The Elder War

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Chapter 2

I watched Jun with careful eyes. He was an odd one, especially when we were training. He never practiced too much magic around others, he always insisted on working on it later. I looked him up and down, my drunken state making him more attractive. I noticed he had his hair fully up into a bun and his facial features, while similar to Aoife’s, were far more relaxed.

“Are you gonna keep staring at me or are you gonna head to bed?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I huffed and rolled my eyes. “I don’t need you to watch me. I’ll be fine on my own.” I insisted. Jun shook his head.

“Not happening, sunshine. Alpha Josiah wants everyone to work in groups or pairs. Since my brother has his mate and Beta, I’m left with you.” Jun smirked. “Fine, but stay out here.” I growled, he held up his hands. “No problem.” I nodded and started to walk back to my room. Stopping in my tracks I turn and around walk back towards him. Jun watched me with curious eyes.

“Why did your mate reject you?” Curiosity filled my voice. He was good looking, seemed to have a rather good personality, and came from Alpha blood. Why would anyone reject him? Jun crossed his arms, eyeing me suspiciously. “What’s with the sudden interest?’ he asked. I mirrored his posture. “I’m trying to figure out if I can trust you or not.” I answered. Jun nodded and rubbed a hand down his chin. “My mate is after my brother, she wants to kill his mate, his family, just to have him to herself. She rejected me and I’ve accepted and moved on with it.” Jun bit out. “Go to bed, we’re gonna have a busy morning.” His sudden change of attitude sent me spinning. I blinked at him in shock as he turned and took a seat in the arm chair and pulled out a book. Rolling my eyes I move towards my room, opening and slamming the door in the process.

Pulling the blankets back from my queen sized bed I slip in and flop down angrily. As I continued laying in bed my body began to grow heavy as sleep threatened. At first my body resisted, and wanted nothing more than to remain wired, but eventually everything went black.

“Come on Sav. We need to talk about this.” Cole’s deep smooth voice called from behind me. I shook my head and turned to him. “We can’t, C. You’re my best friend’s brother.” Cole folded his arms over his chest, my body hummed at the gesture. “When has that ever gotten in the way? What about all those times we’d slip off and fool around?”

“We kissed, Cole. Once. You and I both know it never went further than that.” I argued. “Savannah, I’ve known you were my mate since I shifted on my eighteenth birthday. Here we are four years later and you’ve finally shifted. My wolf is howling for you.” Cole pleaded. Searching his eyes I find the sincerity, the care, the love, but most of all the hurt. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“I’m sorry Cole, it just won’t work. Alphas are supposed to have high ranking mates. I’m nothing but an oracle, you deserve someone stronger.” Tears pricked my eyes as I fought the urge to fling myself into his arms. Cole sighed running a hand over his face. “I don’t care if you’re an oracle, a human, a wolf, none of that matters. Sav, I’ve been in love with you for years-” Cole was cut off. His body lit up with an electrical current as he jolted for several seconds. Tears burned my eyes as I dashed towards him, his body still shaking from the shock.

May 17

“Savannah!” A deep voice called shaking me out of my dream. I jolted up, sweat coated my forehead. Wiping my head I lean over placing my head into my hands. Was this going to be something I had to suffer through? A light yet heavy hand was placed on my shoulder.

“Are you hurt? What’s wrong?” Jun's voice was faint behind the echo of my heart beat in my ears. I shook my head. “Do you need anything?” He asked. I shook my head once more. His warm touch began to ground me as I felt my soul itching to leave my body.

“I’m...fine.” Running my hands over my face I take a few deep breaths. Once I was calm enough I looked up at a worried Jun. His eyes searched my face for any more distress. Jun’s face visibly relaxed once he could tell I was fine. “What was that?” He asked. “Nightmares. I’ve been having them ever since Cole died.” Jun’s lips pressed into a thin line as he nodded. I hadn’t noticed he was sitting on my bed with his arms wrapped around me until he stood.

“You should get ready. We have a meeting with the twins in thirty minutes.” June exited my room shutting the door behind him. With one last deep breath I got out of bed and pulled myself together. After a quick shower, I was dressed in a purple V-neck long sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans, and my favorite pair of brown combat boots. Walking out of my room I find Jun standing in the middle of my living room. He was still dressed in his clothes from last night. “Do you not want to change?” I asked as I poured my special blend of lavender tea into a Togo cup. “No, I’ll grab a shower later. Ready to go?” I nodded and watched his back as he opened my front door and stepped outside. Sighing, I pray to the moon goddess for the strength to make it through another day. My mind pulsed as my wolf pushed at my barriers. “Stop that…” I groaned as I rubbed my temples.

Jun and I walked in silence. I glanced around at the destroyed land. It’s going to take years to restore everything. We approached the pack house to find Bryan and Lily waiting for us. Lily waved excitedly at me, I gave her a tense smile. Lily’s hair was a long strawberry blonde that was pulled into a loose ponytail. Her face was heart shaped with high cheekbones and dazzling blue eyes. She wore a pink maxi dress with a tan cardigan and brown sandals. Many found it difficult to understand how she was the sister to the twins, she just looked more like their mother. Bryan towered over her, his 6’4 height overtaking her 5’3 height. His hair was a shaggy dark brown that hung loosely around his face. He was on the larger side with muscles that were clear through his white t-shirt and dark wash jeans. Bryan smiled and gave me a quick wave. Returning it, I tuck a stray hair behind my ear. I really didn’t feel like dealing with other’s today.

“Glad to see you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning Bryan.” Jun laughed and clasped Bryans hand in a sort of bro hug. I rolled my eyes and took a glance at Lily, she was smiling sadly at me. “How’re you holding up hun?” her thick southern accent struck me by surprise. She let out a light laugh as she rested a hand on my shoulder. “I’ve always had an accent, I just don’t let it out often.” Her voice returned to normal, I could only muster up a simple nod. “Come on, the others are waiting.” Jun and I followed Bryan and Lily further into the pack house that was bustling with wolves packing and carrying boxes out to moving trucks.

We arrived at the twins office, Bryan opened the door allowing Lily and I through. The twins were each seated at their desks. Josiah’s face set in a scowl and Jeremiah’s feigning relaxation. You could practically feel the irritation and tension rolling off of him in waves. Cassandra was in her own chair situated between the twins. Serenity, Aoife and Damien were seated off to the right with two extra chairs next to theirs. The dragon king, pendragon, was seated off to the left with his guards standing behind him and the fae queen seated next to him. My eyes never left her human like form, she was beautiful with her smooth ebony skin, deep black eyes, and stark green hair that hung loosely down her back in a tight braid. As I moved further through the room I bowed for those above me, fearing the consequences of showing disrespect to either party.

Taking a seat next to Aoife I give Serenity a quick wave and nod at her mates. They return the gesture, Aoife’s eyes going above my head and a rare smile making its way onto his lips. Glancing up, Jun stood above me clasping his brother’s forearm and grinning. “How was your night, brother?” Jun asked, making small talk within seconds of his arrival. “Fine,” Aoife was interrupted by Serenity. “Don’t you dare lie, Aoife Black. We all know you were up half the night pacing the house. You practically wore footsteps into the floors of our house.” Serenity scolded. “Aoife Black?” Jun raised an eyebrow. Aoife grunted. “Since I was unsure of my last name, we all decided to take Damien's.” Aoife explained with a tinge of irritation. Jun smirked and nodded. “I’ve been going by Jun Lee. It worked well as I traveled between Japan and Korea.” Jun sat next to me, his thigh bumping mine. I shifted over, wanting to give him space.

“Can I have everyone’s attention?” Jeremiah’s voice echoed throughout the room. The room grew silent as everyone gave him their full attention. Jeremiah nodded, giving a quick thanks for the speedy compliance.

“We have developed a strategy for dealing with the elder council. At the moment, our newborns have been relocated. Only my brother, our mate, and I know where this location is. This is for the protection of our bloodline in case anything were to happen to us during this time.” Jeremiah explained as he stood from his seat.

Josiah stood. “We are also in the process of moving our pack and Alpha Aoife’s pack to new quarters where we will remain hidden to gain time to prepare for battle. Anyone and everyone able to fight within our packs are expected to be along our sides.” Josiah continued.

“However, we did want to give a chance to those unwilling to assist us in this war. King Pendragon, Lady Noel, are you and your species still willing to help us in our feat to take down the elder council? If not, we respect and thank you for helping us in the first half.” Jeremiah asked, turning to our guests. I hadn’t learned of the Fae queens name, legends said she never had a name.

“Yes. The elder council is far too dangerous to be left alone.” She nodded, her voice smooth as silk and easy on the ears.

“Of course, young alphas. I need to protect my people. It is my pleasure to have my army alongside yours.” Pendragon smirked, a bit of youth and anticipation twinkling in his eyes.

“Thank you, we’ll be in your debt.” Jeremiah spoke, his voice lighter. “Now, our next course of action is moving to a disclosed location that’ll be hard to find. We have connections within the human world, they told us the best bet to be hidden in plain sight is to bend in with the humans.” I slapped my hand over my mouth to cover the gasp that wanted to slip through my lips. Josiah held up his hand silencing the whispers that vibrated throughout the room. “We know what you are all thinking,” Josiah shook his head in defeat. “It is our only chance to prepare ourselves as much as possible. Looking at it now, the elder council is too strong. They have witches, wolves, and who knows what else. We need to train, get stronger, and that’ll be the only way we can take them down.”

“What about us?” Lady Noel asked. “We have several skilled witches that can cast glamour spells on you to make you appear human to the untrained eye. However, we would like to keep you and King Pendragon out of direct sight as much as possible.” Jeremiah explained. Noel nodded, satisfied with his answer.

“Aoife, Damien, and Serenity. I’ll need you three to keep an eye on any suspicious activity within the nearest town. We’ll be moving in two days and it needs to be secured.” Josiah ordered. Aoife grunted and nodded his head.

“Jun and Savannah, we have a special mission for you two.” I rubbed my sweaty hands on my jeans. “We’ll send you into town tonight, from there you’ll search the area for any activity from the witches or elders. You’ll also be securing the housing for the pack for the next couple of months. We’ll give you enough money to rent out an entire apartment complex, try to find somewhere close to the woods and as far away from the inner city as possible.” Josiah instructed.

“Why us? I’ve barely made a dent in my Oracle research. Plus I barely have any spells memorized.” I was completely confused by his sudden decision. “Jun knows enough that I feel comfortable sending you two out together. Jun is skilled in multiple things. Savannah, we trust your eye for potential problems and situations. Plus you two have been assigned as a pair until further notice.” Jeremiah smirked. I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my chair, as if I was already tired of dealing with him last night. Now I get to spend goddess knows how long with him.

“I’m all yours, Sunshine.” Jun smirked, nudging my arm gently.

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