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The Elder War

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The elder council is a formidable enemy. Their control over werewolves is far and strong. After discovering the next alpha female they have made it their mission to destroy her and her mates before they can take the throne. Savannah lost her mate in the first battle with the elder council. Now she struggles for control with her wolf as she falls deeper into depression, while also helping her best friend take down their biggest threat. Jun has traveled the world and experienced things many wolves wouldn't have believed possible. His wisdom is far superior than many think despite his laid back and humorous personality. After being rejected by his mate he sees it as a new beginning. Find his brother and reconnecting with family he helps his family and new friends wage war on the elder council. The elder council has many tricks up their sleeves, there's no telling how this war will turn out.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

May 16

Up until a week ago
, my mate was still alive.

Up until 24 hours ago, I had never killed anyone.

Funny how things tend to work out.

I never thought that I would be part of a war. Then again I never thought that I, an Oracle, would end up with a mate. It was impossible before. Oracles were not supposed to have mates, we were declared ‘the moon goddess’ messengers’ which meant that we were to only ever focus on her and the things she wanted us to reveal.
Oracles were few and far in-between. Over the years we had started to see fewer oracles, it was not until recently that I learned some packs were overworking them or simply killing them off. Everyday I consider myself lucky that I’m part of a good pack. I never thought that Oracles would be the center of so much violence.
Cole, the Alpha of my pack, my best friend's brother, but also, the love of my life, my mate. Cole was everything to me, we basically grew up together. As we got older and his wolf emerged we learned that we were mates. Since I have always been unable to shift I didn’t believe it at first. When I shifted on my nineteenth birthday I knew, and I was terrified. All of the journals and books I read about Oracles stated we were unable to have a mate. I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t have someone that was like me that I could turn to. Everything I’ve learned so far was done on my own.
When that witch sent that electricity though his heart everything stopped. I physically felt my heart breaking inside of my chest, I felt my soul leave my body before slamming back in a wave of grief. At that moment I truly knew that I was his mate, but I also knew that I lost him forever.
I saw red, my wolf hurt and broken, used the magic that was coursing through my veins, that was burning through me, to end the witch. She wanted nothing more than to go on a rampage, thankfully Serenity stopped me before I could do anything else...
“Savannah?” A deep voice called from behind me. Turning, I find Fletcher walking towards me still in his black slacks and white button up. I gave him a sad smile and wiped the tears that stained my face.
“What’s up? Is everything taken care of?” Fletcher gave me a quick nod.
“Yeah, he’s buried. You should have been there, you’re his mate. He died protecting yo-“ I held up my hand and stopped him. Those were not the words I wanted to hear at the moment, I had started to grow tired of the sympathetic words and looks since the beginning of his funeral. Considering I wasn’t crying hysterically, I was putting on a better front than I thought. Inside I was dying and my world was crumbling.
“Not now, Fletch. I know...you’re trying to comfort me... but you know how wolves are. I don’t know if the grieving process is the same for Oracles.” I clasped his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Leaving Fletcher I began walking through the pack house, each person I passed gave me a sad look. I shrugged them off and continued outside, where many were still cleaning up from the attack. Trees were burnt so badly they were practically dead, the ground was filled with craters from elemental attacks, nearby houses had chunks destroyed. Everything was in ruins. At the moment, I wanted nothing more than to crawl under my blanket and disappear from the world. The pain was constant and flowed through my veins like poison.
As I made my way back to my house I let my mind wander. What would things be like if I had accepted him as my mate? Were we really destined to be together? I rubbed my temples as an incoming headache started to thrum. Now wasn’t the time for this. I needed to get myself together, we’re going into war, my family needed me. There was no time to stop and pity myself.
Passing the last of the burnt trees I find my house to thankfully be untouched. The twins were more than generous to give me my own place away from everyone, and for that I am grateful. The house was surrounded by large oak trees that dwarfed it in comparison. The front was made of smooth yellow stone which was outlined by dark red planks and green tiles lining the roof. The front door was a dark green and decorated with flowers across the top frame. It truly felt like home to me. Nature was where I felt most at home, the flowers, the trees, everything spoke to me and made me feel like I belonged.
Walking inside I finally let everything hit me. My body crumbles to the floor, the last of my energy leaving me as the tears finally broke through and spilled down my cheeks. I wailed, I let it all come pouring out as I finally allowed myself to mourn the loss of my mate. I curled in on myself not wanting the emotions to pour through into the world. My hands rubbed furiously at my eyes as I began to grow frustrated. Why? Why make me his mate just to take him away from me so soon? Why give me a mate at all?! Emotions bubbled inside of me; anger, depression, sadness, everything that you could think of was swimming around in my mind suffocating me. I wanted out of this nightmare, for everything to be solved, to go back to that peaceful life we lived before all of this stuff started happening.
Sensing my door opening I went still and hunched further into myself where I sat covering my face and curling myself into a protective ball. “Savannah?” An unfamiliar deep voice called out to me. I jolted as a large hand placed itself on my shoulder. I hugged myself tighter not wanting the unknown person to see me at my worst. Wait, that sounded like that guy I had been training with before the attack.
“Sav?” Cassandra’s voice called out. Finally giving in, I looked up to find her and a tall Asian looking male beside me. Cassandra must have seen the panic in my eyes as she shushed me and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.
“This is Jun, he’s Aoife’s brother. You were training with him with Gisele, remember?” Examining the male I acknowledged the Oracles eyes, but his were swirling with a light brown around the edges that bled into the silver around his pupil. His hair was silver on top and black underneath and tied half up and the rest down which cascaded down just to the tip of his shoulders. He wore a black button up with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, and slacks that hugged his muscular legs, but lacking in the shoe department. Jun gave me a sad smile as he helped me stand, he must have been a good six foot compared to my five four height. I nodded and tucked a strand of my grey hair behind my ear.
“U-um, what are you guys doing here? What about your mates?” I looked between the two as I took the sleeve of my black sweater and wiped the tears from my cheeks.
“The guys will be alright without me. I had to get away from them for a bit. Goddess knows they’ve been asking how I am every thirty seconds.” Cassandra shrugged.
“I don’t have a mate. Mine ejected me. But not to worry, that was a long time ago.” Jun laughed as if it were no big deal and I couldn’t help the credulous look that etched it’s way onto my face.
“Really, she’s kind of the reason we’re going into war anyway. One thing for sure, I'm glad she rejected me.” Jun brushed off the subject. He slipped his hands into his pockets and walked around the house looking at the various decorations I had placed to make the place feel more homey. I had a picture of Cassandra, Cole and I back when we were kids, before we knew we were mates.
“How are you holding up?” I raised an eyebrow at her. Cassandra sighed forgetting who she was talking to for a brief moment. Cassandra knew I never talked about how I felt, I never saw the reason to as well as not wanting to. There wasn’t anyone that would understand how I felt.
“You know what, scratch that. Do you need anything?” She asked, giving me a tight lipped smile.
“I’ll be fine. Oracles aren’t supposed to have mates anyway. How about we drink tonight and watch sappy movies?” I rolled my shoulders and took a deep breath, I needed to pull myself together. Jun snorted from over in the corner. “Who told you that bullcrap?” He turned to me, locking eyes and smirking.
“It’s common knowledge.” I shot back.
“No, sweetheart it isn’t. I don’t know who told you that but they’re wrong.” Crossing my arms I sit back beginning to grow annoyed. “Well then, enlighten me all knowing one.” Jun scoffed and walked over to where Cassandra and I were seated and kneeled in front of me.
“Oracles are supposed to have mates. In fact, we were originally supposed to be the only ones who have mates in the entire werewolf species. But after Oracles began to stop acknowledging their mates, who were Oracles themselves, bloodlines started to thin out allowing wolves to have mates as well. Everyone has a little oracle in them, they just don’t know it. Over time the moon goddess decided to make the Alpha Queen which appeared in 1834 but was killed by the elder council as quickly as she surfaced. Cassandra here,” he pointed at her. “Is our only hope at getting back to where we were supposed to be. Now, anything else you need to know, Sweetheart?” despite his soft looks Jun was far more wise than he put on.
“No.” I grumbled out. Jun nodded and stood, he stopped for a second before turning back to me. He placed a finger under my chin and lifted.
“You’re cute when you’re angry.” he grinned. As he removed his hand my skin tingles from his touch, nothing like the mate's tingle, but something different. I shook my head and glared at him, he let out a hearty chuckle. “I’ve traveled the world, met people, trained with packs. I know my stuff. I may not be a full Oracle but I know all there is to know.” Jun grinned.
“Is that why a portion of your hair is black?” The words left my lips before I could process them.
“I didn’t think it was that obvious. My mother was supposed to be the last Alpha Queen after all.” With that he turned and left shutting the front door softly behind him. Cassandra and I shared a confused look.
“Excuse him, I honestly don’t even know him very well. He’s Aoife’s brother and they’re still in the process of getting to know each other as well. Serenity is probably the only one that knows anything about him.” Cassandra explained.
“Are you sure we can trust him?” Cassandra nodded.
“Yes, his mate was Jennifer but she rejected him. He already pledged his loyalty to Josiah and Jeremiah. And I doubt he’d destroy a potential relationship with his long lost brother.” Cassandra spoke with confidence and a roll of her eyes. I simply nodded, not wanting to talk about him any longer.
“Want a drink?” I asked. Cassandra’s face lit up knowing exactly what type of ‘drink’ I was talking about.
“Remember that o-one time when we all went to the lake dad told us not to, and you fell in and Cole had to dive in after you.” Cassandra slurred her words. My mind had become hazy from the amount of liquor I had consumed. I always kept a werewolf grade alcohol at home in case of times like these. I chuckled, taking a sip of the smooth burning liquid. “We were grounded for weeks.” Cassandra doubled over in laughter, her arm slung over my shoulder and our legs crossed in my bed as we watched old sappy romance movies.
“C-cassie…” I started. “I’m really jealous of you.” I glanced into her eyes. She shook her head making her dark curls bounce around her face. “Don’t be. I hate that all of this is happening…” I slapped her thigh lightly. “No not that, I mean your mates. You have two people who love you, and you just gave birth...I have nothing…no one...there’s days I wish I was born a normal wolf, like you.” Cassandra pulled me in her arms wrapping me in a comforting hug. Tears pricked my eyes, that nagging voice in my head scolded me for the way I was currently thinking. But it was the truth, I wanted to be a normal wolf. To be like those I grew up with and not have to worry about extra abilities.
“Everyone has their own path they’ll go down. Your’s...I think yours is gonna be great.” Cassandra pulled back and gave me a drunken smile. We break out into a fit of giggles, our laughter growing as we use the power of alcohol to deal with our feelings.
“Cassandra!” boomed a voice from the front of my house. We stop and start to snicker, seems like her mates came to pick her up. We slip out of bed, the cold air kissing my skin. After we started drinking I changed into something more comfortable. I was in my pastel pink sports bra and short set. I slipped my black slippers and walked her out to the foyer.
Josiah and Jeremiah stood in my living room along with...Jun?
“Time to go, baby.” Jeremiah cooed as he sauntered over and picked up Cassandra bridal style. I let my gaze hover, that same envious feeling pulsing through my veins. Was this something I would be experiencing for the rest of my life?
“Jun, can you stay here and keep an eye on Savannah? That werewolf grade alcohol is no joke. I remember the time Jeremiah was sloshed after one drink.” Josiah chuckled, nodding in my direction. Jun let out a hearty laugh and nodded his head. “It would be my pleasure, Alpha.”
I rolled my eyes but turned my attention to Cassandra. “I’ll find you in the morning, doll.” Cassandra snuggled into her mates chest and grumbled an ‘Okay.’ I smiled and waved goodbye as Jeremiah turned to leave. “Thanks, for tonight Sav. She’s really been in her head recently.”
“No problem, Jose.” I slurred with a prompt thumbs up. Josiah shook his head and turned, shutting the door behind him and leaving me alone with Jun. I let out a sigh as I turned to face him. Why did they leave him here with me?
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