Birth of The Free Bird

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Half an hour had passed, Edmond still had not gain his conscious. Finch kept rubbing and shaking his body gently, trying to wake him up. She felt so helpless and useless for she could not do anything to help him wake up.

Tears began to fell from her eyes as she saw no sign of Edmond waking up. She shook his body again, a little bit harder this time. “Edmond, please, wake up.” She sobbed.

Her eyes looked around at her surrounding. She tried to estimate the distance from where they were to her place. She was considering to carry Edmond. But his weight was unbearable to her. She was not strong enough to even try putting him into sitting position. She could not do that.

“Mosley!” She cried hopelessly.

The woman arrived behind her in less than ten seconds, looking at the sight of two helpless children amusedly.

“What happened to him?” She asked as if she did not know anything.

The truth was, Mosley knew every single detail of the event that just took place in the forest. She had been watching them from above, flying around the children invisibly. No one was aware of her presence.

The girl turned her head around. Relief washed over her as Mosley came. “He doesn’t want to wake up. Thomas hit him.”

“Oh, why?” Her eyes widened in surprised while she was sneering at them internally. “Let me help.”

“Can we take him to our oasis, please.” Finch requested. Her desperate eyes gazed softly at Mosley, expecting the woman to agree. “He’s cold.”

Mosley smirked at Finch. She then walked pass Finch and bent down next to Edmond. Her skinny hands started to lift his body up effortlessly, carrying him as if he was a small baby who weight no more than seven kilogram.

Finch was astonished by Mosley’s strength. She knew that Mosley was strong but she never really though that she could lift and carry an eight year old child like carrying a baby.

“Come on, Finch. Let’s go home.” Mosley exclaimed.

Finch followed Mosley from behind. They walked to their little oasis in the deepest part of the forest. Their surrounding was all wet as usual but they were used to it. The forest was their home. They knew how to get to each corner of the forest and to get back to where they came from without getting lost finding the way back.

Mosley’s white eyes looked down upon Edmond’s sleeping body. Her eyes studied the bruise on his jaw. She chuckled lowly.

“How hard did Thomas hit him?” She asked, pretending to be curious.

“Very hard.” Answered Finch, unhappy with both Thomas’s behaviour and Edmond’s current condition.

“I wonder why he hit this poor boy…hmm.” Mosley hummed.

Finch pursed her lips. She did not exactly understand why Thomas hated Edmond or why Thomas did not like her playing with Edmond. What was wrong with Edmond? To Finch, Edmond was the nicest kid she ever met. How nice? She did not have the answer for that yet.

Mosley turned her gaze around slightly and looked at Finch’s confused expression from the corner of her eyes. She smiled maliciously. Her guess seemed to be right. The boys liked the girl. As amusing as it seemed like to be, Mosley did not approved of it. Soon she would have to do something about it.

As they arrived in front of their oasis, Finch quickly ran towards the door and opened it wide for both Mosley and Edmond to come. She held the door for them but when Mosley came to the door, she halted her step suddenly and stood there, looking at Finch with her eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

“Do I need to remind you everytime I came to the door?” Asked Mosley sarcastically to Finch.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Replied Finch, feeling utterly stupid. “Come in, Mosley.”

Mosley rolled her eyes and walked into the house, carrying Edmond in her arms. She put him down on the single bed where Finch usually slept. Mosley grabbed the rug from the floor next to their fire place where she usually laid down on top of it. She covered Edmond’s cold body with it. Her hands then reached onto his face, touching it gently as the fingers of both of her hands turned into skeleton fingers, sinking through the skin of his face. She began to murmur the prays.

Noticing what Mosley was doing, Finch’s eyes went wide. It was not like she did not know what the woman was capable of with her fingers that sometimes turned into skeleton fingers. However she was surprised that Mosley used her hideous skeleton fingers against Edmond’s face.

Was that necessary? Finch wondered inaudibly. She did not want to disturb what Mosley was doing, afraid that it would slow down Edmond’s recovery. If Mosley was really trying to recover Edmond’s injury.

Mosley’s skeleton fingers slowly retracted from Edmond’s face, returning to their normal form. The corner of her lips lifted to one side, satisfied with what she had done. She had, indeed, healed the boy. She turned around, looking at Finch with smug expression on her face.

“He’d wake up in few minutes.” She informed the girl who looked totally relieved. Mosley then walked away from the bed and sat on her rocking chair, resting herself from her interesting day.

Finch watched Edmond’s sleeping form on the bed. Her hands reached out to touch his face but she jerked her hands off of him from the cold that she felt from his skin. Finch immediately went to get couple of logs from the side of the house. She carried them back to the house. She pushed a few logs into the fire place to keep the fire on and to ensure that Edmond got warm. She went to get a glass of water and walked back to the bed, sitting on the side of the bed and readying herself when he woke up.

“Thank you, Mosley.” Finch murmured. She then looked at Mosley who was relaxing at her rocking chair. Her eyes studied the woman’s composure, making her curious and asking, “Are you okay if Edmond see you with me?”

Mosley bursted out laugh. If only Finch knew that the boy had met Mosley. In fact, Mosley was the one who led his way to the forest, pointing him out the direction to where Finch was.

“Papa,” Edmond’s murmured, waking up from his sleep.

Finch quickly got to his side, hovering over his face. His eyes fluttered open. “Edmond, can you hear me?” Finch spoke to him softly.

When Edmond could finally open his eyes properly, his chocolate brown eyes widened, staring at the baby blue eyes. He got up abruptly from the bed and stood up. He felt dizzy because of his quick movement, making him unsteady as he nearly collapsed again onto the floor but Finch held him firmly.

“Calm down, boy.” Mosley said to him, noticing his anxiety.

When his eyes seeing Mosley sitting on the rocking chair, the shock and the fear came through him. For a second he thought he was seeing a ghost and was abducted by the ghost. But then his eyes moved to see the girl who held his arm. His mind finally recognised who the girl was and slowly he started to regain his memory back of what happened to him in the morning.

His hand went to his jaw. He expected to feel hurt when he touched it but he felt nothing. Didn’t Thomas punch him hard? Why didn’t he feel hurt there? He then remembered that he did not know where he was or where his papa was. Even though he recognise Finch and the scary old woman who was now looking at him unamused, he was unfamiliar with his surrounding. Instantly, he felt unsafe and anxious. His eyes began to be teary, longing for a familiar environment.

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