Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 11

Warning this chapter does include abuse if this is a trigger for anyone I will start to mark with a (*) before it begins and when it ends.

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The house is breathtaking, but I can only see less than a quarter of it. I guess Ivan has a sister that stays in the hall next to ours but is staying at the Academy right now. Ivan said that she and Sarah do not get along. I think this family has a lot of drama, when their mom died their dad remarried but to a woman half his age. Most people in the community don’t even acknowledge her as his wife. I guess for them when they marry it isn’t just for life it is for the souls as well. Meaning they do not remarry if one of them dies and there are no divorces. When Ivan was speaking about this he was very emotionless. It made a shiver of more fear to run down my back, I’ll never be fear.

He showed me the “small” library, I really do not think it is that small on two of the 12-foot walls is floor to ceiling bookshelves while on the other is a studying area where I will be taught. Following the rest of the house, it has hardwood flooring and nearly matching furniture.

Whoever got my things from the house got rid of anything that may remind me of my family it would seem. When I got my pajamas out last night all of my dad’s clothes were gone. I don’t even have a picture of them. I had to settle on a matching set my mom had gotten me. I didn’t sleep well last night, Apollo wound up sleeping with me. Though I guess he and I won’t be seeing much of each other. Ivan is getting a trainer for him. He said he’ll be trained to guard me and to alert him if I do anything.

The door to my room opens, Ivan is there in a three-piece suit, sometimes I wish he wasn’t so attractive. “It is time for you to get up. I have already gotten your outfit out and put it in the bathroom. Shower, when you get out breakfast will be here and Emma. I have meetings today with my father so I won’t see you until dinner.” He tells me as I get out from under the thick blankets. He quickly leaves and is out the door before I even get to the bathroom.

I check the bathroom for cameras and sigh when I don’t see any. Apollo curls up in a ball on the floor while I get into the shower. All the soaps I normally use are here. I quickly wash and shave. The outfit he picked out for me is actually quite cute. It’s an off-white knitted sweater with a burgundy skirt, black stockings, and oh my… he even picked out my undergarments. They are a lacy black set, why does he need to pick my clothes out? I sigh and start to dry off. He also left little black booties and a bracelet that matches with the necklace. After I get dressed I blowdry and curl my now platinum blonde hair. When I look in the mirror I notice the skirt is shorter than I originally thought, it falls about mid-thigh I try to pull it down but then my stomach shows. I settle for letting it be shorter. When I come out of the bathroom Emma is there removing the covers from the breakfast.

“Good morning, ma’am, I have already taken Apollo out to relieve himself and gave him food. Crow will be with you today and I will come by later with your lunch. Is there anything else I can do for you?” she asks me with her head down and hands clasped in front of her. When I tell her no she quickly runs out the door. I sigh and go over to the breakfast spread. A bowl of strawberries and blueberries, two pancakes, toast, and even a hard-boiled egg, this is way too much food for just me. I eat a few strawberries and sip on the hot coffee. While I am eating a bite of the toast Crow comes in.

“It is time to go,” he mutters with a deep voice. I take one last sip of coffee and then pick up Apollo. I wonder how long it will be before I can’t do this anymore. He has already started to get bigger. When we get to the library doors Crow holds his hands out. When I don’t react he sighs and tries to take Apollo from me. I quickly turn away so he can’t. “Just for today, we have yet to find a trainer that is available.” He then opens the door and closes it behind me.

An old man stands leaning his body weight on a wooden cane. He has a light blue plaid shirt on, tan slacks, and brown dress shoes. It seems as though he is in his fifties but then why does he have a cane. He looks me up and down then licks his lips. “Sit, Arabella, we will start with testing what you already know in common school subjects like maths, languages, science, and human history. This will take most of the day so I do not think we will start on our people until tomorrow.” He speaks while I make my way over to one of the square tables. His eyes follow me the whole way. Aldrich then leans the cane against one of the tables with papers littered on it and then picks up a thick packet of papers. My eyes move over to the cane again, it doesn’t have a normal handle but has what looks like black leather-wrapped around it. It is also much thinner than a normal cane. I do not think that is used for walking… He sets the packet in front of me and hands me a black pen. “We will start with math, you have two hours to complete this packet.”

It takes me the entire two hours and I didn’t even finish it all, I am ok at math but some of these equations I have never seen before. I flew through the first half of it but it got harder the further I went through it. Apollo jumps down when the timer goes off and barks. He was sound asleep before that so it must have startled him. Aldrich asks me to bring him the packet, his eyes shoot straight to my breast when I stand up. When I get closer they move down. “Here is the science one, same as the last two hours.” I can feel his eyes on my butt.


When I finish this one he comes over and pushes one of my curls back. I turn away from his hand. “When they told me about you, I expected a little girl, not a young woman. Though your breast are a little small for my taste it’s fine.” He then tries to grab one, I quickly stand and knock his hand away.

“Please don’t touch me, Sir,” I say backing away and towards the door.

He chuckles darkly, “What are you going to do? Tell on me? I’ve been a teacher and apart of this community longer than you have been alive. Who do you think they are going to believe? The girl who has been hiding and lying her whole life or me?” This can’t be happening. Aldrich moves over to pick up the cane. “Now sit down like a good girl and listen to your teacher.” I shake my head and move to open the door. Suddenly he is standing next to me. He shakes his head and lifts his cane before I can react his cane meets the middle of my back. How did he move so quickly? I fall over from the impact. The cane then meets my abdomen, I cry out from the pain. “You know what is interesting about this place? Each room is soundproof. Now get your ass back in that chair!” he yells. I cry as I stand back up and go sit down. He hands me another book and tells me to start. I shakily start on history with tears still streaming down my face. Half an hour later someone knocks on the door then opens it.


“I have brought lunch,” Emma says pushing a cart in. “I am also here for Apollo.” She picks him up then leaves.

“Continue the time is still going,” he then starts to eat. By the time I get done the food is gone and I think there might be welts where he hit me. “Two more tests and you’re done for the day.”

“I need to use the restroom,” I say quietly, he sighs and points his cane to a door near his desk. I quickly move over to the door. It is a simple bathroom with just a toilet and a sink. I do my business and then splash cold water onto my face.

The rest of ‘class’ goes by uneventful. Crow is walking me back to my room right now. I haven’t said anything and neither has he my head stays down and I look at the back of his legs to make sure I do not run into him or walk into a wall. He silently opens the door to the room and then closes it behind me. I quickly run to my room and close the door. I sink to the floor as sobs start to escape from me. I do not know how I am going to do this every day. Aldrich is much harsher than even Mom. I put my hand over my mouth as more sobs escape.


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