The Elder War

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Chapter 7

Muffled voices invaded the darkness, stirring me from my slumber. A hard surface rose and fell under my cheek, pulling me further from that dark pit.

“I already told you what happened!” A voice scolded.

“I highly doubt this wasn’t forced. I know you’ve got tricks up your sleeves Houdini.” Another voice accused. Cracking my eyes I adjust to the dim light. Leaning up I glance around my surroundings. Cassandra stood across the room with her mates, her arms folded and her face set in a hard scowl. Serenity was next to her, mimicking her expression and stance with her mates behind her as well.

“What’s going on?” I croaked as I sat up further. Glancing down I find a grinning Jun laying under me. I squeaked and scrambled off his lap.

“That’s what happened. he forced you to sleep on him didn’t he?” Cassandra pressed. I rubbed my ass after my hard fall onto the floor.

“How long was I out for?”

“About three six hours, you sleep like a log.” Jun gave me a giddy grin as he offered his hand out. Taking it I allow him to help me up onto the couch where his body previously laid.

“Keep your hands off of her.” Cassandra growled.

“Can you please tell your friends that you slept on me willingly?” Jun pleaded.

“We fell asleep talking...when did you guys get here?” I confirmed, although it did very little to ease the hot headed females.

“About ten minutes ago. You weren’t answering your phone so we got worried.” Damien spoke up, placing a hand on his mate’s shoulder.

“What about everyone else?” Jun asked, his tone turning serious.

“They’re settling in.” Josiah grunted. Sighing I stood and made a beeline to my room to get changed. Closing the door behind me I let out another sigh before changing into a pair of black shorts, and red t-shirt. Walking back out I find everyone seated and Jun serving drinks.

“How was you ride over?” I asked, taking a seat on an empty couch.

“Transporting large groups of people is harder than we thought.” Cassandra groaned.

“I could have opened a portal...” Jun grimaced with the realization. The twins groaned, Damien let out a hearty laugh, and Aoife simply shook his head.

“Since we’re all here I had some things I wanted to discuss.” Josiah spoke up. We all gave him our attention and waited.

“Now that we have secured housing and off the councils radar, I wanted to start with training. There’s plenty of wolves that need to increase their strength in both human and wolf form. Now is the time that we need to start doing that.” Josiah began his expression turning serious.

“What about the witches?” I asked.

“They’ll be working with Gisele.”

“And the oracles?” Jun asked.

“You three will be working together. I hate that we don’t have anyone more experienced, but we thought that would be the best bet.” Josiah confirmed. Serenity raised her hand.

“I’ll be working with my mother to train the other witches. Jun, you have the most experience out of all of us so you’ll have to teach Savannah everything you know.” Jun gave a nod and leaned further back into his chair.

“Do we have any idea on when your uncle is supposed to get here?” Jeremiah asked Aoife and Jun.

“Did I miss the invitation to the meeting.” A voice drifted into the living room from the front door. A tall Korean man turned the corner and stepped into view. His hair was cut short and black and slicked back on the top with silver on the sides. He reminded me of Jun with his soft silver eyes and minimal wrinkles.

“Uncle Kai! How was your journey? Did you make it here alright?” Jun bolted from his seat pulling the older man into a gruff hug.

“I am good, my boy. Where is your brother?” He asked just as his eyes zeroed in on a frowning Aoife. Kai approached Aoife, his eyes never leaving him as he stopped in front of him.

“It’s lovely to see you again.” His uncle spoke, his voice thick with emotion. Kai opened his arms and without hesitation Aoife returned the gesture pulling his uncle into a hug. Jun returned to my side on the couch, his lips pulled into a warm smile.

“What’s with that look on your face?”

Jun shook his head. “I’ve been waiting for this moment since I found out about my brother’s existence.”

“You didn’t know about him until recently, right?” Jun nodded.

“My uncle told me about him once Jennifer had come into my life. In a way, I’m glad he waited. I wouldn’t have all the knowledge that I have now.” Jun admitted honestly.

My attention returned to Aoife and Kai. Aoife held onto his uncle like he was the last person on earth. I shifted uncomfortably, I felt odd sitting and witnessing their emotional reunion. Tears leaked from Aoife’s eyes, the shock of it all pushing him to show true emotion.

“I’m sorry I didn’t arrive sooner. But this was worth the wait. How have you been, nephew?” Kai pulled back from Aoife. Taking the time to really examine him, their family resemblance was incredible. The same black hair, piercing eyes, height and build.

“I have someone I want you to meet.” Aoife wiped the tear from his eye before looking back and Damien and Serenity.

“This is my mate, Serenity, and my brother Damien. We share her as a mate.” Aoife introduced them.

“It’s nice to meet you sir,” Damien stepped forward giving the man a handshake. Serenity stepped forward only to be pulled into a hug by Aoife’s uncle.

“It’s an honor to meet the mate of my nephew! My boy, you’re just like your parents. I can see that their blood is strong within you.” His uncle laughed heartily, his lips pulling into a wide approving smile.

“Thank you, uncle.” Aoife for the second time tonight, showed emotion as joy plastered it’s way onto his face in the form of a grin.

“I didn’t know Aoife could make those expressions.” I teased. Aoife shot me a dirty look before smiling and shaking his head.

“Hey now, Sunshine. Save that teasing for me. My brother already has two people to do that.” Jun wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me into his side. The current atmosphere must be getting to me. Completely out of control a giggle sipped past my lips, Jun’s face broke out in a shit-eating grin.

“Today seems to be the first for a lot of things.” Cassandra chided from between her mates.

Jun released me with a smile still clear on his face. I raised an eyebrow at Cassandra. “What are you getting at?” I pressed. Cassandra gave me an innocent smile as her eyes darted between Jun and I. Before she could say anything I snatched her arm and pulled her into the kitchen away from preening eyes.

“You like him...” She smirked.

“Yes, as a friend.”

“It seems as though this time you two spent together has created a bond. I mean, you were cozy on his chest not too long ago.”

I scoffed. “He’s good company, even when he does tend to get rather annoying. We share similar, kinda, mate experiences. It’s something we’ve been able to relate from.” Cassandra watched me with soft eyes...oh no here we go.

“Don’t push him away. I know that you’re still recovering from Cole’s death, we all are, but don’t force yourself to be miserable because of it. You know I miss him everyday, but I’m grateful that he used his last breath to protect you and my babies.” Cassandra, while overbearing, was right. I needed to open up more. There’s no telling how long this war will be going on for and I’ll need people I can trust around me. I blew out a breath running a tired hand down my face.

“Alright, but not a ward to anyone else.” I held up my pinky watching her connect them. I kissed my hand and she kissed hers. Releasing our hands we giggled, pinky promises were something we developed as children. It was also my way of keeping her mouth shut when it came to stuff I told her about Cole.

Reentering the living room Cassandra took her seat between her mates, and I returned to Jun’s side.

“Now that you’re both back, I wanted to set some things up.” Josiah said.

“We need you, Jun and Sav, to head out of town in three days to do some field work.” My eyebrows scrunched.

“Field work?”

“Yes, to be exact we’re sending you to the Wintergreen pack to check for any elder council influence. I’m waging that in order to protect their image they wouldn’t let work spread too quickly. If need be, glamour yourselves to get in.” Josiah instructed. I nodded. While I wasn’t the most stoked about going out of the wards, I was slowly growing to enjoy the sneaking around.

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