Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 8- A Mage & Her Sword


He blinked, taking a step back.

Even her voice left his chest shaking. It wasn’t too soft nor too husky to make her sound like a man, it was the perfect voice and before he met her, he wouldn’t have thought that. He found himself attracted to tall, voluptuous ladies with a light, airy voice and someone who constantly smiled.

This woman barely came up to his shoulders and he couldn’t tell if she was curvaceous or not due to her clothes but one thing was obvious, he was attracted to her.

“Who are you?” He whispered out.

“Eleanora,” She answered and Vincenzo froze.

Eleanora. Eleanora. That name, it was familiar and he knew where he had heard it but he was having a hard time processing it.

“Eleanora. As in... the mage that helped the first King create Lysandra?” He raised a brow and she blinked, almost shocked but Vincenzo didn’t have the time to double-check because it was gone as soon as it appeared.

“If by the first King you mean Atticus... then yes. Like you have just done, he too, released me from my slumber and I helped him to create Lysandra. Do you live there?”

“Live there? I rule that Kingdom,” Vincenzo stated.

“You rule it. So that would mean that you’re the current King of Lysandra... How weird. I wonder how long I was asleep for this time?” The woman known as Eleanora mumbled to herself.

“It’s been 300 years since Atticus died. How old are you?” Vincenzo answered her mumbling.

“If it’s been 300 years then currently, I am 409 years of age but out of those years, I have properly lived for 19 years,” She didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Hm. So are you older than me... or younger than me?” Vincenzo couldn’t help but smirk at the lady and she widened her eyes in surprise when he took a step closer to her.

“Which would you prefer?” She asked curiously and Vincenzo froze, taken aback by the fact that she had not reacted in the way he wanted her to. A single smirk of his was able to leave a woman blushing for days and here she was, unaffected. She must have been surrounded by some handsome men for her to be acting towards him like this.

Vincenzo was a womanizer and he wouldn’t bother denying it for it was true but he knew how to respect a woman. If someone didn’t like him, he would stay away and if anyone came with trouble, he would stay away... but it’s not like he ever had to do that since it was always the women that approached him and not the other way around.

“You said you’ve only properly lived for 19 years... So you’re younger than me,” He said, standing up straight and locking his hands behind his back.

“So... What now?” He mumbled out eventually after a bit of silence had passed between them.

“My name is Eleanora. I am a mage with the power to give you one wish and any wish you so desire... but before you make that wish you have full control of me and-”

“-all your capabilities,” Vincenzo finished for her with a light chuckle. “I know. There are certain wishes you can’t fulfil too. Like bringing back the dead, time-travelling and so on,” He added, not moving his eyes away from her for even a second as he spoke.

“How?” She asked curiously.

“You’re Eleanora, the mage that helped make Lysandra. You’re famous. Did you ever tell Atticus your story? From the moment you were born to the moment he died in battle?...” Eleanora slowly nodded and Vince smirked.

“He recorded all of that in a book and that book went down in history. I grew up listening to your story with my little sister and she still talks about you all the time. I never believed any of it to be true while she did... and yet here we are,” He mumbled, staring at her as she stared back at him with her large eyes.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Eleanora,” He stated.

“As are you,” She complimented back without a beat and he felt his chest grow in pride even though he already knew that.

“My King!” The sudden voice of Don brought Vince back to reality.

“I had almost forgotten about him,” Vince mumbled and turned to look in the direction where he heard Don’s voice but he quickly turned back to look at Eleanora.

“We have a contract, don’t we?” The woman nodded and he outstretched his hand for her to take and slowly, she did and Vince tried not to pull the rest of her body towards him from that small contact.

“Keep me safe, Nora,” He smirked and it immediately fell when he saw her eyes widened in shock as she gasped at him. Did she not like the nickname? He thought to himself.

“What is it?” He asked cautiously.

“Nothing, I just haven’t heard that name in a long time,” She mumbled, looking away from him and for some reason, Vince didn’t like that.

“Do you not like it? I do,” He said.

“I don’t mind. Call me whatever you please,” She assured.

“Your highness! Say something if you’re alive!” Don’s voice rang as he approached them.

“Now I don’t want to say anything,” Vince mumbled just as Don showed himself. Vince knew, by the look on his friend’s face that he was going to be in a lot of trouble.

Donatello’s face was enveloped with the redness of his angered blood as he stormed towards his King, trying not to pay too much attention to the beauty that stood behind the said King.

“I told you to stay in one place! But do you listen? No! You just have to wander off and fall through a damn hole and bump into a suspicious lady who apparently lives under the desert!”

“Don, calm down. Your face is close to resembling a tomato... and you know how much I don’t like tomatoes,” Vincenzo muttered out but it didn’t do anything to clear Don’s rage, in fact, it seemed to do the complete opposite.

“Isn’t she beautiful though?” Vince attempted to change the subject by complimenting Eleanora, gesturing to her and Don froze for a second, simply staring at her unnatural beauty with wide eyes.

“B-Beauty doesn’t last long. It doesn’t matter how pretty she is on the outside because the fact remains... She. Is suspicious,” He pointed an accusing finger to her and Vincenzo scoffed.

“Well... Her beauty has remained so for over 400 years,”

Once again, Don was at a loss for words but when he eventually opened his mouth to say something, it wasn’t at all what anyone would have expected.

“You’re royal highness, I say this with the utmost respect-”

“That’s what you say every time you’re about to say something very disrespectful,” Vince grumbled as he fiddled with his cufflinks.

“-But I think you may have fallen too hard from that drop... either that or- No, that’s all I can think of. Unfortunately, I think you’ve lost a few of your marbles, my King,”

Vincenzo was the one that closed his eyes and counted to three this time. All while Eleanora remained standing, confused about the situation she was placed in.

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