The Elder War

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Chapter 5

"That's right. We'll be covered for the year. Mhmm. I hope this doesn't take that long either but better to be on the safe side right, brother?" Jun spoke quietly through the phone as he drove us to the back of the building. My eyes hovered over him, assessing him. As if he knew I was watching Jun glanced at me. He winked and a smug smile made its way onto his face. I scoffed and turned my attention to the window.

Now that housing has been secured the rest of the pack would be arriving within the next day or so. Jun laughed beside me, his carefree attitude was beginning to put me off. Wasn't he worried? Stressed? Anything other than laughing? While it was refreshing, I had started to worry about him. The current situation we found ourselves in was not ideal.

"Alright, see you tomorrow." Jun ended the call and placed his phone into the cup holder between us. "Everyone is ready and they'll be moving out tonight. I explained to the twins about our run-in with that witch the other night." I nodded. "Makes sense. We had no clue she was coming, and now that they know of our run-in they'll be prepared if anything were to happen." I agreed.

"What did you do to that girl and manager back there?" My curiosity got the better of me. Jun let out a low chuckle before shifting in his seat. "I told you I know things. That was one of them. Impressed yet?" He winked. I scoffed. "I'm just surprised she even fell for the 'we're married' act. Come on, look at us. We do not make a good pair." I laughed at the memory of the girl's eyes widening in disbelief.

"I think we do." His voice was barely a whisper. My heart wanted to tug at his words, to fall into that pit he effortlessly created. Instead, I rolled my eyes and stared off into the tree line once again.

After pulling around the building we had gotten out and started the protection spell. This one would be stronger than the last, and hopefully, keep away any curious humans. I chanted the last words, the energy zinging through me leaving my fingertips and shooting into the sky.

"Alright, that should do it." Jun clasped his hands, a pleased look on his face. "Are you sure this one will hold?" I couldn't help the anxious tone in my voice. The last time we messed around with a barrier my mate died.

"One hundred percent. This is one I used while I was on Elder Council territory. It's undetectable and impenetrable." Jun's voice was confident, with a sigh I simply nod my head. He better be right about this. "Since we're done, let's head into town and steak out the area. Plus, I wouldn't mind grabbing something to eat." Jun grinned at me as he turned and made his way to the vehicle. I complied and followed without a huff. As much as I needed some alone time, my stomach was telling me that would come after it was satisfied.

We drove through town, nothing we needed to be concerned with showing. Thankfully. After a while, we pulled over to a Chinese restaurant. Despite my consistent protests, Jun insisted we go inside to eat. I was more than comfortable eating where I knew I'd be safe. Once seated and food was ordered I began to slowly relax.

"Ease up, Sunshine. I get that you're worried but all that tension isn't gonna help you." He tried to soothe me. "I don't get how you do it. We're going into war and there's a high chance that you'll lose everyone you care about. How are you always so happy? Laughing even?" Jun watched me, his eyes analyzing me and starting to get under my skin.

"I realize, and acknowledge, that nothing is forever. I want to enjoy the life I have now, even if there's a chance that I'll die." Jun paused as the waitress set down our food before leaving quickly. "I've also found someone I want to protect." He finished with a smirk. His words lingered in the air as he began to eat. Someone that he wants to protect?

"Tell me, have you always been this quiet?" Jun asked. I shook my head and forked noodles into my mouth. The greasy, unhealthy food of humans tickled my taste buds and I groaned in satisfaction. Back home we seldom ate food like this since everything we needed was grown within pack lands. The only things we ever got from the humans were things we couldn't make ourselves.

"I have, believe it or not." I bit out. Jun's face stayed neutral as he continued watching me. "This is how I've always been. I grew up different, with no parents, the only oracle born in the pack ever. So instead of getting close to anyone other than the Alpha and his family, I've kept to myself. Oh and except Fletcher." I admitted. I wasn't the talkative type, having kept to myself for such a long time I have grown to enjoy the time I get to myself.

"It was the same way for me. I'm the first halfer in existence. Oracles are either full or show no signs at all. But for me, I show signs but I'm not a full oracle." Jun explained before taking a bite of an eggroll. "What can't you do as an oracle?" My shoulder had finally relaxed and I felt more invested in the conversation compared to ten minutes ago.

"You know the visions?" I nodded. "I get them, but they're never clear. Meaning, I can only see blurs of what is going on, the voices are distorted, and they only last for a few seconds." Jun explained. I nodded, unconsciously leaning forward. "My visions are not as informative either. They give small bouts of information that honestly hasn't been that useful." Jun continued.

"What about the magic? You seem pretty trained in that." I pointed out. Jun chuckled with a nod. "Magic is the only thing that comes easy to me. It's the one thing I can do well as an oracle. I traveled for a long time after my uncle gave me approval to come out of hiding. My travles brought along the discovery and through training in magic." Realization dawned on me. "So that's why you haven't trained with us.

"Bingo!" Jun gave me a genuine smile. "Why train for something I already know? Tell you what, since we're partners for the time being how about I train you in some of the stuff I've learned?" Jun offered. "Really? You'd do that?" Jun shrugged. "Sure, why not? Might as well teach you a thing or two." I gave him an eager nod.

The laws of magic had interested me as soon as Cassie told me about her abilities. It's made me wonder what else we could do...what an oracle could do. What I've learned so far is that magic is an endless source that comes from within the individual. The stronger and better trained the user is, the stronger the abilities and spells will be. Seeing as how Jun is practically an expert in multiple forms of magic, it seems as though I have a lot to learn.

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