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The Ocean's Daughter (Sequel to Sirene)

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A child claiming to be half mermaid is one thing, a young woman making such a claim is quite another matter. Oceana is traveling to London at the invitation to attend Beth's engagement ball, but she will find that the London of 1909 is very different from the London she knew as a child. Ever eccentric, Oceana finds it hard to fit in with the social circles her friend now moves in and this trip to the capital of England proves to be more difficult that Oceana anticipated. Problems and secrets she never expected start coming up and things get even more complicated when a young sailor shows up with a charming demeanor and a mysterious past he seems reluctant to reveal. How will Oceana handle all that is thrown at her and will she be able to keep her heart together and in one piece? Sequel to my novel Sirene, The Ocean's Daughter is a coming of age story about forgiveness, acceptance, daring to be different and second chances.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Preface (please read)

The Ocean's Daughter is the sequel to my novel Sirene. Much like the first book, though the title makes it looks like this is going to be a story about a mermaid, it isn't really! This is the story about a girl claiming to be a mermaid, but that doesn't mean she is one! If you are looking for a story about real mermaid filled with magic and fantasy, this is not the story for you.

The Ocean's Daughter is a coming of age story, sort of like Little Women or Anne of Green Gables, only I've added a little twist to make it stand out and be different.

Another disclaimer: Much like in the first part, God is an important part of this novel, if you don't like that fact, then read something else, there are millions of novels out there that will be more satisfactory.

This is a story that challenge reality while staying in it's bounds. Let your imagination be your constant companion and if some answers are left unanswered, just turn to your imagination and let it explain the rest to you.

Thank you for stopping by and happy reading

Vlada Mari

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