Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 60- A Loving Family

--Eleanora POV--

“We have until tomorrow evening,” Vince said as he had a meeting with Tobias and Silas. I was here too but I had already read through the plans and memorised everything from the back of my hand so now I was simply bored.

Sitting on the black leather couch in his office, my legs rested on the coffee table and my head was tilted back as I held a book over my face, not understanding what it said anymore since I was too bored to even read which isn’t surprising since I didn’t really enjoy reading anyway.

“How long will it take to get to the west forest?” Vince asked as Don stared at the map.

“On horseback with all our men, it could take up to a full day,” He said.

“We’ll have to leave tomorrow morning,” Silas said and Vince nodded along.

“They’re meeting in the forest,” Silas sighed. “How are we going to be able to pinpoint their location? The west forest is hundreds of acres big,” Silas exaggerated. The west forest was indeed big but I wouldn’t say it was over a hundred acres big, maybe 60 if we’re being generous, 70 if we’re being extra generous.

I coughed, re-announcing my presence as three heads turned to look at me.

“I’m an expert at pinpointing people’s locations,” I reminded.

“I’m not going to have you wasting your power like that. You’re not as strong as you were before and I’m not going to have you falling into another coma,”

“I know how much I can handle, Vince. Pinpointing someone’s location doesn’t take a lot of energy,” I explained and I knew he understood, he just didn’t want to. And so, after much stubborn bickering, I ended up winning the conversation.

With that handled, I left the room and headed to the kitchen where I saw Lucien humming away to a small tune as he finished adding the toppings to a chocolate sponge cake. Yum.

“Can I have a slice?” I asked, coming to stand beside him, my eyes stuck on the cake.

He jumped in surprise. “You scared me,” He sighed, placing a hand above his heart as I stared at him, waiting for a reply to my original question.

“Of course you can. My personal taste tester,” Chuckling, he went to get a knife to cut the cake while I got comfortable on one of the stools. He slid the plate over to me and I didn’t hesitate to gobble the slice down.

“Delicious,” I complimented, giving him a thumbs up and he laughed.

As I went to take another bite, I found the spoon which I was holding barely a second ago had disappeared and blinked, confused for a second before I sensed the figure of the woman stood beside me, looming over me with a predatory presence.

“Char, what are you doing?” Lucien asked and I nodded along to his question, licking my lips and trying to relish the taste of the cake which was starting to fade.

“What were you thinking!? Feeding a bride-to-be a chocolate cake filled with sugar. Do you want her to walk down the aisle looking like a potato!” I flinched at the booming of her voice as she put the spoon on the plate and pushed the plate away.

“But I like potatoes,” I whispered and she glared at me, putting her hands on her waist.

“You have a beautiful figure that goes perfectly with your angelic face and we need to bring that beauty out on your wedding day. So, until then, you need to watch your diet or your dress won’t fit you,” She said and I sighed.

“Are all weddings this stressful?” I asked Lucien who shrugged in answer, sending me a pitiful look as he went to take the cake away and I longingly stared after it.

“Charlotte, we’re not going to be able to remain friends for long if you keep taking my food away from me,” I said but she only rolled her eyes at me, pulling me up by the arms and leading me out of the kitchen.

I waved to Lucien and he waved back, wishing me luck and I knew that I would need it.

“Oh! There you are. I’ve been looking for you for ages!” Alexia said from the dining table she was sat around, Charlotte and I went to sit with her and I almost gasped at all the mess that was on the table.

Magazines, papers, different fabrics, flowers and more. What sort of catastrophe happened here!? I wonder if Leo was let loose into one of the rooms here, that would explain this mess.

“What’s all this?” I hesitantly asked.

“Wedding preparations,” My future mother-in-law said proudly and I choked on my gasp.

“A-All of this?” I hesitantly stuttered out, my eyes gazing over the pile of stuff once more and I shivered, fearing for what was to come.

“It’s my first son’s wedding and I need everything, absolutely everything! To be perfect,” Alexia said as she continued to flip through the magazine. “My mother and I only had a month to organise my wedding,” She said.

“Why only a month?” I curiously asked and she chuckled at the memory.

“It’s a long story,”

“I think a story will help me in getting through all of this,” I gestured to everything in front of us and she chuckled, nodding her head in agreement before starting with her story.

And it was one hell of a story, I can confidently say.

“...And Alpheus gave Val a month to marry the princess of Azurith, not having a clue that I was the said princess. Long story short, we got married within a month and had a week remaining for our honeymoon,” She finished.

“You went Leningham, didn’t you?” Charlotte spoke from the other side of me and Alexa nodded her head, a small blush staining her cheeks as she thought about it. Leningham. Never heard of it.

“Leningham is a small city on the outskirts of Azurith, it’s known for its tourist attractions. It has everything from the tastiest restaurants to the cleanest beaches,” She sighed.

“Charlotte went there for her honeymoon too,” I hummed at that.

“Will I go to Leningham too then?” I asked.

“We’ll see...” She drifted off before going back to looking at the wedding dresses.

“How did you react when Vince proposed?” Charlotte asked.

“I was silent for a long time,” She snorted. “He was on his knee in front of me for a good few minutes,” I had to cover my mouth to laugh at the funny memory.

“It was still better than how I reacted,” Alexia said and both Char and I turned to look at her, wanting to know exactly how she reacted.

“I slapped him,” Damn. Both Charlotte and I burst into laughter and my future mother-in-law blushed as she thought back to the memory and ran a hand down her face as if regretting that situation.

“I must have had the most normal reaction,” Charlotte.

“How did you react?” I asked, I never really thought about it until now.

“I was the one that proposed to him,” I blinked, not expecting that and she laughed at my face. “For a good few minutes, Lucien thought it was a prank until I showed him a ring and that’s when he believed me,”

“How did he react?” I asked.

“He was surprised but he quickly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, apologising that he was the one that should have asked first,” I laughed lightly at that before going back to the magazine that I was absentmindedly flicking through.

“Mother’s reaction was still the best though,” Charlotte whispered, bringing the attention back on to Alexia.

“Anyway, forget that. We have a wedding to prepare for. I’m thinking that the theme should be red and white,” She said, changing the subject and it worked.

“Why red?” I asked.

“Because red is the colour of love,” Alexia said.

“It’s also the colour of blood,” Charlotte slid in.

“And strawberries,” I added in and two sets of eyes turned to look at me. Charlotte placed her hands on my shoulders, turning me to look at her and I did.

“We need to get you to stop thinking about food,” She’s right. Ever since she said that I had to cut back on the amount of food I eat, I’ve only wanted to eat more than before.

But forgetting about food, this warm atmosphere right now, that I was sat in the middle of. I don’t remember the last time I had felt like this.

Maybe when I used to try and sow with Selene and the other mages in Andreas. Back then, I didn’t really like sowing but I loved the family atmosphere it held so instead of sowing as I had planned to do, I ended up talking about anything and everything.

It was like that.

This is what it’s like to have a family and I couldn’t have been any happier. I had a family after so long. I can’t believe it.

But it’s all real.

I’m happy.

And I’m going to do anything to protect this happiness.

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