Elederia: A Dark Fate

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A monster born out of evil intentions, waged war on man and mage. After two hundred years of war, a secret weapon that can change the tides of war, A Variant was discovered. Will his path save Elederia from it's fate?

Fantasy / Adventure
Roy Taler
Age Rating:

First Challenge

In the beginning man and mages coexisted in Elederia. The mages could live longer than man. Out of envy and bitterness, a few men and a group of power hungry mages tried to perform a ritual to enable man live longer. But things didn't go as planned and a reincarnation of man's evil intentions, a monster was born. It devoured the mages and the men and slowly created an army for five thousand years and army big enough to wage war on mankind. The war endured for TWO HUNDRED YEARS. Now the war is at its climax, what will be the fate of all of Elederia?


Akoni stood in front of a grave, a loved one perhaps. He placed new flowers on the grave. And whispers to himself "I won't let you down. I promise." as he walked away from the grave.

He walked to his horse, loaded with his bag, sword and other stuffs he might need along his journey. He mounts his horse and stares at the sky. It was still dark. The first light of dawn was not visible yet. His horse moved slowly. He took the straight path out of his village, Horsford. A small town in Eden, known for their hay and horses.

The first light of dawn was visible by the time he got to the top of the hills. You got a clear view of Horsford from there. Akoni smiled at the beauty of it one last time. He makes his horse to go faster "Ya!" he rode on the hills down to the sloppy grasslands. After hours of riding he got a far view of Eden, his destination. "Alright boy, we are almost there," he assured the horse.

The City of Eden.

The city was several times bigger than Horsford. It had several towers, most were watchtowers. A very big Castle, big enough to contain a thousand people. The city is a home to many gardens, with rare and exotic flowers and trees. It also had a large monument of it's first king.

The city had four different gates. Two were the commoners gate at opposite end of the city. One of the other two leads to the Noblemen quarters. The city wasn't entirely walled. The northeastern part of the city wasn't walled, mainly because it was close to a river.

The location of the last gate is kept as a secret.

At the Commoner's Gate. Guardsmen check people coming in and going out except royals of course, lords, their superiors and other high born.

One of the guardsmen yelled at a woman "You! State your business."

"To trade sir, at the c-market," the woman responded while carrying her goods. “Move along,” the guardsman waves at her.

"Hey!, boy," a guardsman called. Oni looked at him, "Yes!" he is no longer mounted on his horse.

"State your business inside," he questioned.

"I want to join the army "

"Well you are about the right age. Walk down and take a left you'll see the barracks, you can't miss it. "

"Thank You."

Oni walked holding his horse and saw the barracks. It was as big as a small village.

He got to the barracks and saw a field more than the size of a football pitch. Akoni noticed a signpost with an arrow on it saying 'New Recruits'. He entered the building which the arrow pointed to and saw a man there.

"Hello Sir," Oni greeted, "Are you still taking new recruits?"

"Yes," he answered, "What's your name?" he said holding a pre-inked quill. “Akoni, sir”

"No last name?" he asked raising his head. Akoni retorted, "No sir."

"Where are you from?" his head now facing his script. "Horsford sir."

"Anything else you'll like to add? Livestock or special skills like archery or sōjutsu?" he added. "Well I do have livestock," he said smiling, "There's a stable just outside the barracks keep him there. The stableman will feed him. And go to the seventh barrack, third floor, room 311, there's an empty bed there."

Akoni thanked the man and left. He kept his horse in the stable. On his way back to the barracks, he saw something that caught his attention, she had curly red hair, small nose, skin white as milk, from her outfit she looks like a mage.

He had stepped on something or someone but who cares, all that matters is the beauty in front of him. Suddenly he started moving backwards forcefully, turns out the person he had stepped on is not happy with it. "Are you blind or mad?" the angry looking man yelled. "No!" Akoni yelled back. "You dare raise your voice at me?" Akoni then took a closer look at the mans outfit. He's a Knight. "O boy," he screamed inside. The knight pushes Akoni backwards and spread his arms as he announced "This boy has challenged me to droppers duel." He successfully caught the attention of everyone around them including the red head mage. "Draw your sword boy," he beckoned Akoni by drawing his own sword.

Akoni took a deep breath, he couldn't think of a way to escape, he drew his sword reluctantly. "I'll teach you a lesson that you'll never forget," The knight threatened. The knight was wearing a leather armour.

The knight charged with an overhead strike. Akoni parried but the strike had more force than he anticipated consequently sending him to the ground partially. The crowd laughed, some mocked the boy's foolishness. Akoni got back up and increased the grip on his sword.

The knight charged again with an overhead diagonal left attack and Akoni parried but it was just a diversion, the knight gave him a boot on his groin, he rolled backwards and up to his feet. Regained his balance and stood strong ready for the next attack. "Now he is probably underestimating you and will unconsciously make a mistake like repeating a move, when he does that exploit it." The words played in his head like a tape.

The Knight came at him with an overhead diagonal left, at the speed of sound he dodged the attack and swirled round and struck the knight's left hand forcing the blade to bounce off the wounded hand. Akoni didn't stop there , he kicked him in the face and pointed his blade at the knight's throat.

The young man gave the gathering a big shock, majority of them applauded and cheered in shock. A superior was present too and admired the way Akoni countered. The red head mage girl was also impressed, and applauded as well. Akoni saw the girl smiling at him and the young man face beamed with smile. The gathering started disappearing, the knight had crept out of sight in shame.

The superior who happened to be a Knight Captain walked up to Akoni.

"That was very impressive boy, where did you learn how to counter like that?" he placed his hand on the small of Akoni's back. “From my father, sir." Akoni answered. "Where's your father now?" The captain enquired further. “Dead.” Akoni retorted. "Oh… I'm sorry. May his soul rest in peace. Where are you boarded?" he removed his hand from Oni's back. "At the seventh barrack sir." The captain smiled "What's the name?" he asked about to take his leave. "It's Akoni sir" Akoni replied sheathing his sword. "Akoni, I'm Captain Banjo. I'll keep an eye on you. Good luck." The captain mounted his grey horse and rode off, his men rode behind him.

Akoni turned to see if she was still there. His smile turned into a small frown when he saw that she wasn't there anymore and everyone else.

He continued on his way to the seventh barrack. He started recalling how his father died. It was a painful and heartbreaking sight for him. A cold tear rolled down his face. He didn't wipe it, he left it there to dry off. He got to the seventh barrack and his room eventually. Some of the boys/men there were sleeping, others were being noisy.

He ignored them and walked to his bed. It was close to a window. The memory of his father kept taunting him, he lied on the bed to try and get some sleep. After a little scuffle, he slept off.

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