Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 62- A Single Mage

--Eleanora POV--

I watched and I waited, closing my eyes to hear better but it wasn’t hard at all since the man was shouting his lungs out.

“Today is a joyous day! We’ve all gathered here, right under the nose of our childish King who has absolutely no idea of our organisation! How a man like that managed to become King is beyond me, it’s quite pathetic, isn’t it!?”

I snorted. I wonder how Vince is feeling right now, after hearing that.

“Now! Shall we begin with our auctioning!?”

Like that, time slowly began to tick by as we all impatiently waited for Vincenzo’s signal and I got my hands up, closing my eyes and concentrating on setting up a barrier.

“Are you gonna create like a circle of fire to keep them from running away?” Don asked and I scoffed, holding back a laugh before shaking my head.

“We’re in a forest, Don. Where there are animals and lots of nature, it’s also dark so I can’t see as clearly as I would like and what do you think would happen if I started a fire?” I said.

“It’ll create a forest fire?” He guessed correctly.

“Exactly,” I whispered. “I want for these nobles to be locked up as much as anyone else does but I want to do it in a nice and neat way, one where nature and the animals living in nature don’t have to suffer the consequences,”

We were both cast into a comfortable silence as we strained our eyes and ears to either see or hear what was going on down there with all the rich people.

I watched, biting my lips and clenching my hands when the men sold all sorts of items and they all quickly sold out. It was only when I saw one of the workers going to unchain one of the kidnapped victims and began dragging them to the stage like some sort of possessed animal.

She cried and begged but no one paid any attention, they all feasted on her pain as if it was pleasurable and it took all my willpower to keep myself rooted in my spot instead of jumping out then and there and ruining Vince’s plans.

“...You’ll make a good Queen, Nora,” Don unexpectedly said.

I looked away from the horrendous scene and to him, calming myself down.

“Where did that come from?” I mumbled, knowing that he was doing this to distract me from what was happening down there.

“From my observation skills,” He whispered back with a small laugh and I chuckled along but it was cut short when I noticed Vince’s signal from the corner of my eyes.

He was far away and I was the only one that could see him so in order to show the signal, I would have to pay close attention to him and then initiate the signal with my powers.

“Now,” I whispered as Don and I immediately pulled our guards up as high as they could go and I looked up at the sky, trying to look past all the hanging branches and leaves and aimed for the clear night sky.

Snapping my fingers, I outstretched my arms upwards and narrowed my gaze, breathing out deeply and watched as a clear missed escaped my mouth and slowly, I closed my eyes and fluttered them open again just as I shot out a perfectly aimed blast of fire.

It flew up, dodging all the branches and leaves and exploded for all to see with a loud blast and I nodded at Don and he ran ahead of me, sliding down the steep hill to get to where everyone else was headed.

All the King’s guards and all his men ran out into the clearing as the nobles began to panic. They shouted, they screamed and I was thriving in it.


I smirked, bringing my hands down and narrowing my gaze towards all the people, focusing on putting up barriers to keep them from getting away. My barriers aren’t as strong as they used to be so I’m having to create a wall with air, knocking people back but only being able to put up the barriers one at a time and for a short amount of time, no longer than a few seconds.

I watched from the corner of my eyes as Vince jumped down the branches and followed his men to catch the nobles. He pulled out his gun and shot, quickly, effortlessly and gracefully.

The nobles went down one at a time, still alive and breathing but unable to move due to the pain from the gunshots.

“I should do more to help too,” I thought aloud.

“Not if I have something to say about it,” And with that, I was pushed onto the ground, almost falling onto my face if not for my quick instincts by reaching my hands out to soften the impact.

I turned and to see someone standing above my fallen figure, glaring down at me through the holes on the fox mask’s eyes.

“Who are you?” I asked with an annoyed groan, going to stand up and the masked figure tried to push me back down but I caught their leg and threw it away, surprising them as I stood up and dusted down my leather pants and blouse.

“I should be asking you that?” She spat and I realised by the voice that it was a woman. Smirking, I flicked my hair which was in a ponytail away from my face and placed a hand on my waist before dipping down into a mocking bow.

“I’m Eleanora,” I introduced with a hand on my chest and the person scoffed.

“I answered your question. Can you please answer mine now?” I tilted my head to the side, standing back up to a straight position.

“I’m someone that’s been hired to kill you,” She spat, pulling out a large knife from its sheath and throwing it towards me. I put my hand up and the knife paused mid-air and I could practically sense her fallen jaw.

“Yeah... No,” I shook my head. Grabbing, the floating knife and throwing it back towards her but missing on purpose as it whizzed past her face, cutting the string which held the mask in place and lading inside the bark of a tree.

The mask fell off her face and I stared at her exposed self as she growled before pulling out another knife and this time, instead of throwing it at me, she ran towards me.

I dodged her but caught a few punches and noticed that her moves were high-level. Whoever this lady was, she was a trained assassin and I was her current target.

I guess helping Vince and the other men out with capturing the nobles will have to wait.

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