The Elder War

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Chapter 12


Jun's lips were delectable. His hands gripped my wrist loosely as he distracted me with his tongue. My head was fogging up and swirling at the pleasure I was receiving from kissing alone. My clit throbbed and I hummed against his lips as he pulled me flush against his body. My wolf purred at the back of my mind communicating with me that she wanted to come forward. I suppressed her, now wasn't the time for this. Jun's other hand reached around me and grabbed my ass hiking me up against him. My legs circled around his waist, and I grind my pelvises against him in search of friction.

"Hey now, Sunshine. I won't last if you keep that up," Jun teased as his chest heaved against my own. I rolled my hips once more in response. Jun growled as he walked us over to the bed and tossing me onto it. In a flash Jun was leaning over me, his lips on mine once more as we devoured each other. Jun’s fingers toyed with the hem of my shirt as they slipped in and moved over my stomach. Embarrassment flushed me, my stomach was an insecurity of mine, while it wasn’t overly large, I still had a bit of pudge no matter how much I trained.
“Wait,” I plead pulling away. Jun leaned up staring down at me with curious eyes.
“What’s wrong Sunshine?” He asked.
“My stomach...I-I’m,” I trailed off. Jun chuckled, a dazzling smile making its way onto his lips.
“You’re perfect sunshine,” he leaned forward and nipped my ear. “That’s also just more to hold while you ride me,” My insecurities faded as Jun kissed my neck, sucking and most likely leaving marks as he worked his way down my body. Jun lifted briefly as he removed his shirt and pants, leaving him in tight briefs that hugged his erection. I felt my eyes bugged as I took in his length and thickness.
“Like what you see?” He teases as he unbuttons my pants and slips them off of my legs. I pull my top over my head and toss it before glancing back at Jun. He hovered over me, his eyes drinking me up and heating my skin. Jun ran a hand down my side stopping right at my thong and snapping the strap against my skin. He reached behind me and unsnapped my bra and tossed it to the side.
“Let me know if you want to stop,” he whispered in my ear. Shivers erupted over my body at the anticipation of him sinking into me. Jun's hand cupped my breast, running his finger lightly over my hardened nipple. I hissed at the contact, his touch was feather light but also enough to pull a moan from the back of my throat.
Jun’s mouth clamped over the other nipple sucking hard, my back arched off of the bed. Jun continued to work my nipples, alternating between sucking, licking, biting, and pinching.
“J-jun,” I panted as he moved down my body and stopped at my sex. Jun gripped the front of my thong yanking harshly and ripped it off tossing the shreds.
“I’ll buy you new ones,” he promised with a twinkle in his eyes just before diving in and swirling his tongue. Jun wrapped his arms around my thighs holding them above his shoulders his tongue never letting up. Pleasure coursed through my body as my climax approached, I wiggled in his grasp the pleasure soon becoming too much.
“Come for me,” Jun growled against me. My body complied as I came on his tongue, wave after wave rolled through me. Jun’s lips connected with mine my flavor fresh on his lips. Jun dipped his hand between us running a finger up and down my sex.
“Your so wet,” he groaned.
“Jun, please,” I begged, I need to feel him in me...NOW.
“Someone’s impatient,” Jun teased as he rubbed his length in my juices. I shivered at the contact, all fear and worries gone as my body begged for him. Jun hiked my hips up as he presses into me.
“Damn,” Jun hissed as he bucked his hips forward driving the rest of his cock into me. I let out a string of moans and curses my body flutter and trying to adjust to his size.
“So...tight, Sunshine,” Jun grunted as he picked up a slow pace. I moved my hips meeting him thrust for thrust as my body took in more of him.
“ good!” I cried gripping his thighs. Jun presses his hand against my lower stomach a grin making its way onto his face.
“I can feel me inside of you, you’re taking me so well,” He praised. My heart flutter at his words, I need more.
“More, tell me more,” I begged.
“You fit perfectly on my cock,” Jun groaned as he snapped his hips hitting my g-spot in the process.
“You’re so beautiful panting below me, you’re such a good girl sunshine,” Jun’s praises pushed me closer to the edge. Jun filled us over, making me straddle him.
“Take what you want, Savannah,” Jun’s hands gripped my thighs as I began to ride him. My climax inching closer and closer. Leaning down I run my tongue over his collar bone eliciting a groan from his swollen lips.
“That’s right sunshine, come for me,” Jun praised as I tipped over the edge. Jun slipped his cock out of me before he came in spurts up my back. Before I could realize it my teeth sank into his neck and I held on as my orgasm crashed through me. A sharp pain stung my neck before turning into pure bliss. Jun’s tongue lapped at my neck resealing the mark he made. I shivered, the feeling of his skin against mine had caused my body to begin humming again.
Releasing him I slumped into his hold, my body relaxed and sated from the orgasm. Jun picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. He set me down briefly to start the shower before helping me into wobbly legs and into the shower. Jun took his time washing my body and whispering praises into my ear. Jun’s fingers dipped into my sex playing with my wetness. I gripped the back of his hair sealing my lips over his as his cock roared to life behind me.
“Bend over, ass out,” Jun instructed. I did as he told, bending over and pressing my hands against the tile wall. Jun came up behind me and ran his length across my folds before dipping his cock in. He paused.
“Your fluttering around me,” Jun groaned as he started moving. His hands gripped my hips pulling me in to meet his thrust. Moans filled the bathroom as we went round after round.
“Shit,” Jun groaned his body pulling back.
“No, inside...” I pled reaching back and grabbing his hip. Jun pulled out of me completely, I whined in protest leaning up and glancing back at him. Jun’s face was flushed, his eyes displayed, and his long hair released from its confines. He is an absolutely magnificent sight, and right now I wanted to burn it into my memory.
Jun turned me around picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. His eyes locked with mine as he aligned his head at my entrance.
“Don’t regret this later. This time is no dream and I’ll make sure you remember it every day,” Jun impaled me onto his cock. I cried out throwing my head back as Jun began to pump his hips.
“Don’t look away Sunshine,” Jun scolded as he continued hitting the deepest part of me. I pulled my head up, our eyes locking.
“F-fuck,” Jun groaned. My climax hit me hard shaking my body, but I made sure to never break eye contact.
“Savannah!” Jun growled as he came. I watched as Jun’s pupils flared, his expression pure bliss. I sealed my lips over Jun’s as we finished riding our highs.
Jun set me down on wobbly feet before cleaning us. Skipping clothes we climb into bed, Jun pressed his chest flush to my back and wrapped an arm around my waist. Soon my eyes dropped close, my body relaxed and sated for the first time in months.

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