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Into Madness

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This story would be amazing if it was a tale of a loving father and his family, his undying love for his unusual daughter, but this isn’t one of those. It’s not a fairy tale waiting for the prince to enter stage right, it’s a tale of monsters and gods. If you can’t handle the story then put this down and walk away now, because not every story goes the way we want them to. Just ask Alec how one day changed her life forever, leaving behind a mundane life to explore Hell itself. If you're prepared, open the book and give it a chance, you never know what you may encounter.

Fantasy / Thriller
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A giggle escaped the young blue haired girls' lips as the man she looked up to so dearly twirled her around in the air, her grey eyes shining brightly in the dimming light of the oncoming sunset.
"Higher daddy higher!"
Her father laughed and brought her close kissing her cheek, pure love in his brown eyes. "That's enough for now my dear, sweet little Alexandria."
Alexandria had never felt happier then when her and her father spent time together, especially when they played out in the family's lush front yard. The smell of the fresh cut grass with a hint of sweet scents from the roses growing in their boxes.
The man’s chestnut brown hair ruffled ever so slightly from their play, as his face showed so much affection for his child. In his eyes she was perfect, even when others would stare at her odd hair color, or at her small size, she was his and that was all he cared about.
Smiling wider than most would consider possible, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck in a loving embrace, displaying so much admiration for the man she adored.
From her back, the man’s face twisted from a face filled with love, to one of pure malicious and ill intent. He harbored darkness in his soul, and he had no intentions of playing the good father role for much longer. The time was almost at hand and he knew he didn’t have much time left.
The look vanished from his face before he set his daughter down and gave her a kiss on the top of her rambunctious hair, taking her small hand into his rough calloused hands.
A song like voice interrupted the pair as they looked to the house. Her mother stood in the doorway wiping her petite hands on the flour stained apron she wore around her waist. “I hate to do this, but playtime is over. Come in and wash up for dinner.”
"Okay mommy!" The young girl laughed and ran inside, moving past her mother to the kitchen in a rush.
Her father moved at a slower pace and gave his wife a small nod, sharing a secret known only to them, and those they had deemed worthy. He moved past her, almost shoving the smaller woman into the doorframe, yet she showed no mind. It was at it was meant to be; she was his subservient in their church and she knew her place.
He man could not complain about his wife, as she was handpicked for him during their teenage years. The pair shared no love and kept to themselves, preforming parental duties while keeping up appearances.
Young Alex dried off her hands before running to her boosted seat at the table and waited patiently for her parents to join her. She did not have to wait long as soon her parents were seated on either side of her, giving her their brightest smile.
“Well honey, are you ready to say grace? I’ll even let you lead tonight.” her mother folded her hands over her plate of food, giving her daughter a nod of approval.
“Okay!” she folded her small hands copying her mother as she began to recite the prayer her parents had taught her. “Dear God, thank you for everything we have been given. Thank you for mommy and daddy and all our yummy food. Please keep us healthy and let us find the bridge to R'lyeh one day. Amen.”
Her father laughed and began to dish up the food spread before them, causing them all to turn to silence as they ate their meal in peaceful silence.
After dinner had been cleaned up and a bath was had, the blue haired child lay in her bed waiting for her parents to come tuck her in for the night.
Her parents soon entered the room, not making the young child wait long for them. Her mother began to tuck her in, kissing her forehead softly. “Would you like your warm cup of milk honey?”
After a quick nod from her, the woman took a small cup from her husband as she hoped the white liquid hid the true contents from her young child. A grin spread across her face, one almost too wide for such a petite pair of lips.
Grey eyes looked the cup over before small hands took the cup and downed the milk in a few seconds, a small smile gracing her lips as the warm liquid settled in her stomach. As she felt the warmth spread, she laid her head on her pillow and let out a small yawn.
“Goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy...I love you.”
Before the pair could even respond, the young child had fallen into a deep slumber, causing both to lose the smiles they had plastered on their faces.
"Well Katie, tonight's the night. Are you sure you're ready for this? It’s now or never and you seem to be more attached to her than you should be by now."
Katie nodded smiling up at the large man. "Yes Tyler. It's time she fulfills her life duty, this is what she was born for. After this we no longer need to pretend to be wedded, we have done our duty with our pure daughter. Now the angelic soul she possesses will be given over to our dark lord, along with the will of the church."
She led him to a closest hidden away at the back of the bedroom they had shared for the past six years, she pulled out a set of black robes along with a box sealed away by a set of thick metal chains.
“Then let’s gather the others and prepare the room, the night has only just begun and midnight will be upon us soon.”

Voices broke through the thick fog clouding the young child's mind, disturbing her rather dreamless sleep. A sharp ringing hit her ears as she attempted to cover them, realization hit that she could not move her arms. Thick nylon ropes bit into the soft skin of her wrists, leaving angry red markings. Wiggling around she noticed it wasn’t just her wrists, her entire body was bound, leaving only her stomach and chest free. The cold stone beneath her caused a shiver to run through her body, reminding Alexandria of the old wood stove in their basement.
"Hurry, tighten the restraints she's coming to and I am not chasing her down. If she panics she may unlock whatever her soul can do.” The familiar sing song voice of her mother came loud and clear as the ropes on her legs tightened their hold.
A deeper more masculine voice followed shortly after, “Calm down. She’s still a child after all, she hasn’t ever shown signs of having any kind of abilities and after we’re done she never will.”
A low chant began, voices sounding from all around where she was positioned. The voices grew to near yelling as she finally felt the courage to open her eyes, looking up at the two she had been so wrongfully deceived by.
Her parents. Her mommy and daddy. They were the only people she could trust, the only ones that could protect her from the world.
She opened her mouth to speak but only let out a small squeak of fear as she looked over the others in the room. All of them were dressed in floor length black robes with most of their faces covered. She recognized other people she had been taught to view as her family members.
Questions bombarded her mind, every one of them fighting to be said first. Swallowing another fearful sound, she finally found her voice in the chaos.
“Mommy, daddy, what's going on? Did I do something bad? I don’t want to be bad..”
“No honey, you’ve been so good that tonight you’re going to move into a high power. You’re going to help all of us meet him as he comes to take you away.”
Tears welled up in the corner of her eyes as she looked at her smiling parents, the changing getting even louder. “But…why me? I don’t want to you…I want to stay here and be with you!”
Starting to panic she struggled against the binds, causing the rope to cut into her painfully. Droplets of blood hit the stone hearth beneath her, seeming to cause the cloaked members to chant louder.
Her mother smiled the sweet smile, her eyes showing pure malicious intentions. “Well my dear, we need you to lead us to Cthulhu and his realm. Once there we will all be reborn into a new order and come back to rule over Earth and all its inhabitants. Now hush dear, you must not scream for others don’t want us to achieve our dreams.”
A member of the group stepped forward, bowing respectively. “Ma'am and Sir, the hour has arrived. It is now or never to attempt the awakening.”
Her mother nodded and waved him away with a flick of her wrist. “Well my dear, you are going to make all of us so happy. You’re life has been built up to this point, I wish I could make it painless but know your pains I’ll not be in vain.”
Alexandria felt her body begin to shake violently as sobs wrecked her body. “Please…can we just go back to bed? I don’t want to be in pain… please daddy tell her this isn’t okay!”
Her father remained silent and simply shook his head and he turned from his daughter and took a sharp looking dagger from the alter behind them. The blade was made from what appeared to he an animals bone, causing it to shine duly in the dim lights of the candles. Jewels adorned the handle, held to the bone with a thick strand of paracord.
With little hesitation her father gripped the handle tightly and drove the sharp dagger into his daughter’s collarbone. He grit his teeth before forcing the instrument along her chest and down to the end of her abdomen. Blood spilled over the edge of the stone hearth, causing the dagger to pulse and glow a dark red color.
The blue haired child tried to let out some sound of pain as blood filled her mouth, effectively silencing her agony. She felt her life leaving her, the life she hadn’t even begun to live yet. She only wished she had seen one more sunset, hugged her parents one more time, even if they were behind this. When she felt the pain leave her, she was sure it was over as a blinding light filled the room. Through the light a dark figure entered the room with the smell of fire accompanied by the crisp scent of brimstone.
Katie dropped to her knees as her people followed soon after, tears of joy welling up in their eyes. She was so happy she failed to give their newcomer a proper look over, not seeing its burning flesh, the thick black fur, the piercing blue eyes. The creature threw it’s head back and emitted a low pitched howl as the worshipers finally saw it for what it was.
The creature stood six foot tall at its shoulders, it’s head nearly hitting the ceiling. The best word to describe it was a wolf, only with a coat of pure darkness and hellfire. It’s massive head was adorned with a set of crimson spiral ram horns. It’s paws left the wood floor scorched with each step it took towards the young child.
The creature blew a puff of smoke from its nose as it surveyed the scene. The wolf threw its head back and gave off a louder howl than before as it leapt forward, clapping its powerful jaws around Katie's neck. A scream sounded from her as he torn through muscle and bone like they weren’t even there. Her blood spilled over her followers and husband as she bled out rapidly. Tyler lunged at it, hoping to fight it with the dagger used to sacrifice young Alexandria. The creature of darkness slammed its form into him, forcing the dagger to fall at its feet. It leaned down and took the tool, chomping down on it hard enough to separate the bone from the hilt.
Once separated the creature used it’s tongue to place it in an opening on its upper jaw before biting down and forcing the bone back where it once was. Now with its tooth back, the wolf made quick work of the other, causing the room to glow red from the blood coating everything in sight.
Alexandria clung to life with every once of her being as she clenched her grey eyes against the carnage around her. Suddenly the bonds holding her fell away as she felt fur brush by her side. She opened her eyes and let out a small squeak at seeing the creature so close to her, he was magnificent.
The beast looked at her with a kindness in its blue eyes as it licked along the wound on her stomach. As it got to the end of the incision, the hole seemed to close and heal leaving nothing but a thick angry scar.
A masculine voice filled her mind as it settled its snout on her stomach, “I’m sorry, this is not the life you were promised. Please sleep now, one day you will be more important than you ever thought possible. Alexandria, sleep now. When you wake up you will think this was all a dream so you can hopefully live a normal life, until it is time for you to wake once more into the world of the unknown.”
He sat with her as she slowly fell back asleep and listened as the sound of police sirens filled the air. Before the wolf departed he walked through the house, making it look as if a pack of coyotes had attacked the home in desperation for a meal. As he left through the portal he heard the human police enter, knowing the girl was safe he went back to the other realm.
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