The Elder War

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Chapter 14


I’m so stupid! How could I let my wolf mark her? Thank goddess it’s only temporary. She’d be sure to hate me if it was permanent. Everything in my being is screaming at me to cut to the chase and make her mine. Seeing Christopher place his arm around her put me on edge. I’m not sure if their relationship, as far as I know he was a close friend of Cassandra, even so I didn’t want him near her.

She’s mine.

Mine to care for.

Mine to protect.

Mine to l-

I shook my head as I finished loading our bags into the car. My wolf growled at me, it was clear he wanted Savannah to himself. I did as well. But her reaction to the temporary mark wasn’t the best. Although, she didn’t outright reject it. No, I can’t get my hopes up. I can’t expect her to forget about her mate and love only me. That would be cruel.

“Jun, are you coming?” Savannah leaned out the passenger window, her long silver hair swirling around her. The sunlight behind her gave an ethereal glow against her deep skin. That same feeling in the pit of my stomach swirled, that want, the need, the desire. Her eyebrows furrowed, I sent her my usual grin while slamming the trunk shut. Maneuvering around the car I slip into the driver’s seat, glancing briefly back at Christopher who sat cross legged and wearing a bored expression. I start the car and take off in the direction of the hideout.

A couple minutes into the ride and Savannah is asleep. I placed one hand on her thigh, the tension leaving my body instantly. I sighed and spared a glance in her direction.

“Is she your mate?” Christopher asked from the back of the car. I glance into the mirror at him.

“I almost forgot that you were back there. But, no. I’m sure you already noticed her temporary mark,” I lifted a brow at him.

“I have, but with the way you are with her you act like you’re her true mate. I know the bare minimum of her previous situation,” he hummed. “Right…why are you asking?” I questioned.

“She doesn’t seem completely against mating you,”

“I can’t expect that of her. She’s still mourning, she lost her mate, mine didn’t want me. I don’t want to push her, I want to be more, but I don’t think that now is the time,” I sighed and began rubbing small circles into her thigh.

“I have a similar situation to yours. Only, my mate is in denial. He doesn’t want to acknowledge me as a mate, I mean how often do you see two males together?” I spared him a glance. It isn’t common, I’ll admit.

“The moon goddess doesn’t make mistakes,” I reassured.

“Who might it be, if you don’t mind me asking?” Christopher chuckled from the back seat.

“A certain copper haired wolf named Fletcher. I guess he was expecting a delicate female. Instead he got me, a dominant male wolf that wants nothing more than to mark and claim him as mine. We sleep together as often as we see each other, which is once a month. It’s the only way I get to see him, along with him not being able to sleep with anyone else without being nauseous,” Christopher chuckled darkly.

“For now, enjoy what you have with her. Savannah is unpredictable,”

For the rest of the drive I let Christopher’s words swirl in my head. Would Savannah come to change her mind later?

We arrived a few miles away from the border, the area reeked of wolves and a hint of witch.

“I have a scent masking smell that we can use,” Savannah stretched her arms and her magic seeped into her finger tips making them glow a brilliant red. She pushed and pulled her magic, her fingertips dimming then reigniting. Watching her dabble with her magic had my heart warming in my chest.

“You’re smiling and staring,” Christopher clasped my shoulder. Shit. I turned away from her and let my mind drift into my own magic. After finding the spell I needed I cast it around us. The spell should last for about an hour, which should be more than enough time to see what they’re up to.

“Let’s head in,” I whisper. We tread quietly through the woods, the area eerily quiet. As we neared a large stone wall voices grew in volume. I focused my hearing on the voices trying to make out what they were saying.

“The elders are really going all out. I wasn’t expecting them to hire wolf hunters,” One of the voices cackled.

“I’m not, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. The last one was successful, this one seems to be putting up a fight,” The other sounded unsure.

“Oh lighten up, you know it’s what’s best for the supernaturals. If an alpha queen were to arise it would completely change our society,” The first tried reassuring.

“We have the vampires on our side, they’re sworn enemies with the wolves. I also heard that they’re getting closer to finding their current location. Once they so they’re going to launch an attack,” They sounded far too excited about this.

“Aren’t you worried about them fighting back? What if they kill your family?” The other asked worriedly.

“I’m a skinwalker, they’ll have a hard time enough as it is figuring out who I really am,” Cocky bastard.

I scanned the perimeter, there’s no more than twenty shifters here, do you think we can take them?’ I linked Savannah and Christopher. Hey both nodded and glanced up at the wall. We each leaped quietly over the wall. My first tasking, taking down the overly cocky Skinwalker. I eyed the pair before sneaking up on them. I pulled my daggers out of each of my pockets, wielding them in both hands. I strike both shifters in their heads from behind, effectively killing them.

We continued on sneaking up behind shifters and killing them before they could make a sound. After one last scan of the area everything was all clear.

“That should be the last of them,” I sighed, wiping my hands on my pants.

“Do you think the council will find out?” Christopher asked as he shifted back into his human form.

“They may get-” Savannah’s eyes grew wide as she darted in my direction. A ball of lightning hit her stomach just as she jumped to protect me. I watched her body slump down into the ground a long groan of pain leaving her lips. My wolf howled and tore through my skin, the pain only brief before he was taking off in a sprint after the witch that shot our mate. My vision turned red, my wolf wanted her blood. He wants to kill the witch that harmed her.

“Jun! Get over here, let her go we have to get Sav back to headquarters,” Christopher’s voice rang from behind me. I rained my wolf in and trotted over to my injured mate. Her eyes were closed and face scrunched in pain. Shifting back I place my hands over her injury.

“I’ll have to put her into a temporary coma, it’ll help her heal faster,” I worked quickly.

Please, Sunshine...I can’t lose you now.

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