Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 13

I blink a few times to get the sleep out of my eyes and notice I am not in my bed or room but in Ivan’s. I notice it is still dark outside but sit up anyway, Ivan rolls over to face me and puts his arm over my legs. My eyes grow wide, he isn’t wearing a shirt. He looks much kinder while he is sleeping. My bladder then decides it doesn’t want to sit here anymore, carefully I pick up Ivan’s arm and try to move it. As I set his arm next to him his eyes dart open and his hand grabs mine.

“What are you doing?” He asks with sleep lacing his voice as he lets go and sits up. He turns to grab something off his nightstand while waiting for me to answer. It’s his cellphone. He sighs after he looks at his phone and then looks back at me. “It’s for in the morning, Bella. Please, just go back to sleep.”

I look down, “I need to use the bathroom…” I murmur quietly then get up and head to the bathroom. When I step in a nightlight turns on so I don’t have to blind myself with the main lights. I sigh with relief, I hate doing that. I quickly complete my business but no longer feel an ounce of tiredness. I look at myself in the mirror and notice you can clearly see the point of my nipples through the shirt. Instead of going back to bed, I head towards the closet. The same light turns on when I go into the closet and close the door. I grab a big gray knitted sweater, leggings, but when I get to the panties I notice more than half of them are thongs. I’ve never worn legging before, maybe this is the kind of panties you have to wear with them. I shrug and take a gray one and then look into the bra drawer for a bra to match. I turn to make sure the door is still closed and quickly get dressed. I then head back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do something with my hair.

Just as I put my hand on the door someone knocks on the bathroom door, “Arabella, what er you getting dressed for? You are supposed to go back to bed.” Ivan says, I open the door and look at my bare feet.

“I won’t be able to go back to sleep so I figured I would go to the library,” I tell him as I hold my hands in front of me.

“Ok, just give me a second and I’ll get ready and tell someone to prepare us coffee and breakfast. Guess we are starting early today.” He shakes his head as he walks to the closet. I look up and see his navy blue pajama pants and his muscular back as he turns into the closet. “What shoes do you want to wear?” He asks loudly from inside the closet like it’s a mile away instead of two feet.

I walk over and shrug in the doorway. “What about some slippers? You look very comfortable and I would hate to ruin that with heels.” He puts a pair of black slippers in front of me. “Will you go peek your head out the door and tell the guard to come here?” He asks as he slips a t-shirt over his head, further messing up his hair. I nod my head and turn away. “Arabella, I can’t hear your head nod, yes or no.” Ivan calmly demands.

I ignore that and open the door, “What are you doing, Miss, you should be in bed. Does Mr. Churchill know you have left the bed?”

“He wants to speak to you,” I tell the guard timidly as I look at his black shoes. I then move back into the room and leave the door open. Where is Apollo? I start frantically searching for him. I run to my room and open the door, turning on the lights. He’s not in my room. I then turn on the light for Ivan’s room and drop onto the floor to look under the bed.

“Arabella!” Ivan yells as he runs over to me. He helps me stand up and pulls my face to meet his. “What’s wrong? What are you looking for?”

“Apollo, I can’t find him!” I say panicking, have they taken him from me as well? What are they going to do to him?

Ivan puts both his hands on my cheeks, “He is fine, breath, I had him put with the other dogs for the night. One of ours just had a litter and took right to him. She is highly trained and we hope with her influence it may help with his training. Though now I think we might need to change his training from guard dog to emotional support…” He mutters the last part. “I’ll have someone bring them both to the library so you can meet them.” he turns and looks at the guard still standing by the door. “Have someone bring our breakfast to the library as well as Apollo and Eva.”

“Sir, Eva is never inside, are you sure about this? Mrs. Churchill will not approve.” the guard tells him

Ivan scoffs, “I do not care what Sarah thinks, she is apart of this family just like the rest of the animals. Nova and her have had this argument many times and now she wants to say Apollo should be outside. Bring them both to the library, and since you wanted to second guess me, you go get them.” The guard leaves right after that without another word.

“Mrs. Churchill won’t allow Apollo inside?” I ask him with my voice trembling. I am not allowed to go outside, I won’t ever be allowed to see him.

“She doesn’t get away with much with me so it doesn’t really matter. Maybe someday you’ll get to meet all the animals we have on the property. We have everything to be self-sustaining ish. I’ll explain it to you when you are allowed to be outside. Let’s head to the library though. I have a few books in mind that will help you better understand everything then if you have questions after I can answer them.” He takes my hand and puts it to the inside of his elbow. When we get to the library Ivan moves straight towards a shelf on the left he takes out a very old looking one. “We will start with what we are. First, there are a few names our people go by. Ancient ones, which no one really says anymore, the gifted, the fated, which is more common because a lot of people believe that fate gave us our gifts.”

“What gifts?” I ask him as I sit down in one of the more comfortable looking seats.

He smiles gently at me, “Some have the ability to manipulate the weather, some the elements. You know what, have you ever seen Airbender?’ I nod my head. “Kind of like that but without all those moves. Some don’t have to move at all, but each person is gifted with one ability. I have the ability to manipulate the weather. I can make it rain when there is a drought or make lighting strike an enemy. My sister can manipulate the gravity for objects, she is one of those people who doesn’t need to move at all when she uses her gifts. Now some gifts can be hereditary like your mother’s gift of foresight, you have it, her mother has it, and so on. Our mom had the same ability as Nova but my dad has the ability to manipulate fire.” He explains to me while he hands me the old book and sits across from me.

“What are you talking about I don’t have a foresight ability,” I tell him as I look at the title. ‘Ancient One’s’, this book looks like it was written a hundred years ago!

“Ah so we know our abilities when a mark appears on our eighteenth birthday, so yes you do. You actually have two abilities, one of which is incredibly rare and saved you from being executed. The second is the ability to control these dark spirits we call Achyls after the first woman who had the gift which was more than two thousand years ago. These spirits will protect, serve, and do pretty much anything you ask of them. We call them spirits but we aren’t completely sure what they are. Only the person with the ability can speak the language and make them visible to us. It may take a while for them to start showing up but when they do, don’t panic, they have been described as looking like black or dark brown shadows while being see-through.”

“Are you pranking me?” I ask completely shocked.

He sighs and leans back in his chair, “No, I am not. You’ve probably already experienced your foresight ability as dreams. Later you may have them in the middle of the day. Your mom’s foresight I’ve heard has gotten weaker since being away but she used to be the best one. She used to be able to touch people and tell them a piece of their future. You’ll be trained more about this at the Academy along with your other one.”

“I don’t believe you,” I tell him putting the book on the table. He sighs and opens the window as Emma comes into the room with a cart full of food and coffee. She quickly leaves after being told we don’t need anything else. Instead of her closing the door a HUGE fluffy dog comes in walking calmly ahead of the guard who has a dirty-looking Apollo.

“Apollo decided to roll in the dirt outside of the dog houses before I picked him up.” The guard says looking angry with dirt covering his suit and face.

Ivan chuckles and tells him to leave Eva but to give Apollo to someone to be washed. “Eva, come and greet,” Ivan tells the tan, white, and black fluff ball. “She is a caucasian shepherd,” he tells me as she comes trotting over with her long tongue sticking out. She rests her giant head on my lap and then sits down. I pet her head and scratch behind her ears.

“Now for the proof you so want,” he says as he faces the window.


Happy New Year! Hopefully, 2021 is better than 2020!

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