The Elder War

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Chapter 20


I kneed the vampire in the nose, a satisfying crunch echoing around us. Grabbing his head, I gave a quick twist and pull. It screeched and scratched against my forearms. With one last yank, his head comes flying off of his body that slumped onto the forest floor.

"That's the last of them," Christopher called out from behind me. I turned, Sav was removing the barrier spell she had put up to keep the vampire in.

"Speak!" Damien roared at the vampire he had tied to a nearby tree. The vampire hissed, bearing its fangs but making no move to answer him. Serenity placed her hand on his shoulder pushing him back a bit. I watched as she placed her hands on its face, white light glowing from her palms.

"Yes," The vampire slurred, its eyes taking on a glassy look.

"Tell us about the elder council, what have they promised you to earn your loyalty?" Serenity spoke slowly, her voice dripping.

"Humans...they promised us, feed on...." It whispered. Its red eyes flicked over her face, a soft grin overtaking its features.

"We've...been struggling to feed," Its voice was strained. "Our kind has been dying off for years now...vampire hunters have been tracking down nests and destroying them...the council...they promised that we could feed on the humans and that they would offer their protection in exchange for our loyalty,"

"What about the other species? The Valkyrie's?" Serenity asked.

"The Valkyrie see the council as honorable. They think that the council is doing what it can to protect everyone...that you're all trying to overthrow them for power,"

"That's bullshit!" Damien growled. I clasped his shoulder nudging him back. His face was twisted with anger, his shoulders tense and fists clenched. Shaking my head Damien frowned but stepped back willingly.

"They've been broadcasting this entire war as your side acting out in rebellion." It finished.

"Fuck," Aoife cursed. We stood in silence. The council had more pull than we could admit. They've established relationships with the other species long before this even became a problem. We only have the Dragons and Fae because they were being harassed.

"Kill him, we need to keep moving," Aoife commanded. Serenity released the vampire, the glow fading from her hands. Damien stepped forward with a grin cracking his knuckles. Quickly decapitating the vampire he tosses the body into the pile and Savannah set's it aflame.

We had been traveling through the forest for hours after getting a tip on where Roman and Rodriguez were. They would be the easiest to take down. They were the weaker of the rest.

Roman was known to let his emotions rule him rather than logic. All it took was a little bit of mocking may be an insult or two and we'll be able to take him down. I was a bit worried about Damien. When one of the vampires went after Serenity he lost it. I knew that he'd grown protective since the beginning of the war, but was there something else?

"Are you good?" Savannah's voice broke me out of my haze. I smiled down at her, despite the uneasy feeling flowing through my veins. Taking her hand in mine, I kiss her knuckles.

"I'm good," She gave me a quick grin and squeezed my hand in return.

we continued on through the woods. The eerie silence was a sign of how much was laying before us. The trees were still, no wildlife could be heard. The only sound was the faint crunching of our shoes in the dead leaves. Finally, we came upon a large abandoned hospital.

The windows were boarded up, the doors shut, and the parking lot abandoned. The building looked to be an older clinic, maybe six or seven stories. Bracing my hands on the ground I let my energy seep into the ground, visuals of the ground and silence swallowed me. Heavy energy pushed back, coming from under the building. They had some type of barrier that, was preventing me from seeing any deeper.

"You're gonna have to start heading in, they have a strong barrier up and it may take me some time to get it taken down," Aoife nodded, turned to his mates, and started barking out orders.

"Christopher! You, Savannah, and Serenity stay here and back up Aoife. The rest of us are going to start moving in. Move out!" Everyone started scattering each moving in a different direction.

"Savannah, I need your help taking down the barrier, Chris and Serenity, cover us."

Savannah stooped next to me, her body mimicking mine as she pressed her energy into the forest floor. Our energy twisted and swirled through the ground, hitting the barrier hard.

The world fell to chaos around us. Growls could be heard echoing from the hospital, zaps of electricity flew over our heads. Sweat beaded at the nape of my neck as I pressed more energy into the barrier, small cracks beginning to form as we pressed even harder.

Like a snap, the barrier was broken. Savannah and I shared a look, I could practically see the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

"We're in, let's go!" I called. The four of us bolted into the hospital, dead whiches, wolves, and vampires littered the floor. Thankfully, none were from our side. We continued through the building, down the stairs, and into the basement. Aoife and Damien had Elder Roman and Rodriguez by their throats.

"Kai..." Roman rasped.

"It's Jun." I corrected with a smirk. Rodriguez frowned then grimaced as Damien tightened his grip on his neck.

"I never took you for a traitor," Roman seethed.

"You were stupid enough to think I pledged my loyalty to you, hmm?" I grinned. If looks could kill I would be dead, Roman's eye's burned with hatred.

"We should have killed you the second we got the chance. I told Rosanna we should have killed you long ago!" He roared. Aoife tightened his grip on Roman's throat.

"Jun, do you have anything that will knock them out? Cassandra doesn't want any of the elders killed. She's got other plans for them." Damien grinned at me.

I had a spell, more like one I had created over the last couple of months. It puts the recipient to sleep until the spell is broken. I'm the only one that knows how to break it. Nodding, I step in front of Rodriguez first. His eyes grew irritated while he watched me.

Placing my hand out, I let the purple light seep from my palm, swirling around his head. His eyelids grew heavy, and he struggled to maintain his grip on Damien's arms. Finally, his eyes shut and his body slumped. Damien loosened his hold, Serenity, and Chris coming ad tying Rodriguez up with silver chains.

"Why keep us alive if you're only going to kill us later?!" Roman raged.

"Gotta let the queen have the final say, don't you think?" Reaching out I let the same purple light circle around Roman's head.

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