The Elder War

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Chapter 8

A fireball swirled around in the palm of my hand as I directed my magic into it. I aimed a the target that stood 100 yards from me, my hand warming. Thrusting my hand forward I direct the flame towards the target. The flame skits over the top barely hitting where I intended. Jun laughed beside me as he pulled water into his hands and extinguished my failed attempt.

"Not quite. You need to maintain your control. The magic you release needs to have stability. Watch." Jun extended his hand, blue flames burst from his palm and struck the center of the target. He closed his hand slowly, the flame diminishing and vanishing completely.
"I have a question, and before you get offended or try to argue with me, hear me out." I eyed him as I nodded giving him the go-ahead.
"What emotion is the strongest? What emotion do you feel pumping through your veins and pushing you to use your magic?" I ran through my head all of the overwhelming emotions that were constantly swimming through my head.
"Anger." The word was bitter on my tongue. I didn't want to be angry, I hated being angry. My wolf paced in my mind in agreement. She was angry, but she was also hurt, felt incomplete, but overall...she felt alone.
"I thought so. Listen, magic feeds off of your emotions. You need a clear head in order to cast the correct spells and to exact control. To maintain that control I've developed a little trick."
"What kind of trick?"
"I chose a memory that has a strong association with whatever emotion is strongest. Mine is the day my uncle came back after being undercover in Italy. I was so scared that I was going to lose him, at the time he was the only family I knew of. But when I saw him walk through the front door alive and unharmed my chest warmed in relief, love, and most importantly happiness." Jun explained with a solemn smile.
"Want to see something cool?" he grinned as he led his hand out to me. I hesitated for a second, my eyes searching his for any type of giveaway. Deciding not to over-think things I place my hand in his and follow him deeper into the forest. We walk in silence, the warm air brushing against my skin and for once peace settled deep within me.
Jun stopped us at a clearing, a goofy grin plastered onto his lips as he releases my hand and kneels down. His hands spread out on the dirt. My skin prickles at the shift in power, whatever Jun was calling on was definitely strong. His hands began to glow a light green as he worked. Slowly vines and flowers began to bloom around his fingers then slowly climbed up his forearms and around his biceps.
Warmth spread throughout me as I watched him manipulate and pull the earth to his will. At the moment, I had a growing list of things I wanted to learn from him and this was definitely added.
"How did you do that?" The awe in my voice was too thick to ignore. Jun sent the vegetation back into the earth before standing.
"I channeled my emotions to create a bond with the earth. By placing my hands onto the ground I was able to create new flowers all while pouring my magic into them to have full control. I've used it before to trap enemies and create cages. It comes in handy on occasions." Jun slipped his hands into his pockets and walked towards me.
"That concludes our lesson for today, Sunshine." Jun stopped inches away from me, his lips coming down to my ear and blowing warm breath. A shiver ran up my spine, those untouched desires revving up their engines inside of me. I watched Jun's retreating back, my wolf pushing in my head to follow the extremely attractive male. Shaking my head I take a seat on a nearby log and try to get my hormones in check.

"Come on Cass! Don't laugh at me!" My face heated as my best friend laughed at me.

"Your urges are normal, honey." Serenity soothed me as she pinched Cass.
"Hey! That hurt." Cass pouted before glancing back at me and chuckling more. I groaned and buried my face into the pillow on my lap. After cooling off in the forest, which took much longer than I anticipated, I decided I needed some girl time to see if it could get my head straight. Judging by my friend's completely different reactions, regret was starting to sink in.
"I don't mean to laugh at you, Sav. I'm just caught off guard. I never thought that you would get...horny." Cass bit her lip as she held back another round of laughter.
"Oh, I'm so sorry I'm still a virgin, your highness," I growled playfully. There were times where I felt inferior to my friends. Their mates, their sex life, their confidence, everything I wish I understood better.
"Why don't you find one of the unmated males to...get your rocks off?" Serenity suggested with a wink. I grimaced.
"First, gross. Second, none of them catch my eye."
"But Aoife's brother does?" Serenity grinned. My face heated once more as they brought up the man that was making me feel like this anyway. Cass squealed as she leaned forward.
"Why don't you sleep with him? You know he doesn't have a mate, he seems to like you enough that he would, also he's Aoife's brother so he's probably well endowed." Cass ticked off his good points on her fingers.
"Ew! I do not need the image of my brother-in-law's dick in my head." Serenity gagged.
"No way. It could change things between us and mess everything up. I'm learning more from him than I ever have." While my wolf liked the idea of him sinking into us and doing as he pleased, I was still on the rocks. Shaking my head I make my decision.
"I'll take care of it myself."
"With what? There's nothing better than a dick with a man attached to it." Cass rolled her hips and wiggled her eyebrows at me.
"I brought along my stash of toys, remember?" Serenity and Cass shared a look before breaking out in laughter.
"Oh, goddess this is good!" Serenity teased. I grumbled under my breath as I threw my pillows at the two.
"Sav, once you get it you're never gonna want to go back to the toys. There's just something about having a man balls deep inside that gets me and my wolf going." Cass purred.
"Didn't know you missed us like that, babe." We all turned towards the door to find the twins, Aoife and Damien, and Jun standing in the doorway. If I wasn't embarrassed before I definitely was now. The guys walked in, each moving to their respective mates.
"Why do we always come in when you three are talking about the dirtiest things?" Josiah smirked at his mate pulling her in and devouring her lips.
"No reason, girls have sex talk too." Cass grinned sassily at her men.
"Well then, let's put those theories to rest." The twins led Cass out of the room followed by a grumbling Aoife, laughing Damien, and grinning Serenity. The door shut behind them leaving me alone with Jun. Taking a chance, I sneak a peek at him. Jun's eyes were everywhere but me as he moved towards his room. Groaning I stand from the couch and sulk into my room.
That same heat pooled between my thighs as I thought more and more about what Jun could do to me. Determination set in as I grab my favorite bullet vibrator and head into the bathroom for so much needed relaxation.
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