The Elder War

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Chapter 17


Jun’s eyes held malice, the hatred that burned in them tightened my chest. I’d never seen this look in his eyes before. Panic surged through me, my mate…

“I knew I should have never mated you!” He growled stalking towards me. I took a step back, what happened to him?
“Shut up, you dumb bitch!” He yelled, his voice distorting.
“Jun! I love you! You said you loved me!”
“I lied! Who could ever love you Savannah?”
I jolted awake. My breathing erratic, my heart beating out of my chest. Jun sat beside me, his eyes filled with worry as they drifted over my face frantically.
“Deep breaths,” He coached. I followed his movements, sucking in a deep breath then releasing it slowly. After a few minutes my breathing was finally under control.
“Are you alright? Was it a vision?” He asked rubbing my back in soothing circles. The Jun in my vision resurface. I cringed, it’ll probably be best to keep it under wraps until I figure out what was going on. Shaking my head no. I ran a tired hand over my face.
“Nightmare.” I quipped. Jun looked at me as if he didn’t believe me, but dropped the subject.
“How are you feeling?” he asked passing me a glass of water. Taking it, I gulp down half the glass before handing it back to him.
“Like one hundred percent. How long have I been asleep?” Glancing around I notice his lack of shirt and darkened room. The clock reads two in the morning.
“A few hours. I just climbed into bed myself not too long ago.” He explained with a yawn. I snorted, he was so focused on the war he forgets to take care of himself.
“You need to get some rest, baby,” I cooed. Jun smirked his eyes boring into mine. I watched as his wolf surfaced, one of his eyes turned amber while the other remained silver.
“My wolf wants to mark you,” He whispered, his eyes darting down to my lips then back to my eyes. My wolf purred in my mind, more than pleased and ready to mate.
Our lips sealed in a searing kiss, Juns hands finding my waist and hauling me onto his lap. He groaned into my mouth as I ground down onto his growing erection. Sparks flew over my skin igniting heat in my stomach. His hands roamed down my sides and back to my bottom palming it with a light squeeze. My hands tangled in his low bun, my mind going fuzzy from his kisses. He pulls away, his wolf showing more prominently behind his eyes.
"Come on, baby. You can't tease me like that," His voice husky with a chuckle. I rolled my hips against his a smirk slipping it's way onto my lips as his head lolled back and a deep groan vibrated in his chest.
"What? I'm teasing you?" I leaned next to his ear licking the shell of it and blowing cool air on it. "That can't be," Jun growled flipping our positions. His hips pinned mine against the bed, his erection digging into my hip. I bit my lip in anticipation, his eyes darted to my lips once more. One of Jun's hands cupped the back of my neck, pulling me in once more as he placed kisses from my lips down to my collar bones. His lips grazed over his previous mark sending a shudder of pleasure down my spine. He kissed down my breast, one hand cupping and pinching my sensitive nipple and his lips latching onto the other.
"J-jun," I moaned my hands going to play in his hair, I will never get over how soft it is. His hand trailed down my legs going to cup my sex. I groaned as he rubbed against me his hand encouraging my body to move along with his hand. I whined against him, I need him Now!
"Mark me!" My wolf growled at him, the need to complete the mate bond was making our mind muddled. Jun smirked but did as he was told. Spreading my legs he settled himself between them and licked a long stripe of my skin. He stopped just short of the apex of my thighs, his teeth sinking into my skin. I cried out, a euphoric feeling rushing through my senses. Before I could process it, Jun sunk his cock into me. He filled me to the brim, the stretch painfully delicious. Mewls left my lips as I begged him for more. Hi hips pulled back only briefly before his hips snapped back. His pace began speeding up, curses leaving his lips as he neared his climax.
"Sunshine, I-i'm gonna..." He groaned tucking his face into my neck.
"M-me too," Jun leaned back, his hips positioning at an insane pace. The sudden urge to mark him filled me. I leaned forward and sunk my teeth into his peck just as we both reached our highs.

July 8th
I finished tieing my shoes and stood to stretch in preparation for today's trainiing. After relocating to South Carolina one month ago we had ampted up our training and defenses. We had not heard from the Elder Council, but that didn't mean we didn't have mini attacks anytime we went out to search for clues on their location. At the moment it felt like we were trying despretly trying to gain the upper hand, but they always seemed to be one step ahead.
Our barriers had held up. Thanks to Jun and my mother. I was actually surprised they had been getting along so well. I was convinced that they would at the very least barely tolerate each other. But they both proved me wrong. Jun and I's relationship had also changed since we completed the mating ritual.
After our mating had completed, for the first time in months I felt whole. While I'll never forget my bond with Cole, my bond with Jun is so much stronger and makes me feel so much safer, despite the war going on around us. Jun and I had grown closer. We shared our fears, insecurities, and bonded over our experiences in life. Behind his bright exterior he had fears just like the rest of us. I hate to admit it but he has become my weakness. Serenity smirked at me, her eyes zeroing in on my mark and dazed expression on my face.
"What?" I quirked my eyebrow.
"Being mated looks good on you. You've also been off in your thoughts for a good ten minutes. " She smirked. Cassandra scoffed, but she couldn't hide the smile playing on her lips.
"I'm good,"
"I'm sure that dick is good too," Cassandra added with a laugh.
"Guys!" I screeched as heat rose to my dark cheeks.
"Relax," Serenity laughed. "We're happy for you. Might I even say that your spell casting has improved as well? It's like you two mating made you both more powerful." She added. She was right, I had gotten stronger. With the amount of training we've been doing it wouldn't be a surprise. Compared to everyone else? I had improved ten fold. My spells not only lasted longer, but they hit harder. At this rate I may end up on my mothers level.
"Hello, ladies!" Damien called as him, Aoife, the twins and Jun approached. We each went to our respective mates, getting kisses and hugs. Jeremiah clears his throat looking around our group before speaking.
"We've got a meeting. It looks like the elder councils location has been found."
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