Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 69- A Happy Life


--Vincenzo POV--

“Where’s my wife?” I asked the guard that was stood outside Nora and my chambers.

I finished a busy day of work that had been filled with business meetings, paperwork and other annoying stuff that prevented me from seeing my wife and I expected to see her in our chambers when I came but it was void of any life other than the sleeping lion in the corner of the foyer. If he were in the bedroom, then he’d be scarred for life.

“Her majesty hasn’t arrived yet,” The guard said and I narrowed my eyes at him, wondering where she could have been.

“What time did she leave this morning?” I asked. I woke up to her sleeping soundly beside me and left before her, not wanting to wake her up since we went to sleep late the night before. It would have been nice to laze around but I had important business to attend to today since my uncle came to visit us.

My uncle being King Domenico of Azurith, my mother’s older brother. He came with his wife, leaving his kids back in the Kingdom which I was glad for since those were some annoying cousins that I hated saying I was related to.

“About an hour after you left,” The guard answered my question. I sighed, having a clue as to where my wife would have been.

Nora’s been worrying about not being a good enough Queen to the people but she truly had nothing to worry about since everyone loved her as both a person and a Queen, she simply couldn’t see it and forced herself to work more than what was necessary.

But still, seeing her lips protruded into an adorable pout while watching her work was a lovely sight to see. We often sat beside each other in my office when we worked on paperwork but we couldn’t do that today since most of my day was simply meetings.

I strolled down the hallways in the late hours of the night until I arrived at her office and didn’t bother knocking before I entered, smiling at the sight.

“If you’re going to fall asleep while working, I’d prefer for you do it on the bed,” I whispered as if she could hear while approaching her.

Untucking my arms, I leaned down on the desk to stare at her sleeping face for a moment and outstretched my hand to brush away the small tendrils of hair, leaning forward to kiss the top of her head before pulling away and picking her up in my arms.

“You’re looking as beautiful as ever today,” I whispered, shutting the office door behind me as I carried her bridal-style in my arms and towards out chambers. The amount of times that this same scenario has happened is unfathomable but her confused reaction every time she woke up in bed the next day always had me laughing.

She could go from sexy to adorable in the snap of a finger and I simply loved that.

Carefully, I moved the covers away and gently placed her down on the bed, taking her shoes off before pulling the covers up her body and proceeded to undo her hair and get rid of the few pieces of jewellery she was wearing other than her wedding and engagement ring.

I simply sat beside her sleeping figure for a moment and smiled at her, placing my hand on her cheek as I stroked with my thumb but stopped when she groaned.

I leaned down to peck her lips when I caught her eyes fluttering open.

“What?” She asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“You fell asleep in the office again,” I answered, stroking her hair.

“Again?” She mumbled, rubbing the tiredness from her eyes.

“Yes, again... and me being the amazing husband that I am, I brought you back our chambers,” She smiled at me, moving her hands to wrap around my neck as I leaned down to kiss her nose.

“I missed you today,” She whispered.

“I missed you more,” I mumbled, kissing her.

“Let’s take a bath,” I suggested, already picking her up in my arms and she groaned, shaking her head but didn’t fight me and instead only rested her head on my shoulder as I carried her to the connected bathroom.

Turning the jacuzzi tap on, I sat her down beside the sink and placed my hands on either side of her, closing my eyes as I rested my forehead on her shoulder and inhaled her scent.

We stayed like that for some time until the tub was filled and as Nora loved, I added in her bubbles and placed her rose-scented oil on the side. She jumped off the cabinet and I finished stripping before her, going in to sit as I watched her turn her back to me and take her own clothes off.

Turning around, she sat on the edge and before she could jump in, I stepped forward and placed my hands on her waist, a satisfied smirk climbing onto my face when I felt her shiver under me.

I placed a feathery kiss on her throat before pulling her in and her arms quickly wrapped around my neck as I went to sit down with her on my lap.

“I can get in by myself,” She glared but I ignored her and simply kissed her head.

“How was your day?” I asked, changing the subject as she turned around in my arms and sat between my legs while my arms immediately went to wrap around her waist.

I poured some of her rose-scented oil into my arms and rubbed it along her body and she groaned in satisfaction as I massaged her sore muscles.

“Tiring,” She mumbled, resting her head back onto my shoulder and as she sighed, I felt her warm breath tickling the side of my neck. I drew circles onto her stomach as she placed a feathery kiss on my neck.

“What about you?” She asked, closing her eyes.

“Boring,” I summed it up with one simple word and she chuckled as I turned my head and simply rested my forehead against hers with closed eyes, the both of us enjoying the moment until she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“I love you,” She sighed.

“I love you too,” I mumbled, turning her around in my arms once more and placing her on my lap as she straddled me, her arms loosely hung around my neck as I revelled in her beauty. Not being able to hold it in, I leaned in and kissed her as she immediately kissed back. My tongue ran over her bottom lips before my kisses went down her chin to her throat.

Her head fell back as my kisses went even lower but I pulled her closer to me by the waist and ran my hands all over her heated body.

Eventually, when the two of us were done with our bath, we returned to the bed and continued what we were doing there until we finally decided to get some sleep. She cuddled into the crook of my neck while I absentmindedly fiddled with strands of her golden hair.

“Nora,” I called and she hummed already on her way to falling asleep. I smiled when I saw her yawning and trying to keep herself awake. Shaking my head at how cute she was, I leaned down and kissed her lips, nearly laughing out loud when she tiredly kissed back.

“Goodnight,” I whispered and heard her muffle something similar in her sleep-like trance. “Thank you,” I added when she was long asleep and kissed her forehead before giving in to the tiredness myself and falling asleep in her intoxicating warmth.

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