Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 65- His Only Queen

--Vincenzo POV--

Pulling my hand out to cover my mouth, I laughed. Hard.

Having to squeeze my eyes shut and cover my mouth to prevent anyone from seeing me like this, I laughed at how ridiculous this lady was being.

I saved her from a life of forced prostitution and what do I get in return? Her offering to become my mistress?... Well, no thank you. There’s only one woman that I’m interested in sleeping with and that woman is all that is in my mind right now.

“What makes you think I want to make you my mistress?” I finished laughing, running my fingers through my hair with one hand as I waited for her to reply.

“Huh? B-Because you... you...” She drifted off and I raised a brow.

“I thought you liked me,” She blushed.

“I don’t know what I did to make you think that,” I muttered mostly to myself rather than anyone else as I tried to think back to when I met her but I honestly didn’t remember. I’ve either got some memory issues or the memory was just that insignificant.

“But you saved me,” She whispered sadly.

“Yes. I also saved everyone else that was kidnapped,” I nudged my head to the other victims that were too busy talking to some of my guards, thanking them and accepting the water and blankets that they provided.

“You don’t see any of them asking to become my mistress... They just want to go home,” I said, turning to look back at the woman that was staring at me with eyes that begged me to change my mind but I wasn’t the least bit interested.

“I don’t know your name, your age or anything else and I don’t care to know them either. I already have someone that I love dearly and she’s the only one that I will love for the rest of eternity,” I watched as she flinched at my words.

“I’m going to marry that woman and I’m going to make her my one and only Queen. I’m not interested in mistresses or anything else. She’s the only one,” I clearly said.

“Are you going to pick her over me? Me?” I raised another confused brow, wondering why she was so shocked by that. “I’m said to be the most beautiful woman in all of Grelan, you can’t pick someone else over me,” Damn. Now that’s what you call having a big head, I almost whistled in disbelief.

“You clearly haven’t met my Nora,” I leaned down to whisper and she bit her trembling lips, fisting her hands as she held back tears.

As if sensing her, I stood up straight and turned to see Nora walking out from behind some trees with an unknown and unconscious woman sat on her back, getting a piggyback ride. She didn’t catch my gaze as she handed the woman over to one of the guards and talked to him about something that I couldn’t hear from this distance.

As she nodded at something the guard said, she turned her head when Don called her and he ran up to her, ruffling her hair and she squeezed her eyes shut with a small smile, opening her mouth as she said something to him and he turned to look at the woman she had brought down with a weird look on his face.

He said something and she nodded and I smiled when I saw her scrunch her face up in disgust at something Donatello said.

I could honestly watch her for years without complaint.

"That’s my Nora,” I turned to smirk at the gaping woman as she was unable to look away from Nora. “What was it about being the most beautiful woman in all of Grelan that you were saying?” She blushed a bright shade of red at that.

“You may be the most beautiful woman in all of Grelan but to me, Eleanora is the most beautiful woman in the universe,” She tilted her head down at my words.

“I saved you and you should be thankful for that. That’s all. I don’t need you offering to be my mistress. I’m just glad that I was able to save you in time,”

I stood staring down at her for a moment until I heard some approaching footsteps and turned to see Nora running towards me with an adorable grin on her face. Instinctively, I outstretched my arms for her as she ran into my warmth and I picked her up, spinning the both of us around as she laughed until I set her back down on the ground.

“Who was that woman?” I asked, gesturing towards the unconscious lady.

“The partner of that assassin that tried to kill me while I was still in the coma,” My lips parted in surprise but no words came out and I simply hummed, leaning down to hug her tightly and looked up from the crook of her neck to where that lady was still standing, staring at us with a crestfallen look on her face.

Nora pulled away from the hug and caught sight of the woman.

“Hello,” She said as I went to wrap an arm around her waist but it didn’t stay there for long as she walked out of my arms and towards the woman.

“You must have been scared,” Nora started as she unhooked the cloak that she had been wearing. “You must be cold too,” She added, going to cover the woman with the cloak and I sighed, a faint smile on my lips as I stared at her.

“Huh? Oh no... I’m-I’m fine,” The woman stuttered out and took a step away from Nora but her eyes couldn’t leave her and I couldn’t blame her for that since Nora was arguably the most beautiful woman ever.

She clutched onto the cloak that Nora had given her with an embarrassed look on her face as a guard approached us and bowed to me.

“Take her back,” I gestured to the woman and the guard nodded, turning to look at the woman and she moved her head up, sending me one last look of longing before following him towards the place where the other victims were huddled around.

“So...” I started, turning to look at Nora.

I pulled the black cloak that had been slung over my shoulders off and moved to cover her with it. “I’m fine. It’s not that cold,” She assured but I didn’t listen and hooked the cloak in place around her neck.

“It’s not about the temperature. I don’t want anyone else seeing you like this,” I said but it only confused her as she tilted her head to the side. Smiling, I placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her nose as she scrunched it up not a second later and I laughed.

“You really have no clue about your beauty, do you?” She shrugged.

“These clothes look like a second skin and it’s showing off your sexy body to everyone, I’m getting jealous... This body is supposed to be just for me,” Wrapping an arm around her waist under the cloak, I pulled her flush against me as her hands landed on my chest, eyes widening in surprise as I moved to peck her lips.

“We should get ready to head back now,” Donatello’s annoying voice ruined the moment and I turned to glare at him as Nora stepped away from me.

“What’ll happen once we get back?... and what’ll happen to them?” Nora asked, gesturing towards the nobles in the distance.

“Bad, humiliating stuff will happen to them... but as for everything else...” I drifted off, cupping her face in my hands and kissing her forehead as she squeezed her eyes shut.

"We’ve got a royal wedding to plan,” I smirked as she blushed. “Would you like to practice the wedding night with me? Or should we skip straight to the honeymoon phase?” The blush only darkened as her lips parted in surprise at my bold words.

Once again though, Donatello’s annoying voice ruined the moment.

“Actually, when we get back, you’ll have a ton of paperwork and meetings to do before you get to do anything remotely romantic with our future Queen,” I was going to slap him right into another dimension if he ruined any more of our romantic moments.

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