The Elder War

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Chapter 13


I finished lacing my boots as Jun stepped out of the bathroom. He wore black sweats and a white t-shirt that hugged his toned arms. Jun's phone rang catching our attention. Striding over to the nightstand, he picked it up.
"It's Jun," Jun went silent as he listened to the voice on the other line. He pulled the phone from his ear and put it on speaker.
"You're on speaker," he mentioned as he took a seat next to me. My wolf pressed our side against him, wanting to feel his closeness. I scolded her and pushed her back and inching away from Jun.
"Everything go well last night?" Jeremiah asked. I bit my tongue, while it didn't end up in flames I was still irritated with the alpha. My mind also quickly flashed with the multiple orgasms Jun elicited from me. Jun's eyes locked with mine, a knowing smirk crawling its way onto his lips.
"Yes, should we start heading back?" Jun asked, his eyes never leaving mine
"Not yet, we got a lead on a possible hide-out filled with followers of the council. I need you two and Christopher to check things out. The last known place is about an hour north from you," Jeremiah instructed.
"Alright, we'll head over now," We said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. I huffed and tied my hair up into a bun.
"What's wrong sunshine?" Jun asked as his arms slipped around my waist pulling me to his chest. I shook my head and pried his arms from around me.
"I'm fine," I gave him a tense smile before grabbing my bag and leaving the room.
I don't regret last night, I enjoyed it...maybe too much. No matter how many time's I tried to make myself feel guilty, the guilt never came. I stepped out into the hallway, Christopher exiting his room at the same time. Giving him a tight smile in greeting, he did the same.
"It's been a while Sav," He chuckled.
"Oh lighten up, It's been a while but that doesn't mean you have to be so stiff around me," I giggled. Christopher and I began to walk down the hall towards the entrance. While we're not close, I've still been able to develop a bond
"I know, it's just, Greyson's actions are still reflecting on me to this day. Most women are scared of me, move their kids away from me, and avoid speaking or looking at me. It just sucks, y'know?" Christopher sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Not all of them fear you, I don't. Cassandra surely doesn't, take that into consideration. Soon she's going to have more influence over wolves and people will be following her, and when they hear how well you've protected and treated her, they won't have a reason to keep connecting you with your old alpha," I placed a gentle hand on his shoulder squeezing lightly in reassurance.
Christopher gave me a genuine smile, the appreciation of my words were clear on his face.
"Thanks, Sav. You always knew how to make me feel better," Before Christopher could get his arm around me, he was slammed against the wall by a growling Jun.
"Jun! Get off of him!" I growled tugging at his arm. Christopher gripped Jun's arm his lips turning down into a growl. Jun stilled as I ran my hands over his shoulders, his body slowly relaxing as he removed his hand from Christopher's throat. Jun got into his face, his body bulking up slightly as he stared him down.
"She's mine, keep your hands off of her," He threatened. I couldn't help the flabbergasted scoff that left my lips. We sleep together once and the next thing you know he's claiming me as his.
"Jun, lighten up. Also I don't remember me being yours," I snapped. Jun stepped away from Christopher and turned to me.
"As long as that mark is on your neck," Jun ran his thumb over the bite mark. "you are mine," He stated before stalking off. Wait...MARK. I dashed into the closest bathroom, yanking down my shirt I find the mark he was talking about. Two white dots from his teeth swirled in smooth intricate patterns over my skin. No matter how much I wanted to admire it's beauty, anger coursed through my veins. Christopher whistled behind me, turning I find him standing in the doorway, arms crossed and a shit-eating grin on his face.
"That's a temporary mate mark. a promise to give you a more permanent mark later," he explained while examining my neck.
"What do you mean temporary mate mark?"
"His wolf acknowledges you as a potential mate. When he bit you, him and his wolf were in agreeance about wanting to make you theirs. It seems like there's more to him than you think there is," Christopher turned, leaving me in the bathroom to mull over this new information.

After gathering my thoughts I gathered my things from where I left them in the hall and let my wolf guide me to Jun. He was seated outside, his back pressed against a tree and his head lolling back laying gently against the tree. No matter how angry I was with him, my heart softened at the sight. Jun was often wide awake and joking with everyone, but I saw through his mask.
Inside I could see the torture he put himself through, the way he keeps up his guard even with his brother. I really didn’t understand Jun as much as I thought I did. There was clearly something he hasn’t spoken about, that or I could be imagining things.
I made my way over to him, his long hair was tied into a low bun, the whites of his hair sparkling in the sun light. Stopping in front of him I kneel down to examine him closer.
My eyes trace over his features, drinking him up desperately. His eyes were longer than I thought and they brushed lightly against his cheek. Upon closer inspection I noticed the faint freckles that littered the bridge of his nose. My eyes moved down to his lips, the image of him smiling flashed through my mind. Flash after flash images of Jun and I filled my mind. I blink rapidly, the images soon fading but not before the smile of a young girl imprints on me.
I gaze down to his neck where a similar pattern to my own, I must have bitten him as well.
"Like what you see, Sunshine?" Jun's eyes were cracked as he gazed down at me. His eyes held warmth as he looked me over. I leaned back and sat next to him, resting my head on his shoulder. Mustering up the courage to ask the question that's been swirling around in my mind for the last hour.
"What's a temporary mate mark, and why did we do it?" Jun shifted, his arm wrapping around my shoulders and pulling me closer into his side.
"It's something that can only be done by oracles. Since we both lost our mates our wolves see potential in each other. They took over when our control was slipping and made a temporary mark for each other," Jun explained, his hand skimmed lightly across my mark eliciting shivers over my skin.
"It's almost like a true mates mark, the same shivers, attraction, possessiveness. The only difference is that it can wear off if it isn't completed," I glanced up at him.
"Completed how?"
"I would have to place two more marks onto your body, one on your inner thigh. It would ward off any males that would try to get too close to you, it also pulls our wolves closer. The second over your heart, it would bond ours souls for eternity. No matter how many times we die and come back we'd find each other in our next lives," Jun’s eyes held truth as he went silent, his eyes lingering on the mark he left on my shoulder. My wolf howled in joy, to my confusion. Did she want to be with Jun’s wolf? Am I supposed to see it as something more.
“Don’t. For now let’s just enjoy what we have going. Come,” Jun stood and offered his hand to me. “Let’s get going. We have a hideout to raid,”

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