The Elder War

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Chapter 11


The guards led us down the hall towards, what I was assuming, the alpha's office. I opened my barriers and pressed, lightly, against Savannah's mind asking for entrance. Her wall slid down enough for us to communicate. Anxiety radiated through the connection, my wolf whined in my head wanting to offer her some type of comfort.

What has you so anxious? I asked. Savannah glanced up at me briefly.
I'm not used to being around people like this...they seem militaristic. As if they don't have their own minds or opinions. Honestly, I'm not even sure I want to trust them. I know the twins do...but something seems off. I grabbed Savannah's hand and squeezed. Her eyes trailed up to mine once more before settling back on the wolves in front of us.
I'll protect you. I won't let them even think about harming you. I pressed the reassurance into her mind, hopefully this'll be enough for now.
We stopped outside a grand oak door. The surrounding walls painted a slate grey making the already dull pack house even more forgettable.
"Alpha Jones, The stone twins other contacts have arrived." The alpha called a come in from the other side of the door. The men opened the door and stepped to the side to allow us in. I tugged Savannah forward and followed her inside. Compared to the rest of the the house, the alpha's office was magnificent.
The walls were a deep burgundy red with golden vines swirling up the walls. Black leather couches and chairs were placed strategically around the room. The alpha was a large built man in an all black tailor made Armani suit, with thick black hair with a stylish undercut, deep brown eyes, and a thick black beard. Across from him sat another male, one with red hair, and green eyes. He was dressed in a black turtle neck and tan slacks.
"Who do I owe the honors to?" The alpha greeted as he stood from his seat behind the desk and approached us. I gently pulled Savannah behind me and stepped forward offering my hand and a quick bow.
Alpha Jones clasped my forearm, a sigh of acknowledgment to fellow wolves and squeezed.
"I am Jun, a friend of the Stones and brother to their previous gamma Aoife." I greeted. He nodded, turning he offered a hand to Savannah. She watched it before placing her smaller hand in his. He shook it with a light smile.
"And you are, miss?" He greeted.
"Savannah. I am the oracle for the Rivers pack." He nodded releasing her hand and making his way back over to his desk.
See, he isn't so bad. I teased. Savannah growled into my mind, the sound more playful than threatening.
"Please, have a seat. Now that everyone is here we can get down to business." He offered. We took our seats, Savannah attempts to sit further from me but I only pull her in closer.
"I understand that the twins have been having issues with the elder council? Is there anything else I should know?" Alpha Jones inquired with a raised bushy brow.
I glanced at the red haired man, I needed to know more about him in order to trust him. I have someone to protect and I'll need to know if he is a threat.
"Excuse me, Alpha," I pardoned myself before looking back at the red head. "We didn't get your name? Since we are working together I think it would be best that we all know each others names."
"Oh, my apologies. I am Christopher Wright, I am a close friend of Luna Cassandra. After the incident with my previous alpha I have been working with her father to get the two packs combined." I nodded before turning back to Alpha Jones.
"The current situation at hand is dealing with the witches and elder council. They discovered that Cassandra is the next Alpha queen and they ordered to have her killed after being called for a trial in Italy. We narrowly escaped with our lives. She gave birth to her twins during an attack from the witches. At the moment she has her children in hiding to protect them. We are asking for you loyalty and assistance in taking down the elder council and the witches." I explained. Alpha Jones leaned back in his chair rubbing lightly at his beard.
"We're gathering as much help as possible. We're worried about the future of the wolf species under the rule of the elders. They have ruled over us for centuries and each time a new alpha queen appears they wipe out the entire pack." Savannah added.
"Alright, I'm in. I'm disappointed that the elders have gotten to this point. But, I'm no longer surprised. They're vile wolves that need to see their end. Where are the twins and the rest of their pack?"
"We have been staying in a warded building among the humans. It was our safest option to avoid suspicion. Savannah and Myself have been working to keep strong wards up in areas we frequent. At the moment it is undiscovered so we should be safe." I offered. Alpha Jones hummed.
"Alright, will there be space for more? I'd like for myself and some of my army to be within the same area."
"There will be, the building has underground units that have not been used yet." Savannah answered.
"Alright, for tonight we'll rest. Tomorrow evening we'll need to start making our way there. Oh and one more question for you, Jun." Jones mentioned.
"I have a request that the women and children stay off of the battle field. Here in my pack the women and children do the cooking, cleaning, and any other household chore that would need done. My men are highly trained and are more than capable without extra help. 'm sure the twins will be taking over in place of their mate." Alpha Jones' eyes slid to Savannah before meeting my own.
"No way in hell!" Savannah growled from her seat.
"Sav," I soothed, my hand landing on her thigh and giving it a light squeeze.
"We are every part of this war as you are. The sick, elderly, pregnant women, and children have gone into hiding. There will be no one fighting if they are unable to. Otherwise every last woman, man, and teen that's fighting alongside our Queen are doing so because they are willing and able." Savannah grit. Alpha Jones looked shocked from her outburst. I gripped Savannah's thigh a little tighter, finally pulling her attention away from the Alpha. Her eyes flared a crystal blue, her wolf was just under the surface and it was a magnificent sight. I knew my touch wouldn't be that of the mate's touch, but judging by her slowly relaxed state I was doing something right.
"Right..." Alpha Jones coughed.
"I'll speak with the Stone brothers about this later. Allow my men to show you to your temporary rooms." Alpha Jones snapped his fingers and the guards came back once more. They held the door open as I pulled Savannah out with Christopher hot on our heels.
We settled into the room, Savannah was fuming and pacing back and forth while Christopher stood leaning against the door with a blank expression.
"Who does he think he is? What kind of misogynistic jerk protest women fighting in a war?!" Savannah fumed. She flung her hands into the air and huffed in frustration. An idea began to swirl in my mind and I needed to get her alone.
"Christopher, can you give us a second?" I asked, taking a quick glance in his direction.
"I'll be across the hall." He nodded. Turning to leave he gave me a knowing look before shutting the door behind him. Once I was sure he is gone, I stride over to Savannah. Stepping in front of her I cut her pacing path off. Savannah glared up at me, her stunning eyes flaring in the heat of her anger.
"While I love seeing you mad, you need to calm down," I insisted.
"How the hell am I supposed to calm down knowing I have to stay on the lands of that Alpha?" She grit.
"I have a few ways to show you," I smirked before leaning down and capturing her lips with my own.

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