The Elder War

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Chapter 9


“I can’t believe we agreed to leave those three alone for this long.” Aoife grumbled as we made our way up the building towards the apartment Savannah and I was sharing. We had just finished our meeting with my uncle and I was glad to say I felt a little more confident now that he was here.

“Can’t help it. As much as we wish to be near our mates, we trust the wards and barriers Savannah and Jun set up.” Josiah shrugged.

“I’m glad to hear someone has faith in me.” I snickered. Aoife shot me a glare from beside his friend. I held my hands up although the smirk never left my face. My brother really needed to learn how to trust me more. As we neared the door giggles could be heard down the hall.

"Why don't you sleep with him? You know he doesn't have a mate, he seems to like you enough that he would, also he's Aoife's brother so he's probably well endowed." Cassandras voice squeaked inside.

Al of the guys looked back at me in question. I shook my head quickly. “Don’t look at me. I have no clue as to why they are discussing me and my cock.” Damien and the Twins snorted while my brother shook his head.

The girls broke out into another fit of giggles just as we reached the door. The Twins opened the door revealing an embarrassed Savannah and a teasing Cassandra and Serenity.

"Sav, once you get it you're never gonna want to go back to the toys. There's just something about having a man balls deep inside that gets me and my wolf going." Cass purred.

"Didn't know you missed us like that, babe." Jeremiah grinned at his mate. The girls turned to face us and Savanna was even closer to turning into a tomato. The guys moved to their mates while I stood off to the side, Sunshine wanted to fuck and it seems like she’s trying to hide her attraction to me.

"Why do we always come in when you three are talking about the dirtiest things?" Josiah smirked at his mate pulling her in and devouring her lips.

"No reason, girls have sex talk too." Cassandra grinned sassily at her men.

"Well then, let's put those theories to rest." The twins led Cassandra out of the room followed by a grumbling Aoife, laughing Damien, and grinning Serenity.

The door shut behind them, I took in a deep breath and the smell of Savannah’s arousal hit me. I clenched my teeth and stalked to my room. Shutting the door softly behind me I try to take my time in calming down. I tan over equations and spells multiple times but nothing was working. A soft click came from next door, Savannah must have been taking a shower.

A soft cry of what’s thought was pain came through the wall quickly sobering me up. I launched towards my door ripping it open and rushing into her room. Failing to knock I open the bathroom door to find the view of my dreams.

Savannah stood in the shower, her leg propped up on the soap bar, her body wet and dripping. My eyes zeroed in immediately on the bullet vibrator pressed to her clit. Her breast were full sporting pebbles nipples. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy her eyes clamped shut.

“Sunshine,” I croaked. Her eyes snapped open and her head forwards. Her eyes were full in shock surprise, and even a hint of heat. Her hands dropped away from her sex and she did everything she could to cover herself.

“Jun! W-what are you doing here?” She rushed out, turning off the shower and pulling on a towel. I frowned at the lack of her bare body. My wolf pushed in my head. He was desperate to get his claws into the woman, as was I.

“I-I heard you scream....I thought something might have happened to you, so I came to check.” I groaned as a new wave of her arousal hit me. Savannah’s hood eyes locked with mine, I grew impossibly hard in my trousers from the way her eyes were smoldering.

Taste wolf pressed attempting to take control. In two strides I crossed the room, one of my hands gripping the back of her neck and the other grabbing her wrist and pulling her giant my body. My wolf rumbled in my head feeling her skin against my own.

“Tell me to stop.” I pleaded as I licked my lips. Savannah gave shallow breaths as she kept her eyes on my lips.

Fuck it, I pulled Savannah into me with the full intention of devouring her lips. She tasted of honey, smelled of jasmine, everything about he was intoxicating. Savannah moaned against my lips as I wrapped my hands underneath her thighs and lifted her to the top of the sink. I pulled away, causing a mewl to leave her lips.

“More...” she panted. Her hands wandered down to the hem of my shirt before slipping in and over my abs. Her hands heated me skin pulling that need to be buried deep inside her more. I grabbed the towel, unraveling it from her body I take in her physique once more. Savannah clenched her thighs and rubbed them together in anticipation. Knowing exactly what she wanted I trail a hand down her neck only stopping to tease her pert nipples. She bucked towards me her legs jolting open before slamming close.

“Jun,” she whined. Her nipples grazed my dishcloth covered chest pulling another mouth watering moan from her.

“Tell me what you want, Sunshine,” I purred into her ear. Her body jolted against mine, her core brushing briefly over my hardened cock. I hissed at the contact.

“Touch me,” she begged.

“I am,”

“Not there,” she gave another needy moan.

“Where?” I demanded nipping the soft flesh of her neck.

“My clit...” she moaned.

“How do you want it?” I asked.

“P-please just make me cum,”

“Good girl,” I praised as I let my hand trail down to cup her wet sex. Her body jolted again this time her thighs spread giving me more room to work.

“You’re so wet, Sunshine.” I praised. Moving a finger between her pussy lips I brush over her clit again pulling those mewls, moans, and pleads from her lips. I circle her clit spreading her cream around her pussy. My finger circles her entrance before slipping in and curling up to swipe against her swollen g-spot.

Getting on my knees I gaze at her wet sex. Her thighs were glistening with her arousal sending a string of pleasure down to my cock. Blowing on her clit I move in to devour her. Savannah’s hands are instantly in my hair pulling me closer as she shamelessly grinds on my tongue.

“Yes! Jun!”

“My name sounds good on your lips,” I comment before licking up and hooking my tongue under her clit. I dive back in enjoying the sweetness of her on my tongue. My fingers slip into her once more and begins to pump at a steady pace, brining her so close to the edge but not enough to push her over. Her hips quickly lose their rhythm rock as she quickens one hand leaving my hair and the other gripping the base of the sink.

“Fuck, I-I’m gonna c-cum!” She gasps.

“Come for me, Sunshine.” At my command she lets out a long moan her body shaking in my grasp. Slowly, her body becomes sluggish with aftershocks. Standing up I gather her into my arms and clean her before stalking back into her room. Her heavy lidded eyes gaze up with me giving a tired smile. My heart warms at the small action, even if she was unconsciously doing it. I pull back her covers and place her spent body in bed. Reaching back I grab my shirt and pull it over my head before slipping in behind her. Her soft skin touches my back, a low groan slipping from my lips. My wolf yips in excitement as we settle in against the beautiful sleeping woman, a feeling of belonging settled over me. I let sleep overtake me in the safety of our own bubble.

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