The Elder War

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Chapter 15


My ears rang as I slowly regained consciousness. My head throbbed and my body ached.

Where am I?

“, wake up,” a voice drifted in, the voice distressed as it called out for me. Cracking my eyes open I quickly shut them, the bright light of the room being too much to bear.

“Savannah?” Another voice called. I groaned in response. I tried swallowing but my throat was too scratchy. My tongue felt thick in my mouth from a lack of moisture.

I peel my eyes open once more, blinking a few times before my blurred vision focused.

Cassandra and Serenity were seated to my left, their faces twisted in worry. I grinned weakly at them. Glancing to my right, a disheveled Jun sat his hands running over his face.

“W-what’s got you so stressed about, Jun?” I croaked. Jun’s head snapped up, his eyes were bloodshot and slightly puffy. He looked as if he’s been crying and hasn’t slept for days.

“Sunshine?” He scrambled closer to me, his eyes searching my face for harm.

“Here drink,” he ordered as he brought a glass of water to my lips. I sipped the water slowly, letting the cool liquid soothe my sore throat. Once finished he placed the glass back on a table, his eyes never leaving me for a second.

“How long have I been out?” I asked looking around. My head is killing me, I reach up and run a hand over my forehead.

“One week,” Cassandra placed her hand on mine giving it a small squeeze.

“What happened? All I remember is…” I trailed off as images of lightning filled my mind.



Must protect…

“You stopped me from getting hit,” Jun growled, his eyes boring into mine. I could see through the fog he kept at the forefront. He was scared. Shit, I was too. It was history trying to repeat itself and I was not having it. I don't know if it was my wolf or the mark but everything in me was screaming to protect this man.

“Don’t. Ever. Do. That. AGAIN.” Jun ground out as he hauled me out of the bed and into his lap. My legs wrapped around his waist as he took his seat, his body pressed impossibly close to my own heating my skin. His hand gripped the base of my neck as he forced his nose into my neck, absorbing my scent with deep inhales. My wolf purred in his hold, no matter how strong of a hold I’ve had on her he always seemed to pull her forth.

Jun’s other hand trailed down my spine, his fingertips dipping under my shirt and splaying flat against my back. Sparks ignited over my skin, and for the first time I embraced them. I mimicked Jun’s movements by pressing my own nose into the crook of his neck and scenting him. One hand going to the base of his neck and gripping his hair, the other dipping under his shirt and smoothing across his stomach.

“Um...did you forget that you have company?” Serenity’s voice shocked me out of my trance. Jun’s hold was too tight for me to break it, instead I glanced behind me to my confused friends.

“What’d we miss?” Damien’s jovial tone bounced around the room as him, Aoife, and the twins entered the room. Jun growled in warning, his wolf now barely breaking skin. His size began to bulk up against me. The overwhelming need to comfort him surged through me. I pulled back to look into his eyes. His eyebrows are scrunched in a frown, his eyes glowing golden with his wolf. I run my hand over his chin and to his neck, leaning forward I press a kiss to his nose before moving to do the same to his cheeks and forehead. I finally make it to his lips and press mine to his, his body after relaxing from my previous actions released the last lingering tension.

“Woah,” Damien chuckled as he scanned us. I curled my lip and growled in warning. If he were to piss Jun off any further I’m not going to be calming him down again.

You’re here, You’re safe…

You’re mine, You’re alive. Jun’s thoughts drifted lazily into my head.

“I’m here,” I cooed into his ear.

The room remained quiet as Jun regained his composer. In a way I needed it as well. I could have lost I lost Cole. I feel like I’m barely surviving now, but without Jun I surely wouldn’t make it. When he loosened his hold he gave me a sheepish smile before setting me back in bed.

“Everything good?” Josiah rumbled with a frown.

“Yes Sparky.” I chided with a smirk. Josiah only shook his head and scoffed.

“Jun filled us in on everything that happened. How are you feeling?” Jeremiah’s voice was gentle, as if he was worried he would scare me.

“Still sore, who healed me?” I asked, glancing around the room.

“I did,” Jun spoke up.

“I didn’t know you had healing abilities,” Jun rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Neither did I,”

“What about Christopher-” Jun leaned towards me a frown on his face turned down into a frown.

“Don’t mention another man right now, please,” He pled. His eyes frantic. I sighed.

“Okay,” I pressed a kiss to his temple, he leaned back in his seat.

“He’s with Fletcher,” Cassandra added.

“Now, does anyone want to explain what the hell we’re going to do next?” I asked, glancing around the room. Cassandra sighed before speaking up.

“The witch that hit you is being tracked. We’ve yet to hear back from the tracker, but for now we’re gonna be on high alert. We can’t risk anyone getting seriously injured this soon.” Cassandra continued to lay out the plan for the next month, which included preparing to move locations again.

As much as I wanted to stay where we were, it wasn’t practical. We needed to keep our moves a secret and staying in one place for too long could cause problems.

“Alright, everyone take the next few days to get ready to move out.” Josiah dismissed us. Everyone but Jun filed out of the room, the door shutting with a soft click.

“Sunshine…” Jun called softly. I faced him, that worried look still in the depths of his eyes. Jun wordlessly stood and picked me up from my bed. Wrapping his arms tightly around me he walked us out of the recovery room and up the stairs to our room.

his silence was killing me, was he mad? Jun continued into his bedroom, opening the door and shutting it behind him. Placing me onto the bed gently he clambered in himself, flopping down and dragging my sore body into his arms.

We lay in silence for what seems like forever. Lost in each others arms and our own thoughts. Jun's fingers traced lazily over my skin, the tingles more than welcoming on my aching body. Finally, Jun breaks the silence.

"How are you feeling?" He gazed down at me, his eyes soft with hidden emotion.

"Well, my eyebrows don't hurt." I joked. Jun furrowed his eyebrows at me.

"Alright, alright. I'm just a little sore. Nothing that a little rest wont fix." Jun nodded solemnly, his eyes gaining that far away look once more.

"I know, that things are a bit weird between us. We've both lost our mates, we've started the marking process, but I feel like I haven't stopped to ask you how you feel" Jun's words sunk in, I had been going with the flow for such a long time that I hadn't even stopped to think about what I was expecting from him.

Clearly not much. But...

Could I see myself with him after the war? I think, that is if we even make it through this. Was I ready and willing to start something that's leading to death? We had no choice but to walk this dark road, the elders left us no choice. If I had it my way, Cole would still be alive, we wouldn't be on the run, and life would be simple.

But that's not what I wanted anymore. I want to protect my friends and family, which now included Jun no matter how I looked at it.

"What are you expecting out of this?" My question lingered in the air. Jun pursed his lips as he thought about his answer.

"I want to walk with you by my side through this war. We don't know how things are going to turn out and I don't plan on leaving this world with any regrets. I want to take you as my full mate, my chosen mate, my love,"

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