Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 58- The Grand Duke

--Vincenzo POV--

The Grand Duke of Syberis, Damien Navarro was an exceedingly handsome man, even now as he grows older, women still fawn over him.

With platinum blonde hair and a striking pair of Amazonian green eyes, he made all other men darken in comparison to him with his large height and perfect build. His face was argued to have been handcrafted by the gods themselves, taking care of every single crevice.

And yet, despite having the ability to woo any woman he so wished, he only wanted one woman and that was none other than Amira, a beautiful pirate captain.

“You sure took your time,” He muttered.

He pulled his specs off, throwing them somewhere on his desk before pushing his chair back and standing up, walking around the desk to lean on it as he smirked at me, shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

I remember wanting to dye my hair silver like him when I was a child and I would have if not for my father who threatened to make me bald if I did that so I had to give up that idea.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“I was getting impatient,” He said, pulling one of his hands out of his pockets to check the time on his wristwatch before shoving it back in. His eyes drifted over to Nora who was stood by me and instinctively, I pulled her closer to me.

“I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you, miss?” The man said.

“Oh, hello. I’m Eleanora,” She nodded at him, a small, polite smile on her face. Damien didn’t say anything else and turned his gaze back to face me.

“Are you going to tell me what you mean?” I asked, narrowing my gaze.

“Do you believe that I hired those men to let Alpheus go free?”

“No,” I didn’t hesitate to answer and he chuckled.

“Then you’re wrong... It was me,” He said and I froze.

“What?” I whispered.

“I hired those men to set Alpheus free,” He nodded his head.

“You’re messing with me,” I growled and he shook his head, the smirk slowly melting off his face and he sighed, pulling his hand out to massage the place between his brows.

“It was me,” He said confidently.

“Why?” I spat out.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t do it with any ill intentions,” He said, pushing away from the desk and walking passed me to go to the bar that sat on the side of the room.

“Ill intentions,” I repeated with a scoff.

“You set the man that killed my uncle free! The same man that sold his people to the black market and the same man that killed his wife and almost led this entire Kingdom to ruin!” I screamed, storing forwards and grabbing him by his collars.

“And yet you go on about ill intentions,” I spat.

Father-like figure be damned! If this is the same man that I grew up admiring then that man was long dead, this man was just a stranger and an enemy to the crown.

Sighing, he placed his wine glass down and held my hand, easily pulling it away from him before brushing down his crisp white shirt.

“Explain yourself. Why did you do it?” I seethed.

“To save this Kingdom,” He replied without a beat. This man is making no sense.

“Keep talking in riddles and I’ll pummel you,” I spat but he wasn’t the least bit scared, in fact, he seemed amused as he chuckled while sipping on his wine, green eyes slowly trailing up to catch my stare.

He put the glass down and went to sit on one of the couches, crossing his legs and letting his head fall back as he groaned loudly.

“I couldn’t care less about Alpheus,” He started, opening his eyes and sitting up properly again. “I simply needed to use him in my plans,” He added.

“What plans?” Don asked.

“Conrad Achterberg, the mad scientist,”

“You know him?” I asked and Damien nodded his head.

“Not under good conditions. That man’s inventions killed a lot of my men during the last few wars I went to. If the inventions were for his Kingdom then it would have been acceptable... but Achterburg only used the inventions to kill as many people as he could, to experiment on their bodies,” He glared at the coffee table as he spoke.

“Were you responsible for Conrad breaking out of the dungeons too?” I asked.

“Gods, no. My entire plan revolved around Conrad’s escape. Conrad Achterburg broke out of the dungeons with his own will, no one was involved. As soon as I found out that he had broken free, I began planning to either put him back behind bars or completely annihilate him from this very planet,” He said calmly.

I sat down on the couch opposite him, nodding for him to continue.

“I did some digging with Alistair about the drugs that were found in Alpheus’s body,” I distinctly remember Alistair telling me something about that back when Nora had gotten shot.

“From there, I found out that the drugs were created by Conrad and I managed to talk to Alpheus before he broke out of the dungeons. Back then, I didn’t have enough information so I couldn’t tell anyone about it. Other than Alistair since he was helping,”

“Did you find out anything from Alpheus?” I hesitantly asked.

“Alpheus was in debt to Conrad,”

“So you used that to draw Conrad out of hiding,” It all clicked into place when Damien nodded his head, a small, satisfied smirk creeping onto his face.

“I drew Conrad out of hiding and pinned him down. I got rid of all his experimentation stuff but I still have the documents. If placed in the right hands, they could help a lot with our Kingdom,” We were all silent as we took in his words.

“I’ve already notified King Igor of Ebraxas, Conrad will be sent back to his Kingdom and they will punish him accordingly. Whether by death or extreme confinement under 24-hour surveillance, I couldn’t care less,” He swirled the wine around in his glass.

“I’ve got Conrad’s work and my men have been avenged. I no longer have any use of him,” With that, he continued sipping on his wine without another word.

Damn. I knew I was a fool for ever doubting this man.

“I...” I hesitantly started.

“You’re sorry. I get it... but it was all part of my plan,” He chuckled.

“To get me to go against you?” I asked, confused.

“To get you to suspect me,” He smirked.

“Why?” I said.

“Because I’ve been going undercover in the black market,”

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