s constant giggling. Seriously, they’re like hormonal teenagers sometimes,”

“Why don’t you just tell them to shut up? You had no problem doing that in the past,” Silas suggested and I nodded along.

“That was in the past when I didn’t understand anything,” I didn’t miss the quick darting of Vince’s eyes towards me before they hurriedly looked away.

“What are you idiots bickering over?” Charlotte’s voice appeared and I smiled at my friend, waving at her to which she replied by hugging me.

“Don’t call Nora an idiot,” Vince growled at his twin.

“Oh? So you’re finally accepting the fact that you’re an idiot?” Charlotte pulled away from me and crossed her arms, looking up at her brother.

“What about me? She called me an idiot too, you know? Aren’t you going to defend your precious older brother?” Silas asked, offended but was ignored.

“Tch. If I was an idiot, I wouldn’t have been King. If anything, you’re the bigger idiot for not seeing that,”

“Say that to my face, you oaf!” Charlotte screamed at him.

“Does it look like I said it to your foot? Perhaps you need to get your eyes checked, my dumb little sister,” I ran a hand down my face, sighing as they both continued to fight.

“You should get out of here. This isn’t going to end anytime soon,” Silas whispered into my ear before he began walking away, waving goodbye.

“You’re older than me by an hour! An hour! Not ten bloody years!”

“I apologise, it’s just that your immature personality leads me to believe that you are, in fact, much younger than me,” Vince innocently raised his arms in mock surrender. Is this how all siblings are? If so, then I’m glad I don’t have any.

Taking Silas’s words to heart, I tip-toed out of that conversation and area which even the animals in the premises were smart enough to do. I couldn’t even hear their parents giggling or flirting anymore.

“Why you!-“I shut the door behind me so I wouldn’t have to hear anymore.

Good going, Eleanora.

This was the result of my long-awaited freedom?

You’re kidding me, right?

“Ela... Nora? Right?” I almost screamed at the sudden voice but upon closer inspection, there was nothing to scream about.

“Yes, hello,” I nodded at the blonde-haired man and he chuckled, outstretching a hand for me to shake which I did.

“I apologise for taking so long to introduce myself. You’ve already been living in this palace for a few weeks and we still haven’t met. Ah, my name is Lucien Armstrong, I’m Charlotte’s husband,”

“Oh, right. I’ve heard a lot about you but I’ve yet to meet you. It’s nice to finally see you, Mr Lucien. Your wife is really... energetic?” He chuckled and began walking and I made haste to follow after him since I had nothing better to do right now.

“Charlotte and I are complete opposites but I love her nonetheless, why else would I marry her?... Loads of people say that I did so because of money but that wouldn’t make sense since I fell in love with her before I even knew she was royalty,” I hummed at his words.

“Anyway... I’m a patissier-” My eyes lit up at that.

“A patissier!? That means you’re good at making sweets, right?” He laughed at my reaction but nodded.

“Do you like sweets?” I rapidly nodded my head.

“I like sweets too, that’s why I became I became a patissier,” Of course, that made sense.

“Say... Wanna help?”

“Help?” I asked, confused.

“Yeah, I’m working on thinking up some new recipes. Would you like to help?”

“Are you sure? The last time I helped anyone in the kitchen was over 400 years ago and it was to make noodles, I got kicked out within five minutes of entering the room and almost set the whole floating city on fire,” Lucien raised a concerned brow.

“You can’t be that dangerous,” He waved off.

An hour later, both our aprons were ripped and tattered and I was sat on the island table as Lucien used the fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

“I told you,” I pouted.

“I didn’t think it would have been that bad!... and we didn’t even use anything to be able to start a fire with so how in the bloody hell did you manage to do just that!?” I shrugged.

“I think the safest option is to just let you be the taste tester,” He chuckled, sliding a bowl towards me, a single slice of chocolate-covered strawberry cheesecake sat inside and I didn’t waste a second to gobble it up.

“It’s delicious!” I gave a thumbs up and he jokingly bowed, smiling.

“Why, thank you very much,”

“What are you guys up to?... and why does this room smell like mother tried cooking?” Vince’s voice said from behind and I gestured for him to sit down beside me while Lucien went to get him some dessert.

“I was just helping Lucien come up with some ideas for his sweets shop,” I answered.

“Hmm... and how is that going?”

“Not very well,” I honestly replied, shoving another spoonful into my mouth.

“Yes, I can tell,” Vince subtly outstretched his hand, his thumb running over my lip to wipe away the excess cream or chocolate or whatever it was that was stuck there.

“Thanks,” I mumbled just as Lucien placed a glass bowl in front of him.

“Are you done fighting with Char?” I asked.

“Yes... and since when did you call each other by nicknames?” He seemed jealous but I knew better than to point that out.

“Not long. She just started calling me Ela so I started calling her Char. Just like how I started calling you Vince,” I smiled. That felt so long ago now.

“And when did you both meet?” He gestured between Lucien and me.

“Just over an hour ago, I bumped into him when I was trying to get away from the fight you and Char were having outside,” I reminded and he scoffed at the memory.

“I don’t understand what you see in her,” Vince told Lucien.

“What can I say? Opposite’s attract, she’s everything I’m not and I’m everything she’s not,”

“You mean kind, respectful, not spoilt, smart, talented and more?...” Vince mumbled.

“Well, my father-in-law says that we balance each other out,”

“Your father-in-law is a cringy man,” Vince massaged his temples with a loud sigh.

“My father-in-law is your father and I don’t think he’ll appreciate you calling him cringy, although I do agree it’s true in some cases... that’s not the point,”

“Where’s Don?” I asked, cleaning my mouth with the napkin.

“Probably making out with Maria somewhere. Why?”

“I was going to train with him,” I replied, looking at the time on the wall clock and ignoring Vince’s comment about Don and Maria.

“Why do you need to train? You’re plenty strong as you are,”

“I’m not as strong as I was and I need to train if I want to remain healthy and fit... One of the good things about Achilles was that I could eat as much as I wanted without gaining anything but now I have to exercise all the calories off,” I grumbled.

Oh well. You can’t always have everything you want.

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