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She Cried Wolf (OLD)

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When Ashley is saved from her abusive foster parents her life changed forever. But her savior has a secret. And it's one that effects her more than she can ever imagine. ~ Available only on Inkitt and Wattpad.

Fantasy / Other
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Important note!

Hello Inkitt readers! Surprise! It's back! I've decided to republish She Cried Wolf for a short amount of time.


I've seen a major jump in reads since I put this story back up. To all my new readers, Thank you! I hope you enjoy even though it's a bit cringe. Thanks again for giving my work a chance! xo


Much love, Only_be_happy xo

Note added 3/28/2023

Before you read please know a few things:

I wrote this story when. I was 15. It is not edited, and it’s a first draft. Please don’t expect perfect grammar and story lines. There are plot holes. There are translation errors. The grammar sucks. It’s not professionally written or edited. This is inkitt. What more do you expect from me? I’m doing my best. Please be kind


Triggers are present. Some triggers include but aren’t limited to:


Self harm

Emotional and physical abuse



Low your limits and read with caution



Much love,


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