Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 67- An Ethereal Beauty

--Vincenzo POV--

“Are you even breathing?” I glared at my older brother as he laughed. We were stood at the aisle as we all waited for the double doors to open and reveal my bride and with each second that strained by, my heart ran that much faster.

As Nora had wanted, this wedding was filled to the brim with flowers and I’m certain that even after all of it is tidied up, the scent of flowers will be hanging around the palace for some time, especially this ballroom.

I didn’t recognise the ballroom when I first saw it today.

From the decadent ceiling hung long flowers of all colours and types with lights mixed in, along the side of the room, protruding out of the pillars were small lamps that I picked out and an altar made of white flower petals.

Behind me stood the priest and behind him was a flowery backdrop that I had someone make. On either side of the room were white chairs with pastel pink ribbons and at the end of each altar was jasmine scented candles that did little to help calm me down.

“Breathe in then out,” Silas instructed and instead of replying, I only pinched his arm and he jumped, rubbing the now sore spot on his arm.

“It’s going to be you next,” I whispered and he scoffed, rolling his eyes just as I caught my mother walking into the room with a large grin oh her face as she went to sit on her seat. She caught my gaze and her grin broadened, sending me a thumbs up which only confused me.

“Mother seems to be more excited than the groom himself,” Silas said and I nodded in agreement but knew that he was wrong since it wasn’t possible for anyone to feel more excited than me right now.

Not a second later, the large oak doors were pushed open and I watched as the bridesmaids, my sister and Maria walked in behind a flower girl.

I barely noticed Silas going to stand by Lucien and Donatello since my eyes were focused on the closed double doors that were about to open.

Any minute now and I would see her.

And slowly, the doors were pulled open by two guards as all the guests stood, turning their heads to the end of the altar.

Loud, shocked gasps were heard as Leo walked down the aisle, his eyes cast down as he walked and the guests closest to him tried stepping back, unaware of the fact that he wouldn’t hurt them unless they deserved it.

But it wasn’t him that I was focused on, it was the beauty that slowly stepped into the room behind him, her arm linked around my fathers as she clutched onto a bouquet of flowers, her own eyes focused on the ground.

I almost bit my tongue off.

“Damn,” I heard myself whisper, staring at her with wide eyes, afraid to even blink in fear of missing out on her ravishing beauty and the audience were sure to agree with me.

Forget being able to tame the wildest animal with a mere smile, she could tame every human being when looking like this. She could bring Kings down to their knees and she could have the world at her fingertips if she so truly desired.

That’s my Nora.

I clenched my fists, biting down on my lips, hard as I stared at her walking down the aisle and when she slowly turned her gaze up from the ground to look at me, it truly felt as if the entire world paused to gasp.

And when she smiled, her beauty was enough to surpass an angel’s, leaving not only me and not only this entire crowd but the entire world speechless.

I met this woman under a desert, back then, she was broken, didn’t know how to smile and almost resembled a porcelain doll but now... Now she had the world wrapped around her finger and I was proud to say that she had me too.

If she asked for it, I would get on my knees for this woman, I would catch her stars and planets and whatever else she wanted, I wouldn’t stop at giving her the world, I would give her the universe and anything else she so desired.

I would make her happy. I would do anything to keep her happy and all I ask for in return would be this beautiful smile that can easily leave my heart quaking.

I stepped down the two steps as my father handed her over to me and I looked into her eyes and all I saw was me mixed with true happiness. Picking her hand up to kiss her knuckles, I had to keep myself from collapsing when she laughed quietly.

But I lost it. Giving in to my raging desire as I placed a hand on the back of her neck and crashed my lips onto hers. The audience gasped and giggled but I wasn’t paying any attention, I had to have this woman and that’s all that was in my head.

Until someone patted my shoulder and I pulled away, turning to look at Silas who didn’t look very surprised as he stood there with crossed arms and a tapping foot.

“You’re doing it wrong, the kiss comes at the end,” He said as the audience laughed at me.

Rolling my eyes, I turned to smirk at a blushing Nora and surprised her even more by leaning in to peck her lips once more before pulling away and leading her up the aisle. The priest awkwardly coughed as I nodded for him to start.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the union between...” His words faded off to the back of my mind as my eyes drifted over to Nora who stared at the priest, a small smile on her face and a hint of a blush decorating her cheeks.

Words can’t describe how beautiful she was.

My mind was mush and all I saw was her alluring self, all I smelt was her intoxicating scent and all I tasted was her cherry lips. I wanted more and I wanted this ceremony to hurry up and end so I could have her.

Another awkward cough was heard and I turned to see the deadpanned look on the priests face as if he were asking if I was being serious right now, he probably knew that I was having some very unholy thoughts right now.

Nora and I turned to face each other and we smiled a small smile at each other as we shared vows and exchanged rings. I slipped the metal band onto her hand as she did the same to me and I raised her hand, placing a light kiss on the ring as the audience wooed.

er again.

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