The Elder War

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Chapter 16


My heart raced in my chest.

I practically just declared my love for her. But it felt right. My feelings regardless of the mark were present early on. Ever since I laid eyes on her I knew that she had to be mine. Her tear-stained cheeks, big grey eyes, and the dead look in her eyes pulled me in, my wolf and I wanted nothing more than to fix her broken heart and soul. I didn’t have I in me to leave this woman alone to wallow in the sorrow that weighed heavy on her shoulders. Her mate was taken from her, mine rejected me. I’d never know the pain she went through and I want nothing more than to help her begin healing.

Savannah watched me with wide eyes, the look on her face nothing short of shock.

"Jun...are you sure? What if Jennifer-" She stuttered.

"Forget about Jennifer. She didn't want me, I know that for a fact. I'm not hurt, not anymore at least. You're what I want, what I need." I confessed. Savannahs eyes grew soft, her hands reaching out and running themselves through my hair.

"If there's anything I want to do during this war, it's to claim you as my mate," I added. It was the truth. I didn't want to wait for something to happen and for me to lose her forever.

Savannah's eyes never left mine, her wolf pranced happily behind her shock-filled eyes. Placing my hands on her cheeks, I press my lips to hers. Those same sparks that I'd grown to love over the short time of her being marked danced over my skin. Savannah sighed in content against my lips as I pressed her further against me. No matter how much my wolf was pushing me to complete the process I needed to make sure she was okay.

I reluctantly pulled away. Sav's face was dazed as she licked her lips hungrily.

"More," she whispered as she leaned into me once more. I gave her a chaste kiss before pulling away and tucking her into bed.

"You'll get more once we're sure you're alright. Sleep." I ordered. Sav huffed but did as I asked, her eyes fluttering close and she snuggled further into the bed.

As I turned to leave her soft voice caught my attention.

"Jun, I love you too." I gave her a bright grin before leaving.

"Sleep tight, sunshine," I whispered as I shut the door behind me. Now that I know she's alright I head to meet with the twins and Chris.

Knocking on the meeting room door I wait for the twins to call in an 'Enter" before turning the knob and walking inside. Before they can speak I bow formally to them.

"I'm sorry for my earlier aggression. My wolf was concerned for his mate and-"
"Wait a second chance mate?" Cassandra interrupted.
"Quiet," Josiah warned.
"We haven't been able to finish marking her and with so many males around and her injured he's been on high alert." I finished before straightening. Cassandra and Serenity wore a knowing smile, along with Aoife's lips twitching as he fought the grin I knew he was hiding.
I glanced at Chris, raising my eyebrow in question. He only shook his head with a smirk. Josiah cleared his throat before shifting in his seat.
"We're all glad that she's doing better. Chris gave us a rundown of what he was able to find while you and Savannah were dealing with the witches." Josiah began.
"It looks like we may end up having to relocate. I don't trust that they haven't figured out where we are. We can't risk everyone's safety. It also appears that the witches are getting stronger. There has been one question on my mind after this encounter. Is there some relation to their use of electricity?" Jeremiah asked.
"Unlike Oracles who pull their magic from the moon goddess, which is an unlimited supply, witches' magic comes from the energy around them, which is limited.” I explained while taking a seat next to my brother.
“They use electric because it is the most raw form of energy. They don’t have to pull from the elements with it. Electric is constantly around us making it a easy resource to access it.” Josiah sighed, ran a hand over his face and growled.
“Is there a way to nullify it? Or at the very least reduce their ability to use it?” Jeremiah asked.
“Rubber, plastic, or fight them away from big cities. There is a spell I know of that will cancel out all magic for twenty-minutes. The down side is that we won’t be able to use any spells either. We would need potions, lots of them, guns possibly.”
“What about the radius? How far out does it go?” Chris inquired.
“It‘ll go as far as I need it. But the further it’s pushed the less effective it’ll be. Maximum distance is 50 miles. Twenty miles is when it begins to weaken. If we can get the council within the first twenty miles they’ll be completely powerless.” I grinned.
“What about shifters?” Cassandra threw out.
“They’ll have a forced shift,” Everyone grimaced.
“We can practice to build up your immunity, or you can focus on fighting in human form. But with what we’re up against you’re going to need to make sure both sides are strong. I’d like to make some adjustments to the spell to see if I can target it down to specific species or individuals.”
“What do we need to do?” Serenity asked, my brother and Damien on either side of her nodded in agreement.
“We need to prepare. And fast. I’m expecting the council to retaliate soon and we’d be better safe than sorry.”
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