She Cried Wolf (OLD)

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“I’m Jackson Matthews. What’s your name Kitten?” I cock my head at the nickname but quietly reply “Ashley,” as I feel a panic attack starting. It isn’t until he moves to sit next to me that I stand. All the socializing takes its toll. I grab my book and shove it into my bag with unsteady hands. I step out of the bench, and he grabs my arm causing me to flinch. Spark like tingles shoots up my arm. A lump forms in my throat as his eyes go wide. “P-please l-l-let m-me g-go,” I stutter but his grip only tightens slightly. “Wait kitten, what’s wrong?” I yank out of his grip and fast walk off the school grounds into the forest surrounding the school. I don’t make it very far before I sink to the ground, leaning against a tree, due to my lungs constricting. My breathing comes out in heavy pants. I tuck my knees to my chest and bury my head in them, creating a little ball, as I sob silently. Seconds later someone sits next to me and tucks my body into their own. Soothing sparks erupt against my side as the tangy scent of cinnamon and pine fills my nose. As time passes his deep voice whispers soothing words into my ears and my heart slows. Soon the only thing to be heard is the sounds of the forest and my ragged hiccups. “W-why d-did y-you c-come a-after m-me?” I stutter. “I’ll always come after you love,”

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It was a wide known fact that many people were jealous of the Royal wolves. They were known for their pristine beauty and strong power. The cause of most jealousy is their powers. It is said that they descend from the very first wolves who served Selene, the Moon Goddess. Because of their loyalty, Selene blessed them with beauty, power, and dominance. No regular pack would ever dare to challenge them for they knew they would never win. It was the night of Principessa Hazel’s third birthday party when the attack happened. The royal family, guests, and even the guards were distracted by the party that they didn’t notice the rouges surrounding the palace and filling the halls. It wasn’t until they filled the ballroom that anyone noticed anything wrong. By that time it was too late and the party turned into a massacre. The only survivor was the head guard and his team who were out in training. Principessa Hazels remains were never found.

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