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Sirene (Wattys 2014 Entrant)

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New arrivals at the orphanage are always first questioned about their past, but when Oceana is asked by the children who her parents were she begins a wild, farfetched tale of mermaids and sea kings and underwater worlds. No one believes her until a strange, rugged man suddenly appears and sheds some truth on her story. Is she really who she claims to be? Is she really half mermaid, or is it all just make belief? And who are the two smugglers who seem determined, above all else, to take her away from the orphanage?

Fantasy / Thriller
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Preface (please read!)

Author’s Note:

This story will deal a lot with Scottish words. The Scots have their own accent and pronunciation that may sound foreign to the rest of the English speaking world. Some of the words are spelled differently to better bring across the way they are pronounced, but the meaning is still clear. However, there are words that are unique to the Scots alone. Such words are marked with a star (*). There is a glossary at the end of the book where the English equivalent of the word may be found. In the story some French will also be used. The English equivalent is also in the glossary at the end of the book.

Also warning: although the title makes it seem so, this is NOT a mermaid story. Yes, it is about a girl claiming to be half mermaid, but that doesn't necessarily mean she is half mermaid. You will all notice the book is tagged in the genre of Historical Fiction, not historical fantasy, historical myth, or historical fairytale, and that means no magic! The title is a pun and while the story challenges reality it remains within its bounds.

And one last thing, yes, this story is about God, and He plays a central role in the plot. If you do not like that, then don't read! Find something else!

If you are okay with all this, then thanks for stopping by and happy reading <3

Vlada Mari

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