Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 68- Bouquet's & Receptions

--Eleanora POV--

“You did it wrong,” I whispered as we stood on the balcony, waving at the cheering crowd.

“Did what wrong?” He asked, feigning innocence as he leaned down to whisper in my ear, succeeding in riling me up even more when he placed a light kiss on my cheek which only got me blushing more and had the crowd screaming louder than they already were which I didn’t think was possible but I was proven wrong.

“You know what,” I glared at him, talking about how he kissed me before we were announced husband and wife, I had put so much thought into how everything would turn out and his surprise kiss was not part of it.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it though.

So I decided to let him off.

Chuckling at me, he placed a hand on my cheek and pecked my lips as I moved my head back to stare up at his smirking face and we stared at each other for what felt like years until I decided to ignore the crowd.

Jumping, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed myself up on my tiptoes to kiss him on the lips, not only taking him and everyone else by surprise but myself too. And I didn’t regret a thing, especially when he kissed me back.

“I love you,” I whispered, smiling at him.

“I love you,” He replied, kissing my forehead once more.

Once we returned inside, we all went to another ballroom that was decorated specifically for the reception to see that all the guests were already there, they stood up, cheering as Vince and I entered the room and I grew more self-conscious under all there gazes.

We sat on the thrones as people lined up and came to congratulate us, handing us presents. I didn’t recognise most of the people but happily greeted them anyway.

I did recognise Elias though, I heard he was the head of the council, I met him once or twice before when he would be talking to Vince about King stuff, he was the husband of Alexa’s best friend whose name I distantly remembered to be Josephine or Joe or something like that. Anyways, I’ll be seeing a lot more of him now that I was the Queen.

The Queen. It’s going to take a few years to get used to that, maybe some more.

“Hello,” I smiled at the unfamiliar man that stepped forward to greet me. He was a handsome, lean man dressed in leather with ash brown hair, freckles and green eyes, he looked to be a bit older than Vince and I though.

“Alexa, this is Ezekiel Black. He’s like a younger brother to my mother,” Vince introduced as I shook the man’s hand with a warm smile which he happily returned.

“I didn’t think that you would come,” Vince said with a small smirk as Ezekiel chuckled, shaking his head as he berried his hands in his pockets.

“I didn’t think I would either but I took a small detour,” Detour? “I can’t miss my nephew’s wedding now, can I?” He smirked.

“I’m not your nephew,” Vince waved off jokingly.

“I’m more surprised at the fact that you’re even getting married. Who would have thought that Vincenzo, the notorious womanizer would settle down before his older brother... or anyone else for that matter?” Vince rolled his eyes at that.

“Have you seen my wife? I’d be mad not to marry her,” He said, placing a hand around my waist as I blushed at his compliment and looked away, fanning myself.

“She is beautiful,” Ezekiel compliment.

“Queen Eleanora. It suits you... but I’ve got to say, I was quite surprised to hear that the lady I read about in books is real and marrying Vincenzo no less,” I chuckled half-heartedly at that, unsure of how else to react.

“This universe is a weird place,” I shrugged and he laughed, nodding along. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before... or have I just got some memory problems?” I thought aloud, trying to rack my brain to remember if I did see him before but simply didn’t remember.

“That’s because you’ve not seen me before. I’m always travelling around the world, the last time I was in Lysandra was a good few years ago,” He said proudly and I hummed.

“Ezekiel!? Is that you!?” My mother-in-law’s voice was heard shouting from the distance.

“That’s my cue to leave. I wish you both a happy and blessed marriage with lots and lots of adorable children if you want them,” He leaned down to bow and I was quick to do the same before I waved him off.

“He’s cool,” I said, looking after him.

Vince scoffed from beside me before he went to sit back on his throne and I followed. “He’s really not that cool,” He mumbled and I laughed, leaning over the armrest to kiss his cheek.

After we finished greeting all, or most, of the guests, we had some food and danced our first dance as man and wife and then when it was almost time to leave for our honeymoon, I went to one of the back rooms to change into my other outfit.

I almost gasped in relief when the maids took out all the pins and crystals from my hair and helped change me into my simpler but still fancy dress. I changed my shoes and jewellery before reapplying my make-up as the maids changed my hairstyle.

The bottom half of it was let down but the top half was put into a nice bun, leaving out a few strands to nicely frame my face. I stood up off the chair and did a small twirl in front of the mirror and nodded, satisfied with my appearance.

I was dressed in a pure halter, single shoulder nude-coloured, backless dress that reached the ground. When I first saw the dress, I was a bit conscious of the exposed back but quickly got used to it. It was a pretty dress and I loved the extravagant bow that sat on the shoulder, tying the dress in place.

I picked up my bouquet and went back to the party as everyone cheered upon catching sight of me but I quickly stepped over to a gaping Vince.

“Do I look bad?” I asked when he didn’t say anything for a whole minute, successfully snapping him out of his trance. He smirked at me, wrapping his arms around my waist and I shivered when his hand made contact with my bare back.

“The complete opposite... You look divine,” He whispered and I sighed, relieved.

Around half an hour later, when Vince and I were getting ready to leave, I stood in front of my throne as the single ladies stood at the bottom of the steps and turned my back to them, a large grin climbing onto my face.

Counting to three in my head, I closed my eyes and threw the bouquet back, quickly turning around to see the lucky woman that caught it.

The girls crowded around a surprised looking Maria who held my bouquet in her hands and I laughed, my eyes trailing over to Donatello who looked equally as surprised.

I ran to hug her and she hugged back, laughing into my shoulder.

“Congratulations,” We both sang.

Not a moment later, the guests were cheering as Vince and I got ready to leave. I let out a surprised yelp when he leaned down, placing his hands under my thighs and on my back before hoisting me up into the air and my hands went to quickly wrap around his neck.

I glared at him but that only made him laugh more.

Ignoring the cheering crowd, he left the room, leaving everyone to continue partying for who knows how long as the doors shut behind us and we made our way towards his... I mean, our chambers. It’s going to some take time to get used to that too.

We were going to rest for the rest of today then leave tomorrow afternoon for our honeymoon where we had both decided to go to the same place his parents had gone to for their honeymoon, Leningham.

Personally, I’ve never been there myself but I heard that it was a beautiful place and according to my mother-in-law, the horses were beautiful too.

“What are you thinking about while sitting in your husband’s arms?” Vince asked, snapping me out of my thoughts and I tilted my head up to see him already staring at me while simultaneously walking towards his, I mean our chambers. I did it again.

“Is Leningham a nice place?” I asked and he smiled, not hesitating to nod his head.

“Do you think we’ll have a lot of fun? Alexa said that there were really pretty horses there and we could go apple picking,” I excitedly said and he laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, raising a brow as he turned around and used his back to push open the doors to the chambers before stepping in and kicking the door shut, not forgetting to lock it as he walked past the foyer and into the main bedroom which had been beautifully decorated with rose petals and scented candles.

“Nothing,” He whispered, not wasting a moment to kick his shoes off and we both fell back onto the bed, Vince quickly climbing on top of me and I blushed, squeaking in the realisation of what was supposed to happen right now.

“I can’t believe you’ve forgotten about the wedding night, wife,” He rolled his eyes and I would have glared at him if not for the fact that my heart was too busy fluttering at the way he called me ‘wife’.

“It’s what I was looking forward to most,” He confessed, leaning back up to stare down at me and I shivered when his fingers travelled from my lips down to my collarbone to the bow that kept the dress in place.

“Of course it was,” I sighed, jokingly glaring at him and he chuckled, leaning down to peck my lips as his other hand went up to let my hair loose.

“Can you blame me? I was gifted with such a beautiful wife. It took everything in me to not just ravish you then and there in that first moment I saw you today... The kiss was innocent compared to what was going on in my head,” He seductively whispered and his seducing skills were most definitely working.

“Is that all you think about?” I said, reaching my hands out to wrap around his neck and he smirked, shaking his head and moving to kiss me once more. I felt his hands trailing down my body until they landed at the bottom of my dress, pulling it up and his warm hands trailed up with the material but he paused on my thigh.

“I love you. For forever to come,” He smiled, gently tucking my hair away behind my ear as he moved to kiss my forehead and I sighed.

“I love you too,” I replied, pulling him down for another kiss and this time he didn’t pause, his hands exploring my whole body before he finally pulled the bow holding my dress together loose and continued to pull the zip at the side down, practically ripping the dress off of me before showering me with kisses.

He discarded his own suit jacket, followed by his bow-tie, white shirt, pants and everything else before gathering me up in his arms and pulling us both up to a sitting position with me on his lap, his hands squeezed my thighs and my head fell back as he kissed down my chin to my throat, his hands travelling from my thighs to my bottom to my waist and everywhere else, leaving a warm trail of electric currents.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” He repeated between kisses and in the heated moment that I was losing myself in, I heard myself whispering back breathy ‘I love you’s’ which only seemed to make him more excited.

We lost ourselves in the moment, not letting go of the other for as long as we could.

It was perfect.

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