Birth of The Free Bird

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In the land of Easton, a few boys from the village started to visit the forest, after being encountered with a girl whose whole life was spent inside the forest. As they built friendship between them, the forest had turned into nothing but their new playground. Curiosity led to dangerous exploration, revealing the hidden secrets that were almost forgotten. When the news about the girl in the forest was heard by the Mayor, a hunt began. There was one thing that the girl was forbidden to do: never stepping out of the forest. As people started to look for her, would she be able to escape from them? Above of all, would she be able to save her dear friends? Who knew that the action of those innocent children would cause so many deaths in the land.

Fantasy / Mystery
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A small sized bird was caged in a rectangular-shaped metal box inside the house. Its plumage was a mixture of silver on its upper body, including its wings, and yellow on its lower body. Its small blue eyes peeked through the metal bars, looking for its owner. The bird recognised its owner who had been looking after it for a while.

However, the owner of the bird had not been seen since last night and the bird had not been freed from the cage nor fed.

With its stout conical bill which was dark coloured, the bird pecked onto the metal cage, making a tapping noise which was expected to gain anyone’s attention around the house.

Not long after that, a paled hand was seen to unlock the cage and lift the top metal bar up, to free the bird from the cage. That was what the bird thought. However, before the bird could fly away, it was grabbed and held too firmly to its like by the same hands that opened its cage, making it squirm in the person’s hands. The bird chirped, trying to let the person know to let it go.

But the one that held the bird did not bother. The person now brought the bird closer to the fire place that was lit with the fire.

The bird was put to lay down on top of the wooden table right next to the fire place. The blaze of the fire was reflected on its eyes, camouflaging its beautiful blue eyes. Unsure with its fate, the bird laid still on the table, feeling numb. When its head tried to look up, to gaze upon the person who brought it there, its eyes met with a pair of white eyes that stared at the bird without any emotion. Before the bird could inspect the rest of the person’s face, a hammer suddenly hit its head hard, crushing it head as the blood splattered all over the table.

The bird laid on the table lifeless. As if its death was not radical enough, it was thrown into the fiercely burning fire, turning it into ashes.

As minutes passed, a sudden cry of a new born infant was heard.

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