The Darkest Side of Death

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Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

We, the gods, will live as long as humans believe in us. The day the humans no longer believe in us, all the gods will disappear. -Homer, Iliad

My elongated gloved fingers swirled the cool beer bottle back and forth in the palm of my hands as my dark brown eyes observed the bar.

On the right side of the smoke filled room, a burly man with a black skull cap hunch over a pool table. Just by observing Lio, his tattoo arms were becoming extremely tensed.

He hated to lose.

Shifting my brown eyes away toward the crowded bar top, I almost smiled at the unusual situation of a classy and beyond beautiful woman having a martini in this dump and dirty bar. With her long legs crossed at their ankles, her piercing dark blue eyes stared vacantly at the television.

No, Diti wasn't even interested as men tried to buy her a drink.

And over to my left side, I dared not look over to the guy weeping quietly. Instead, my thin fingers pulled out from under my shirt a necklace with a unique charm with swirling gold flecks inside. I stared at it long and hard and whispered determined, “I will get you back.”


My brown eyes quickly shot up to find two cyan blue eyes swimming in tears and redness. His once tan skin was now blotchy from the sobbing he had done for hours.

“Yes, Poe?”

Poe swallowed a huge lump in his throat and barely said, “I can’t believe he’s dead.” By accident, my stoic face turned away trying to hide what I really felt.

“You’re not the only one who lost someone. My husband is dead,” an angered voice hissed into our conversation and I watched Diti sit next to our table.

Poe’s dagger eyes lifted up at her as he said mocking, “Don’t pretend you loved him. You’ve been with so many men I’m starting to lose count.” Poe blue eyes lit up when passing our heads toward Lio and added, “Oh, wait. I see one now.”

She pulled a short dagger out and pointed to his chest, “I loved him. He understood my needs. Something you can't understand with you thick-headiness, Poie-”

“I didn’t lose!”

A sound roar echoed the room and my hand attempted to rub the headache away from my forehead. Embarrassing enough my so called nephew began to throw a temper tantrum and tossed the pool table with great ease. “You cheating human! I should kill-”

“Enyalios! Enough.” I yelled surprising myself at interfering and Lio halted in his actions. Knowing our welcome was well over, I placed a few bills on the table and lead them out into the damp, night street.

Standing around all three of them, we all appear to be misfits. A lost lumber jack. The beautiful model. Roid rage asshole. And me, the odd person no one wanted to be associated with. But we all had one thing in common. We didn’t belong here.

We were gods.

“I should go back in there and rip off his arms to show him who he was messing with,” Lio yelled turning toward the doorway and Didi grasped his arm hastily.

“Lio.” Instantly he stopped in his tracks and pivot his head back to Didi's plead. “There’s no point. This world doesn’t believe in us anymore.”

The sudden silence decimated the air because two thousand years ago our domain slowly crumbled before our feet. It was to the point where Olympus had cast us out for our powers slowly faded.

Most of the weaker gods and goddess you probably couldn’t name on the top of your head, didn’t stand a chance. They had became mortal and passed away. But only a few of the strongest, including us; Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Enyalios and me, had survived for now.

“I just hate it here. We are gods, Diti. We should be up in the clouds looking down on theses mutts,” Lio expressed his hatred toward Aphrodite.

She shook her brown head of long hair and leaned her body against Lio, “I don’t see how we can when Zeus,” Aphrodite paused quickly when glancing over to Poseidon, “I’m sorry Poe.”

Poe sighed with deep regret and whispered morbidly, “Zeus is dead.” Clearing his throat, he added, “Who could blame my brother after losing Hera.”

I rolled my eyes at Poseidon’s glorious portrayal of our dearest brother. Yes, it was ugly sight when unexpectedly Hera power flushed out of her and she tumbled to the Earth.

Zeus dove after her the moment when news got to him and he raced with the stormy winds behind him to save his wife. Only a few inches from the ground, Zeus had somehow placed his one hand behind Hera’s back and started to lift her toward him.

"All Zeus ever mentioned was staring into her relieved hazel eyes that suddenly snapped into vacancy." Diti stated sadly, "It was horrible. Hera turned mortal and snapped into two when he caught her."

I retained an internal sigh. She painted a pretty picture, but I knew better than that. Zeus broke Hera’s heart all the time chasing many women. He never knew what love was and apparently never would. The only reason why Zeus would ever will his life away was because of his ego. To be human seemed like a worse punishment than death itself.

I slowly caught on the end of Poe's speech, “Without Zeus,” I flinched in irritation, “nothing will ever be the same again.”

Correction, Zeus wasn’t the only one who had enough power to claim Olympus again. Why does he always do that? Anyone from the third generation of gods, which included Poe, Demeter and me, had the same equal chance, I thought irritated.

“Not unless I can help it,” I finally let my soft-spoken voice be heard. Their eyes all landed on me with skepticism and desire. “I have an idea, but it’s not the most orthodox way. Are you in?”

My legs paced a little as I gave a fleeting glance to Lio, “To restore our honor.” My dark brown eyes shift toward Diti, “To have a home again.” Finally my gloved hand rested on Poe’s shoulder and whispered what I knew what he desired, “To not lose another deity again, brother.”

With a rare smile I ever show, I knew I had them hooked. “The God and Goddesses of Olympus will rise and be born again.”

Playing with his brown scraggly beard pensively, Poe finally asked, “How Hades?”

“I always have a card up my sleeve.” Pulling out my cell phone, I began to dial. “And it’ll start with a dear removed nephew of ours.”

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