Is this my Fate?

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I do not understand, why do we have to keep moving? Who are we running from? Arabella has always wondered but her parents would never answer. What happens when one day they don't show up? What happens when a week goes by without hearing from them? Arabella must prepare for the worst-case scenario. However, while she is getting ready to flee she gets taken as well. She learns why her parents hid and who they were hiding from. She learns not only who she really is but WHAT she is is. <-----------*_*-----------> Unedited so feel free to let me know if there is something wrong. The chapters are longer and will be updated weekly. If anyone thinks they should be broken up more or shortened let me know in the comments. There is abuse and other adult content in this book it is therefore intended for readers 18+.

Fantasy / Romance
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I lean forward and kiss my beautiful girlfriend on her cheek as we look down at the test result. We are waiting to know if she is pregnant. Part of me hopes that she is not pregnant because we have broken the law by just being together. I can’t imagine what our people will do to us if we have a child. Another part of me, the part that is so deeply in love with the woman standing in front of me hopes that she is and that it is a girl that looks just like her mother.

The timer goes off altering us that the test is ready. We look into each other’s eyes, hers are glistening with hopeful tears. She was told she could not have children. It doesn’t matter that this child would have to be hidden from our community. She or he would be our little miracle. We gaze down at the same time. It’s positive, I freeze for a moment. I knew it was a possibility her period hasn’t come for two months.

I start making a list in my head that needs to be done. She is going to have to go into hiding right away, we are going to need new names and passports. Good thing I know a guy. What country should we go to? We could go to France, we both speak French.

“Edward, I can already see the wheels turning in your head. Breath, we will be fine.” Elanor tells me, putting her hands on my shoulders.

“I am going to make some calls, why don’t you start packing. You know what you sit or go eat something while I make the calls and pack for us.” I tell her pecking her lips before running off. I quickly call someone to make new IDs for Elanor and I then rush back into our room to make up some bags for us but see Elanor has already started packing.

“Where do you plan to run off to? They will find us eventually. Edward, I don’t want to lose this baby,” she exclaims while tears are rolling down her cheeks. I come up to her and hug her while rubbing her back.

“We won’t lose our daughter, I will make sure to protect you both until my last dying breath. Our clans won’t get to either of you, neither will the council. Now our new IDs and passports will be ready in the morning. We need to go to the bank and get out as much cash as we can today. My guy is also making sure I have a certificate for my doctoral degree. He is going as far as to put my name in the school information by hacking it. We will be fine.” We quickly finish packing the essentials before rushing out the door to go to the bank. Then we go buy hair dyes and color contacts with cash. The following day after picking up our passports and IDs we rush to the airport to get on a flight to Australia, the further the better. I am no longer Edward Anderson and Elanor is no longer Elanor Cunningham but Micheal and Sarah Wilson.

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