The Elder War

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Chapter 19


Elder Harrison, he was a master of manipulation. He knew how to get what he wanted without so much as lifting a finger. No one knows how he was able to become an elder, he wasn't a fan favorite for many years.

Jun sat at the desk across the room. His head buried in his spell books. Ever since the meeting he's been closed off, I could barely feel his emotions through our bond. He looked lost in his head, searching and searching for ways to take the council down.

I knew that he had history with them, but he never spoke about it. He only reveled information that would be helpful to our cause. Jun let out a huff before standing and stretching. The muscles in his arms rippled and strained, but I could still see the tension in his posture.

"Jun?" I called. He turned, his lips turning up into a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Talk to me," I stated firmly. Jun's eyes looked down, back up, and to the right. "Clearly the council had more of an affect on you than you claim. I can see the tension radiating in your aura." I added. Jun ran a hand over his face as he took slow steps towards me. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me into his chest.

"I'm fine, really. I'm just brushing up on some old spells that may come in handy."

"Jun!" I pushed out of his grasp.

"I can see the pain in your eyes. Something is going on and you're shutting me out!" My wolf paced in my mind. She was just as worried about our mate as I was. Something was eating away at him and he's been shutting me out because of it.

"I'm fin-"

"You're not fine! What did the council do to have you so lost in your mind?" Jun's jaw ticked. His anger became overwhelming when he let his mental wall slip.




Everything crashed into me all at once. The feelings were suffocating. Everything that Jun was was so suffocating. I stumbled back, my hands grasping the counter behind me. Nausea hit me like a harsh wave in the ocean.

Then it was gone. Jun's mental walls were back up. Looking up, our eyes lock. Jun's are glossy with unshed tears, his fists balled at his side and shoulders tensed. Before I could say anything he was gone. The door slamming with a loud bang behind him.


Walking over I take a peek at his spell book. There were notes upon notes in it. Guides to each spell and their specific usage. It's filled with information and notes. Stopping on one page I read through it.


Jennifer was willing to train with me today. Her abilities are amazing. She can take whatever shape she desires, even going as far as to mask her scent. She's told me of the time she used this ability to shift between herself and a male human by the name of Nate. She said it's her alter ego.

Jennifer's abilities seem almost impossible. She can mimic just about any person including their voice and skills. She said it wasn't anything to be concerned about, that she was never going to misuse them.

January 25th,

Jennifer has been gone for months. The last time we spoke, I confessed my feelings for her. I'll never forget the disgusted look that twisted onto her beautiful face. she didn't outright reject me, although my wolf was telling me otherwise. Jennifer is my mate!

April 15th,

Meeting my brother for the first time is surreal. I didn't think we would share such a strong resemblance. Learning that Jennifer had used her 'Nate' persona makes my skin crawl. I had learned the truth of her abilities shortly after she rejected me. The twisted mangled body of the human she killed and sucked the lifeforce straight out of him. His lifeless eyes stared back at me from the bottom of her closet, I hadn't realized just how sinister her motives were.

Bile stung the back of my throat as I continued reading. I shifted uncomfortably as I learned of Jennifer's real motivations and the promises made to her by the elder council. They promised her power, riches, and immortality. Based off the conversations Jun heard, they didn't plan on keeping those promises.

Jennifer clearly didn't know any better, but at this point, we're going to have to proceed with caution. After all, she is going to be more of a problem than I originally anticipated.

The front door shut, Jun's scent instantly hitting my nose. I set down the book and watch as he slunk back into the room. His face stained with tears, eyes red and swollen. The darkness that hovered around him made me realize something.

Sometimes the happiest people are the saddest.

Jun constantly hid behind a smile that was bright as the sun. But on the inside? He was crumbling apart. His heart and mind were constantly at war with each other. I watch as he slinks into the bedroom shutting the door behind himself.

Jun was always there for me. He comforted me when I was down, after Cole's death, when I was hurt. He was always there. Wherever I turned, there he was. Waiting and ready to pick up the broken scattered pieces of my heart.

I quickly move towards the door, turning the knob and letting out a sigh of relief that he didn't lock the door. Pushing the door open slowly, his figure comes into view. He sat at the furthest side of the bed, his frame slouched over. The room was dark, the blinds shutting out any and all light. I slip inside and shut the door behind me quietly. Taking slow steps I make my way in front of him, he never moved an inch.

"I see you," I whisper, my hand finding a silver lock of hair as I run my hand over the nape of his neck. I rubbed slow circles into his skin, goosebumps rising underneath my finger tips.

"You're not alone. I'll always be here. We're a team now and forever," I continued lowering my lips to press a kiss on top of his head. Jun's arms slipped around my waist pulling me in. I easily slipped onto his lap, my arms wrapping around his shoulder's and giving them a light squeeze.

"I don't mean to shut you out," He began. "I've just been so used to having to do it all on my own. Jennifer was supposed to be my mate, but she didn't like wolves that cried." He scoffed. Standing, he slid into the bed placing me down then laying his head against my chest.

"We're a team. I'd rather you open up to me, tell me what you're feeling and how I can help you through it." I admitted.

"I know," he sniffed and squeezed me.

The room fell silent except for the beating of our hearts. Our mind links opened, each of our emptions mixing and intertwining with the others. We laid there, wrapped in each others arms, our bodies synching and feeling like we were becoming one.

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