Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 18

Ivan’s POV

Grandfather snaps at Arabella, yelling “Stop trying to make it sound adventurous!” I notice Arabella flinch at his raised voice. “Why don’t you tell them about your mother?” he demands of her. I turn and glare at him as he raises a smug smile at her discomfort. He is one of the reasons we are known to be terrible people compared to the Light Clans. When he was head of our clan here the sexist rules were even worse.

“She helped teach me every language, every subject in school, and is a brave woman,” Arabella tells him as her eyes start to glisten with tears.

“Did they tell you she was executed, Arabella?” He tells her with a smirk on his face. SHIT! Arabella’s whole body freezes and tears finally start to escape her eyes. What the fuck does he think he is doing?

“He’s lying,” She says and looks over at me but I can’t look her in the eyes “Ivan? He’s lying right?” Her mother was executed earlier today but after talking with a doctor, he thought it would be better to wait to inform her until she is mentally ready to hear the news. Her mother was one of the only two people she really knew.

“I can assure you I’m not lying. I was there, I am the one that...” Grandfather stops as I quickly catch Arabella before her head hits the table. She’s gone into a vision, I move her seat back and crouch in front of her as Aunt Romana starts yelling at Grandfather. Her eyes have become cloudy and her face emotionless for a few minutes until suddenly she comes back to us screaming. She looks at me as she stops screaming but then immediately looks at Grandfather. Tears are streaming down her face and I brush some away and try to gain her attention but she doesn’t hear me. Her hand wraps around the knife I used to cut our food and I quickly stand to along with Malachi who yells fuck as he knocks his chair over in his haste to try and pull the knife from Arabella. Before he can, however, an Achyl pops up behind Arabella and another pushes me away from her. I look over at Grandfather as he loses his smile and he lights up his hand in flames.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yell at him and Arabella looks down at the knife and then drops it as a loud sob escapes from her. Before she can drop to the floor one of the Achyls picks her up and runs through the wall with the other one. “Emma!” I yell as I take out my phone to track her. “Don’t fucking leave Grandfather!” I yell at him as I race with Emma to my bedrooms.

Emma goes to Arabella’s room first and she yells, “I found her!”

“Oh shit,” I mutter as I see what is going on, the Achyls are trying to provide comfort to her. “Bella?” I say trying to gain her attention. “I am going to help you out of your dress and run you a bath ok?” She feels so cold I notice as I take her hands and start to pull her off the bed and away from the Achyls. A loud sob escapes Bella as soon as I have her off the bed and away from the Achyls. She lets her legs give out but I catch her before she can fall to the floor. Fuck. I carry her to the bathroom with both Achyls following behind. I gently lower Bella onto the bathroom floor when I let go the Achyl once again embraces her and she stops crying. It must be able to affect her emotions somehow. My mom used to run me a bath whenever I was upset before she passed away. I hope the warmth will provide the same comfort. I turn towards the bathtub and start the water when I plug the tub Emma comes in with a bottle of lavender bubble bath and a bath pillow.

“I thought they might help her fall asleep,” she says sadly and looks to the floor.

“Thank you, Emma, will you put them in the tub while I undress her?” Before I lift her up though my sister comes in with Aunt Romana. “What are you guys doing in here?”

“Let us get her in the bath. We will take care of her, go talk to Father. I know you want to.” Aunt Romana tells me. I stand and go to leave but before I leave I turn back and see the Achyls aren’t letting Aunt Romana by her. The one that isn’t holding her has pulled out a black sword. It’s the only thing that is solid about them, they can also carry the gifted person, which is odd.

“Aunt Romana!” I yell, at the same time, she moves away from Bella quickly and puts her hands up. “I wonder…” I mutter, I step towards Bella again, this time though the Achyl does the same with me. “Emma is the bath ready?” She nods her head and turns the water off then starts to move towards the door. Oddly enough after we all back away from Arabella the Achyl slowly start to undress her and then puts her in the tub. I’ve never heard of them being this caring for their masters. I will have to do more research about them.

“Go, we will watch over.” Aunt Romana tells me again, I nod my head and out, he should be in Father’s study having something to drink with my uncles’. I quickly head across the mansions to his study, where I guessed right is the men.

I can hear Father, Uncle Rowen, and Grandfather arguing about what just happened. When I open the door Zane and Uncle Edwin are sitting on the sofa in my Father’s study drinking and talking quietly. I can understand Zane not wanting to be in this argument. Grandfather has been a monster about their relationship.

“You had no right to break the news to her!” Uncle Rowen yells at Grandfather. I technically make all decisions for Arabella now.

“I don’t care! I will not have some halfling be in this family! It is bad enough that my own son is gay and my eldest son is married to his whore! I will not have our line spoiled by blood from the Light Clan!” Grandfather yells back at him.

“Then I suppose I will take her last name,” I say smirking because that will make him angrier.

He whips around and glares at me. “What did you just say?” he seethes, Uncle Rowen tries to hide his grin.

“I am pretty sure you heard me but I’ll repeat it for you. I will take Kyanston instead then she won’t be a part of our family right but then I guess that means Churchill will no longer be clan leaders.” I lean against the door frame and act like this means nothing to me. My grandfather is a wicked man and I have learned how to play his games so well he now loses every time. “Of course you will no longer be welcome in this household once I am clan leader.”

“How dare you!” He starts but I interrupt him.

“I have every right, as is my right to decide when Arabella, my finacée...” Nolan and Allen come up behind me to come into the study.

Nolan whispers to me as he passes me, “thought you might need backup,” then take one of the chairs in front of the sofa.

“Grandfather, I know you are aware of the laws. Arabella is mine, I make the decisions for her. Not you, before you came here you were told that we had decided to wait. The council also told you when you volunteered to be the executioner for Elanor that it was up to me to decide if she learns who killed her mother and to break the news to her. The council will be hearing you broke the law.”

“I will gladly tell them myself! I told them when I heard that she is to be your wife that I opposed the idea! I do not want a halfling dirting the family line! I don’t care how special her goddamned gift is!” Grandfather yells, before I can say anything Uncle Edwin speaks up.

“Dad, I would shut up now if I was you, Ivan can remove you from the clan when Ubel decides to step down. You and I both know he has been thinking about stepping down when Ivan gets married. You just killed his fiancee’s mom and then broke it to her in a terrible way. We still don’t know what we saw in her vision. If I was Ivan I would’ve punched you square in the face by now and dragged you to the council. You just publically questioned his care and authority over his betrothed.”

“Mom’s not going to save you this time.” Uncle Rowen tells him. “She’s already left.”

I notice someone coming down the hall this way. It’s Crow and Valentine, I wondered who called him, there is another man behind Valentine I don’t recognize. “You are not allowed in this house until Ivan says so,” Dad tells Grandfather as he sits behind his desk and then takes a drink.”

“This was my house before I handed it over to you! I will come whenever I damn well please.” I step in so Valentine and the other man can come in. I go over to my father’s bar as Valentine cuffs Grandfather. Aunt Everly comes in as the other man makes a portal in the bookshelf. Tension immediately leaves the room when the portal closes.

“You have much better control than I do, you’ll make a fine clan leader.” Uncle Edwin tells me as he comes over to the bar.

“Don’t go pouring yourself another, we need to be heading home. Ivan, Arabella is asleep, we slipped some melatonin in a cup of tea, her dog is sleeping with her on the bed and Nova is still up there with her but Romana came down to help with the girls.” She looks back over at Dad. “The trio,” Sarah, Veronica, and Rebecca, “are in the living room. Rebecca and Veronica are trying to convince Sarah that a glass of wine isn’t going to hurt the baby. I had one of the kitchen staff send some tea but I don’t know if that will help.”

He sighs and gets up, “Thank you, Everly.” He then quickly leaves the study after saying goodbye.

“How are Flora and Amila?” Zane asks concern lacing his voice.

“Amila is shaken up and Flora stopped crying and is sound asleep cuddling a big dog. Ivan, can I speak with you for a second?” I nod my head and we step out of the office and into the hall. I close the door behind us. “I’m not sure if you’ve thought about this yet but I know a really good therapist. She is in the clan and a friend of mine, it might be really good for Arabella to see someone. She was very isolated growing up and now is going through so many changes.” Aunt Everly used to be a nurse before she had the twins.

“I have, it’s one of the reasons I decided to wait for her to hear the news. I just haven’t found anyone yet. Would you mind sending me her information?” She quickly pulls out her phone and sends me her friend’s contact. She then opens the study doors and tells everyone it’s time for them to go. Once everyone is gone I head upstairs with Crow.

“That was a shit show,” Crow says in his monotone voice making me chuckle.


So sorry for this really late update. Finals got intense but now I am off for summer and can update more frequently. I can't wait for the character to continue to grow and develop.

Question, did anyone else have a problem with the Inkitt app? Whenever I would try to read on it the top sentence was cut off.

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