The Elder War

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Chapter 18


I was glad that we had found their location. But I was also dreading what it meant.

We sat in our makeshift meeting room. The twins and Cassandra at the head of the table. Damien, Aoife, and Serenity to their left. Savannah and I to their right. The Fae, Dragon king, and five other Alphas sat around the table. Their mates and second in commands either seated next to them or standing around the room. The air was thick with tension as we all started thinking about how messy things were about to get. I gave Savannah's hand a reassuring squeeze. I could feel her anxiety through the mate bond, it was practically suffocating.

Now that we learned of the location it was time to strategize. We needed to figure out a way to take them down with as little casualty as possible. I knew a few of their weaknesses, but I'm not sure it it'll help now that they've had time to plan and fine tune their army.

"Thank you all for coming. We greatly appreciate your assistance to this...cause." Jeremiah stood, his voice commanding and vibrating throughout the room. Everyone nodded, each acknowledging their role. It never failed to amaze me just how much influence the twins had on the supernatural world.

"We have a few questions for you, Alpha Stone." One of the alphas spoke up. Jeremiah nodded, signaling for him to speak.

"If we come out victorious, what does this mean for other alphas? Their packs? Their mates? Surely you can't expect so many alphas to be willing to give up their way of life to accommodate for something that was hidden for years." He questioned. Josiah smirked form next his twin but kept silent.

"We do not plan to take over any packs. We would instead be implementing a new system. One where all alphas will keep their current status and also have a say in how the werewolf community functions as a whole. Right now, we need to ensure that the council won't take away that choice. They've ruled over us for decades, taking and doing as they saw fit. It is unreasonable that they control and have as much power as they do." Jeremiah finished. The alpha looked satisfied with his answer and leaned back in his seat.

"On to business." Josiah took control, the air shifting as the brothers swapped roles.

"The last time we found out about a possible location we almost lost an important member of our team. This time, I want to ensure we have proper information before we go storming into enemy territory. We've recently learned that the witches are able to use electricity as their strongest weapon. This means that we need to lure them out to an area that has little to no electricity from nearby buildings." Josiah acknowledged. I nodded, confirming his suspicions.

"So that means we'll have to fight them in an area with minimal electric or contact to modern society," Jeremiah added.

"Obviously, it'll be too hard to try and contain all the blasts with a barrier, and I'd like to keep the humans off of us as much as possible. I think we all will be in agreeance of wanting to avoid discovery and confrontation with SIA?" Josiah sighed, rubbing the bride of his nose. Everyone grunted out in aggreance.

“Next topic,” Jeremiah signed, while ruffling through his papers.

“Alpha Stone,” The fae queen spoke up.


“Now that we are getting deeper into this…I have my concerns,” her voice was quiet but strong. “Of course, your highness.” Jeremiah nodded for her to continue.

“What will we need to do as allies? Obviously I am concerned about the possible casualties, but I am also concerned on how this will later affect the supernatural world. The vampires may hold malice if their side is to lose. How can we ensure safety post war?”

Jeremiah seemed to be thinking it over. I could practically see the wheels spinning in his head.

“We’ll come up with an agreement,” Cassandra answered. “Once this war is over I will make it my mission to ensure that there is peace between species. A new agreement will be developed to keep every species in line. It will hopefully keep peace between us as well.” Cassandra spoke with purpose. Grinning, I lean back in my seat. I knew she was going to be the queen for a reason.

"The elders do have a few weakness, but I will warn you now," I paused and glanced around the room. I was met with stoic faces and frowns.

"They're practically immortal." Josiah growled, slamming a fist into the table.

"Then we're fucked." He bit out.

"They can be killed, but it'll take a lot to achieve it. Of the years that I've watched them I've been able to figure out what they fear, what can do harm, and what can't." I countered.

"How are we supposed to take down beings that are practically immortal?" Savannah asked from beside me.

"I'll break it down for you, Sunshine." I grinned as I stood and went to a white board across the room. Picking up a marker I wrote down each elder, how long they've been alive, and their strengths and weaknesses.

"First Rosanna," I pointed to her name. "She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. I've never seen her shift and there was always a rumor floating around about her losing her wolf when her mate died. While this isn't confirmed, we can expect that she'll be on the front lines fighting."

"So you've never seen her shift or her wolf?" Jeremiah asked leaning back in his chair and rubbing the stubble on his chin. I shook my head.

"She's reported to be over one hundred. She's been having the local coven in Italy reverse her aging for years. Constant age reversal results in the body taking less damage and possible immortality." I added.

"Next, Richmond. He's known for his gun collection, I won't be surprised if he uses them as a dirty trick. Like Rosanna, he's been having the witches cast age reversal spells. His biggest weakness is mind. If you can cast a spell or figure out a way to mess with his head he's a done deal." I glanced around the room before continuing. I continued on listing off what we would need to do to take down the elder council. I'll admit, there's six of them and all very powerful.

"How are we going to face them all at the same time? There's no way we'll be able to take them." Damien sighed.

"Easy," Savannah smirked. "we take them down one by one. If we get lucky two birds one stone. There's no way they'll all be in the same place right now. It's way too risky. Their location is probably a temporary meeting place. They wouldn't be stupid enough to stay in one place for longer than 48-hours. We'll have to trail two at a time. There's a high chance that they're paired up, most likely in a way where one will make up for what the other is lacking." My wolf howled, our mate was one smart woman.

"Essentially, we'll have to target them in a way that they won't know who we'll be attacking next." Jeremiah finished.

"Alright," he sighed. "Looks like we've got some planning and training to do."

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