Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 56- Eleanora the Mage

--Eleanora POV--

In the confines of my chambers, I was sat on the desk, flipping through the history book about me. I remember writing this book about all mages in general for Atticus to learn about it but he never had the chance to finish it.

I kept it in the hidden room in the library before we went to battle 300 years ago and I never thought I’d see it again. Honestly, I forgot about it if not for Charlotte who went exploring in the said room.

“Damn. I haven’t written anything in ages,” I mumbled to myself.

I turned my head around to see Leo sleeping away on the couch and smiled at the cute sight. Lion’s grow up so fast.

Turning back to the desk, I shut the book and pushed it aside, pulling the other book that sat on the desk in front of me and opened it up, skimming through the pages but lagging on the pictures.

It was a book about me. The fairytale story that Alexia used to read to Vince and Char when they were little. There were a few inaccuracies and all the drawings were wrong too but the one of me was surprisingly similar, back when I still had floor-length hair.

It’s an honest mystery on how I was able to maintain it.

My fingers gently brushed over the drawing of Andreas and I couldn’t help but remind myself of those happy times... but I was happy now too, thanks to Vince and the rest of my new family.

Family. Not once since being trapped in the sword did I think that I would ever be blessed with a family ever again. Yet, here we were.

Picking up a fountain pen, I opened up the book on the latest blank page and began writing about everything that’s happened since I woke up again. It’s almost like a diary, this book.

If I’m ever blessed with children, I’ll make sure to read this to them just like Alexia had read this to Vince and Charlotte when they were children. At the thought of that, I couldn’t hold back an excited laugh and my eyes drifted over to the ring on my finger.

All that’s left now is happiness... and I deserved it.

--Vincenzo POV--

“Who hired you?” I asked the men that were tied up on the ground in front of me. “And think carefully before you answer, I’m already in a foul mood right now,” I glared with crossed arms, my eyes drifting over to Don.

He ruined the moment! I had worked up so much courage to ask Nora to marry me and he ruined it! Because of these pathetic scoundrels!

“I know it was a noble. All I need you to do is give me a name, that’s not so hard, is it?” I tilted my head to the side as if mocking them. “Honestly speaking, I should have had you killed the moment the lion found you for breaking Alpheus out of the dungeons,”

One of the men looked up to say something but upon noticing the glare on my face, he quickly closed his mouth back up and looked down at my shoes.

“So tell me. Which rotten noble paid you to break my grandfather out of the dungeons?”

Don stood beside me as a few guards stood behind the men as to not let them get away but even after that, they were chained to the ground and were a bloody mess due to the resistance they put up on their way to being dragged back to the palace.

“Where’s the lion that found them?” I leaned in to whisper to Don.

“It disappeared,” He whispered back.

“What do you mean by disappeared?” I asked.

“He just poofed away in a cloud of smoke,” He replied and I narrowed my gaze at him, wondering if he was telling the truth or having fun mocking me right now.

“It-It was...” At the voice of one of the bandits, I turned to look at him and squatted down in front of him, nodding for him to tell me.

“The first one to tell me what I want will be given a more lenient sentence compared to the others,” At that, I bit my lip to hold back a smirk when their eyes began glimmering with hope. What can I say? Even the lowest of people cherished their lives.

Only, I wasn’t expecting to hear what I did.

“The Grand Duke, Damien Navarro,” That’s when all the blood ran cold in my veins.

“What did you just say?” I whispered.

“Damien Navarro. The Grand duke was the one that ordered us to break Alpheus out of the dungeons,”

“Don’t lie to me!” I screamed, jumping forward and wrapping my arms around the man’s neck.

“Your majesty! Calm down!” Don shouted, trying to pull me away from the bandit. “This bandit thinks he can go ahead and spout such nonsense. Why the hell would Damien order you to let Alpheus out of the dungeons!? What does he have to gain!?” I screamed just as Don managed to pull me off and I fell back.

Staring down at my hands with wide eyes, I breathed heavily.

There was no way. Damien Navarro. Why-Why would he?... He couldn’t. He had nothing to gain from Alpheus and even if he did, he would never betray me like that.

Damien Navarro was the one that helped my father in taking down Alpheus. Damien Navarro was the one that helped save my mother from that island. If not for him, Alpheus would still have been on the throne. Why would he...

“Kill him,” I spat, turning my head up to glare at the bandit.

“Kill this disgusting rat. Kill him!” I screamed but it was as if everyone was frozen.

“Now’s not the time for that. We have to go see the Grand Duke,” Don stated and I turned my head to look at him with furrowed brows.

“What do you mean by that? That Damien is the mastermind. You can’t possibly believe the words of some lowly bandit,” I waved my hand towards the said bandit who jumped in fear.

“Exactly. That’s why I’m suggesting that we get the answers from the Grand Duke himself,” I paused, processing Don’s words. Right, that made sense.

Quickly, I stood up, dusting myself down and marched away with Don, Tobias and some other guards hot on my heels while the rest of the guards took care of the bandits.

The only person that will know what’s truly going on right now is the Grand Duke himself.

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