Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 14

It’s still dark outside but Ivan opens the window and then turns to face the window, he stretches on arm out. He looks ridiculous with his arms thrust out like that, I almost start to laugh until it starts to slowly rain then a few seconds pass and it is pouring outside, the rain starts to come through the open window and the wind blows through the small library with thunder cracking through the air. It causes me to jump at the sudden sound, making poor Eva whine and lick my hand. What the hell?

“Did you seriously do that?” I ask, shock lacing my voice. He smiles and closes the window, when he does it stops raining again.

“Yes, I wasn’t lying to you Bella, let’s eat and you can start reading afterward. I’ll stay with you for as long as I can today to answer your questions.” He says as he sits down after he pushes the cart over here. I get some fruit and make a cup of coffee. Ivan however puts pancakes and sausage on his plate. I open the book up as I snack on the fruit.

Chapter 1

The Founding of the clans

“The first Ancient One can be traced back to Ancient Greece where he was to be believed as a god. Odysseus, however, didn’t want to be treated as a good and hid his gift. Only his family knew of his ‘strange’ ability after they moved villages. Odysseus was believed to have was telekinesis, when Odysseus had kids he had hoped it wouldn’t pass to them. His youngest daughter, Zosime, however, was gifted with the ability to manipulate fire. His eldest son, Arastoo, had the same ability as his father. Odysseus had more children but many records were lost of them and died at a young age.

Zosime believed as her father did, that they should hide their family’s secret but Arastoo thought they should use their powers to enslave humans. The siblings argued about this for many years after Odysseus’s death until finally Zosime left their family home and started her own family.

Arastoo used his telekinesis gift to scare humans into doing his bidding, he got incredibly rich and had three gifted sons with three different human women. While he was growing in power another person was born outside of the family with a gift. On Bartlett’s 18th birthday he caused a huge storm to cover all of Greece while they were experiencing a drought. His parents frightened of his ability took him to a woman they heard of a three days walks from their village who they heard had two gifted daughters and a gifted son. They had also heard of a man gifted that used his powers to enslave entire villages.

Zosime, who married a wealthy husband took the boy in. After years of hearing what her brother was doing, she finally had enough and decided to step in. She road to his estate and demanded to see him. Her eldest daughter and the boy came with her to keep her safe. When Arastoo heard his sister had come he told them to allow her in thinking she was there to beg for money. It is said that he was pouring them wine when she came into his study. Dressed in clothing fit for a noblewoman, she demanded he stops treating humans so poorly and to allow all his slaves to be set free. Arastoo laughed at his younger sister. His advisor who was in the room described the laugh as almost deranged sounding. She told him no rain shall fall upon your lands until you do. Then she left but she also took his youngest son back with her in secret. He was only five and hadn’t come into any gifts yet.

Arastoo committed suicide a year later, his eldest son who had inherited his father’s wealth and estate let every last human free. The middle son left and went to serve in the army. The eldest son didn’t believe humans should be enslaved but he also believed that they were above humans. He used his father’s wealth to bring in more people with gifts.

Zosime’s middle daughter married the boy her mother took in and together they started a school on how to blend in with humans and how they aren’t above them just because they are gifted. The moto, though lost in a little in translation and through the years was, ‘We breathe the same air, we bleed the same color, we are buried in the same dirt we are not above humans.’

Chapter 2

How are we gifted?

There has been a lot of research into how we have become gifted, some believe it was evolution, others believe it’s a gift from god. In the clan of the Dark, it is to believe as fate, there has been no suggestion that our blood is any different than that of humans or that our genes are different. We are still conducting research as to if this information is still true. As of 1224, no more families have been blessed with a gifted child that wasn’t already in a gifted household. We cannot be sure there are not any earlier records of the Ancient One’s, Odysseus is the earliest recorded history we have found.

I pause and look at Ivan who has cleaned up our breakfast and put it back on the cart. “Do you still not know if our blood or genes is any different.?” I ask him, This book was written over fifty years ago.

“We’ve been able to see there is a small difference in our genes and blood. Just slight though so people still don’t believe it has anything to do with our genes. If it did they think our appearance would change more than just our hair color or eye color. We do have a higher metabolism than humans, so you won’t see any of us too overweight. When we use our gifts we use a lot of energy it can be draining for some. That’s why we believe so much in fate.” He pauses and stands up. “Some gifts that are more common like strength when they turn 18 their muscles will grow and they become taller. People gifted with speed will become leaner with strong legs. That’s it though for our appearances.”

“Is that why my hair changed color?”

“What was your natural hair color before?” he asks me, sounding intrigued.

“It was auburn,” I tell him as I look back down at the book.

“Only a few people’s hair changes color, it’s not all the time. The council believes if your appearance changes a stronger ability. It’s also said the darker your mark is the same thing. If it’s a light gray your gift’s not as strong as someone with a black mark. That one is true, I’m not too sure about the appearance one. You can probably skip chapter two most of it is just saying what people believe to be true and no real facts.”

Just as I am going to start reading again Emma comes in caring Apollo who is now all clean. “Miss and mister Churchill are on their way to speak to you, Mister Ivan.” She tells him as she hands me, Apollo. She then quickly takes the cart and leaves. Ivan sighs and stands up and stretches his arms above his head. Making his shirt ride up. I get a clear view of his v line and look away as I feel myself blush.

Ubel comes into the library first and holds the door open for Sarah. “Ivan, do you want to explain to me why Aldrich isn’t in here teaching her!” He yells sounding very angry. Eva stands up sensing the hostel environment.

Sarah suddenly screams making me jump and almost drop Apollo. “What are these mutts doing in here?” She yells and points over my way. My eyes grow big and I pull Apollo closer to my body.

“Aldrich is under investigation. The dogs are in here because Apollo is Arabella’s dog and I wanted her to meet Eva. Apollo won’t be staying outside,” Ivan tells her very annoyed with the conversation.

“I’ve had this conversation with your sister, mutts stay outside!” She yells rubbing her swollen stomach.

“Why is Aldrich under investigation? What did you do?” Ubel asks me this time.

“Why don’t we take this conversation to your study? I’ll answer your questions then,” He says and opens the door for them to leave. “Continue reading chapter three, Bella, and I’ll be back shortly to answer your questions.” I nod my head as he ushers Ubel and Sarah out of the library.

Chapter 3

Rules of each clan

The Clan of the Dark may seem like they are full of bad people however they have many more rules than the Clan of the Light.

Clan of the Dark Main Rules


1) Children and teens must be taught separately from those humans. The Clan of the Dark may if they wish go to human universities. However, they must prove they have their gift under control.

2) Teens must go to school until the age of 20 or until their gifts have been mastered.

3) When a teen turns 18 they must start their training.

4) Children are to be taught the Ancient Ones are above humans.


1) NEVER marry outside of your clan. This is a very important rule, the punishment for this can be execution or imprisonment for life.

2) Arranged marriages are allowed to strengthen a family or to help an individual. If the arranged marriage is made to help an individual the partner can oversee any punishments, education, health, and inherited money until he/she is ready.

3) Divorce is not an option, the Clan of the Dark will see this as a weakness and both partners will be disowned from the family and clan.

4) Women must be dress in a sheer gown the night before the wedding for the future husband to look upon his future bride. They may not consummate the wedding yet, a witness must be in the room when this is done.

What? Ivan can legally punish me? Why does he need to see my nearly naked body before we marry? I set Apollo next to Eva and continue to read. Before I can continue reading Ivan comes back into the library. He comes and looks over my shoulder at the book.

He points to the last one on the page which just so happens to be the one I just read. “The witness is normally the bride’s mother but we will have to have Sarah or Nova do it.” He turns to the next page and points at the next rule. I look down and read it,

5) Both partners can set goals and rules for each other, however, if it is an arranged marriage to help an individual then only the person not in need of assistance can set rules and goals for them to follow. It is not until they see their partner is ready that they can also set goals for them.

I look up at Ivan and wait for what he has to say. “We have talked about some of your rules already but I haven’t set any goals for you. We can talk about it after you’re done reading the rules for our clan. You don’t really need to know the rules for the clan of the light.”


Sorry for the late update, I got Covid then right after I was feeling better my dog got an infection in his paw that was really bad. He still isn't 100% but enough that it doesn't need to be cleaned every few hours. Here's an extra-long chapter, please let me know if anything isn't clear.

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