The Hallow Maiden

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As a plague-ridden town descends into madness, a tormented sin-eater feasts on the sins of a missing heiress, and vows to uncover her secrets. A queer gothic romance set in a world where humans must learn to live with their own monsters, and sometimes fall in love with them. There is a heavy focus on western esoterica as well as Germanic and Celtic folklore.

Fantasy / Horror
Alda de Vienne
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An Odd Rumour

Excerpt from Folk-lore of the Midlands, collected during the reign of Earlen Herleva II.

“ In the Midlands of Albanos there is a valley eclipsed by the other nearby mountains and hills, but still a valley in its own right. At its lowest point to the ocean coast is the town of Hol Gheal.

There is an odd rumour about Hol Gheal, concerning the lake up in the mountains beyond the manor. Lake Deorcan, in the middle of the Naefregrene forest. The water of this lake is black, deep, and turbid. Fish within there grow withered and deformed, and all wildfowl shun this lonely forest lake. But if you to travel to this lake before the first new moon after Midsummer, you will meet an ancestor who will grant any wish.

If you have led an evil life, a horned man will arise and drag you into the black waters of this lake. Those who have led good lives will be guided out of the forest by a woman dressed in white.

This rumour is most certainly derived from the Midsummer of 796. The summer when a foreign sin eater came to Hol Gheal. ”

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