Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 10

The first thought that comes into my mind when I get in the room is dark. The bed frame is a four-poster bed frame, on the bed is a black comforter with a folded light grey blanket at the end. On both sides are black nightstands with a small lamp, the one on the right has a vase with two red roses in it. On the left side is a book with no title next to the lamp. In front of the bed is a loveseat with gray pillows. The room is huge with four other doors, a small gray couch with white pillows, a large tv, a small coffee table, and gaming equipment, above the small table, is a gothic style chandelier. Next to the balcony is an old looking desk with papers spread across it.

“Let me show you around the room,” Ivan says while putting a hand on my lower back. He first opens the glass balcony door. It’s a small balcony with just enough room for us both to stand outside on it. The view from it is breathtaking, a beautiful garden with many different statues and water fountains are throughout the garden. In the middle is a large gathering area. He pulls me back in before I can take in any more. When he closes the door he pulls an old fashioned key from his pocket and locks it. It wasn’t locked before… “The bathroom and closet,” he tells me as he opens another two doors. Following the same color scheme as the bedroom, both are huge and dark but breathtakingly beautiful. This room is a place of dreams but it seems this place might be my prison. I don’t step into either space.

“What’s the other door?” I ask him and point to it like an idiot. It’s on the right side of the large bed. He moves over and opens it.

“It’s your room,” Ivan says while stepping in and flipping the light switch.

“So our rooms are connected then?” He nods his head and steps away from the door so I can come in. When I walk in I notice the color scheme instantly changes to one much brighter. Which is odd because the room has no windows, it is a large room but has minimal furniture. “We were not given much notice, more furniture should be arriving. Ivan tells me as he comes further into the room. “Now someone went to your home and got your belongings, all your clothes are in the closet in my room and any electronics will be given to you once we trust you. Now if you haven’t noticed the only door in this room is to my bedroom, this is to make sure you do not try to run in the middle of the night.” His hand brushes along my back as he walks in front of me. “The bed has drawers underneath that we put all your personal belongs like pictures and your slippers.” He pauses while he pulls the drawer open and smiles at me. “You have some adorable slippers, Bella.” He says pulling out my fluffy pink slippers with bunny ears on them. My face flames with embarrassment, Dad had gotten them for me as a jab to Mom because everything has to be very proper with her. Turns out they are very comfortable and soft. I have a weird love for soft things.

Apollo suddenly gets restless in my arms. “Can we take him outside?” I ask looking down at him, he licks my face and releases a high pitched bark. Before Ivan can answer a knock is heard at the door. Ivan leaves the room to see who it was. I look further into the room while he is gone. The walls are a beige color while the bed is white with two long drawers underneath. The bed is against one of the sidewalls and facing towards the door. The comforter on the bed is a pale pink with a dark gray knitted blanket at the end. On one side of the bed is a matching nightstand to the bed. At the end of the bed looks to be a bed for Apollo, it is a matching of the bed as well. I hope they know he won’t stay this size forever. I set him down in his bed but he is quick to start running around. While he is smelling everything the other door in Ivan’s room closes. Apollo instantly runs that way.

“Emma is going to take Apollo out while we eat and talk,” Ivan says, bending down and lifting him to put into the arms a small woman. She quickly takes him and darts out of the room. “Emma will be your maid, if we have any events she will be the one to help you get ready. If I am busy for the day she might be bringing your meals to you here. She will also be cleaning the room.” He explains as he pushes a cart towards his sitting area. “Come sit,” He tells me while he pats the seat beside him. I cautiously walk over and sit down beside him. When I sit he hands me a plate with asparagus, and fish on top of what looks to be rice. “So I have things to take care of so my father has hired a tutor for you so you do not fall behind in your studies and will teach you about our culture and world. His name is Aldrich, he is an old man so you might have to speak up when you talk to him. He was highly recommended by the Academy. You’ll start your studies tomorrow in the family library. It is smaller than our public library but will work for this. Arabella,” He lifts my face up so my eyes connect with his. “I don’t want this to be a prison to you but if you try to escape I will find you and you will be punished for doing so.” He tells me with a dark glint shining in his eyes. He releases my chin and takes a bite of the fish. “Eat then I will show you where the library is.”

Shakily I bring a bite up to my face. When we finish he takes the plates and drinks and returns them to the tray then pushes it into the hallway. “I nearly forgot, I have something for you.” He says as he walks over to the nightstand with the book on it. Ivan pulls out a jewelry box. “Sit back down I will put it on for you.” I do as he says and sit back down. He moves behind me and pulls a silver chained bar necklace over my neck. I move my hair away but instead of a normal clasp, I hear a click. I quickly look and the necklace and notice three green lights on it. “The green light means you are where you are supposed to be, yellow means you are getting close to the boundaries of where you are, and red means I will be altered you have left and you will be punished. The necklace can only be unlocked with a special key. Which only I have.” He tells me while looking into my eyes that have started to water. “For now you are only allowed to roam sections of the house. Later you will gain access to the gardens than to the academy.” Ivan pauses and fixes his shirt. “Let us go and give you that tour.”


Sorry for the late update but here is chapter 10! Not going to lie I struggled with the setting of this house. I want it to be old but have some updates on it.

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