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Speak of the Devil

By KimC All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action


Keziah. Keziah.

Keziah groaned in her sleep and turned over, clutching her pillow tighter.


“Who is it?” she grumbled aloud.

Keziah. Keziah.

“Robyn, go away,” she mumbled.

She managed to force open her eyes. Her room was dark still, the only light coming from her alarm clock. She looked at the clock. Three A.M. She groaned more irritably and turned on her back. She looked around her room. Keziah raised an eyebrow in confusion. She didn’t see her housemate in her room. In her half asleep state, the silhouette of her chair became a monster in the darkness. Keziah had stopped being afraid of such imaginary monsters as a child. Her wardrobe looked as if it might come crashing down on her bed at any moment but she reminded herself it had never fallen.

She sat up. If she was alone, was it all in her dreams? She rubbed her eyes with her palms.


Keziah turned to look in her wardrobe mirror. Her reflection stared back at her. She tilted her head to the side and her reflection followed her. She waved at it and it waved back as usual. Keziah shook her head.

“Great…I’m hearing things…” she mumbled.

Keziah looked up at her reflection again.


A pair of red eyes appeared in the mirror, overlaid on Keziah’s. Then the mirror cracked up the center. Keziah threw herself against her headboard, regretting the decision when her back responded with fiery pain. She looked at the crack and her split face in the mirror.

“What was that?”

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