In Between : Legend and Fate

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An ambitious elf queen, after discovering the existence of her only son in a parallel dimension of humans where war and chaos rules, crossed an inter dimensional portal known as the in between with the hope of saving him and together with the help of other allies, take back their kingdom and restore balance.

Fantasy / Mystery
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In the beginning

This story began in a different dimension, a world in which the elves lived in order and peace. The world of the elves were divided into two kingdoms ruled by a king. There was the elementor elves who had the power to control either fire, air or water. They were seen as the supreme elves because of their powers. There was the green elves who were highly intelligent and creative. They used the products of nature to create weapons and other materials to make their living more comfortable. Lastly were the sur elves. These elves were disrespected and seen as inferior because they were powerless. They had no abilities like the elementors nor innovative minds like the green elves. Because of their inferiority and weakness, the sur elves were slaves and were used by the other elves to accomplish their tasks.
The elders which consisted of old,wise and powerful elementors and green elves were responsible for choosing kings and making laws to help maintain order and peace among the elves with the help of an ancient book called the ancient rhema.
For hundreds of years, elementor elves were chosen as kings with an elementor or green elf as queen. That was the order until now.

Everything started to change when
King Durah decided to make a sur elf queen, neglecting the ways and laws of the land. All the elders stood against this abomination but the king
couldn't care less. Durah made Lia her queen and together they ruled. Things almost changed for the sur elves since their kind had become queen of the two kingdom. The elders did what they could to stop the king and change his mind but nothing worked.

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