Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 19

Arabella’s POV

A loud clap of thunder startles me awake but the rain pelting against the windows almost soothes me back to sleep until I remember their screams. I don’t know how I can ever un-hear her screams and my dad’s cries of anguish. Tears start to leak out of my closed eyelids, a wet nose nudges my hand before it’s lifted and something soft is laying next to me on the bed. Apollo, I pull him closer and let a sob escape. The bed shifts next to me and someone places a hand on my shoulder making me flinch slightly. However, Ivan ignores the flinch and turns me around to pull me into his arms, he starts to rock us and tries to comfort me.

“Why’d they have to kill her?” I ask sobbing into his t-shirt.

He sighs but answers my question. “I’m sure you’ve noticed in our society we like control. When your mother and father choose to be together the clans lost a bit of control, they thought more people would start to believe that they could start relationships outside of their clan. It is another way for the council to control the clans. Keep us separated and thinking we are still enemies. Some stories are told to us as children I’m not sure how true they are but I’ll tell you a little bit of a few.

The story goes that a man from the clan of the dark and a woman from the clan of the light had a son. He was raised learning both rules and beliefs of the clans and the families helped raise him. When he came of age he had no control over his gifts and killed entire villages of people. He killed over a hundred people with his gift of fire. Years later it happened again but this family hid in a remote cabin in the woods and raised their children away from the clans. Both parents went mad from the separation and killed the entire family.

Arabella, they tell us these stories to scare us so like I said I’m not sure how true they are but I think there may be some truth in a little bit of it. Before I tell you why I think that there is something I don’t think anyone has told you. Your gift with the Achyls makes you almost a queen. Once you graduate school you have the ability to lead the council. Many believe your gift is a symbol of great change that it is either a good or really bad thing.” he takes a deep breath and starts petting my head. I try to calm my breathing down a bit. I don’t want to lead anybody, I don’t even want to be a part of this ‘society’. I just want to be left alone.

“I also never told you what your father’s gift is… if any of this is too much for you to handle right now tell me ok?” He tells me to which I nod in agreement. “He has the power of manipulation… most can just change what people are seeing but your father can manipulate people’s memory altogether. Your mother didn’t just hit you randomly. She has broken so many of your bones, which is why you had to leave more often. Your father could change anyone’s memories if they accidentally revealed themselves but they couldn’t hide all the paperwork from hospitals. Bella, most of your bones have been broken at least once…” He takes a deep breath before continuing. No, Dad wouldn’t do that! He is the most caring person I know. This can’t be true. It can’t be. “Bella, your father changed your memories to make it seem like the abuse wasn’t as bad as it was. Your mother was pregnant with twins when she ran… you had a brother.”

“What! You’re lying! Dad would never lie to me!” I yell in shock, there is no way this can be true. I start to shake my head no

“Everything I’m telling you was all pulled from your mother’s memories. She went into a deep postpartum depression and couldn’t care for you both. She missed her family greatly and all of her friends. We all grow up very close to each other in our clans. She got overwhelmed one day while your father was at work both of you had wound up with a fever and she couldn’t handle the both of you… she almost killed herself instead she, she killed him.” What? No, she couldn’t have. This has to be a lie! I never had a brother! Why is he lying to me about this? Doesn’t he understand how I’ve only ever had my mom and dad, no one else? “I’m sorry but it is true, the council is saying it is from the madness that claims people after being away from your family and friends. The death of your brother caused their second move. The first was to move away from their families. You were only about a month old along with your brother.” He pauses and tilts my head up to look at me. “Would you like me to stop?” Ivan asks me seeing the very steady flow of tears rushing down my face.

“How am I supposed to believe any of this is true?” I ask him, not yet answering his question.

“There is no way I can prove to you this is true. Only your father would be able to do that and the council and I would never approve of it. If later on, you decide you want all your memories unlocked I will talk to the council. As of right now… I don’t think you are in good spot to get all your memories unlocked.” He answers me then asks me again if I want him to keep going.

“Yes, I’d rather learn everything all at once. “ I tell him as my voice cracks with pain, better to get all the shock done at the same time. He looks into my eyes and pauses as the tears continue to flow from my eyes, but he nods his head and lets me rest my head back on him. How am I supposed to trust him on this? I barely know him. Yet here I am trying to gain comfort from him anyways. I take a deep breath and decide to believe him fractionally until I can talk to Dad. With that, my mind starts to process what he said. I can’t believe I wasn’t an only child. I could’ve not been so alone all these years, but then he would have suffered too.

“I got all this information while you were asleep from the council. I suspect that the only reason your father is still alive is that he still hasn’t revealed all his secrets, or they wish to use his power for their own gain. Anyways, every time your mother abused you enough to go to a hospital after, you had to be relocated with new names. The last time you moved… that got you to Dragconia, it wasn’t because you had done something. You had to undergo surgery after a bad altercation, you had tried to fight back but she overpowered you and you fell backward down a flight of stairs. Your break was so bad they had to put metal rods in your leg. When the hospital saw all your previous breaks they called child protective services. As soon as you were awake your parents snuck you out of the hospital and ran.” My memory is completely different I don’t even remember having a broken leg, ever.

“I was fully healed when we got here though?” I question him.

“To try and throw off authorities your parents moved around for months until they felt they had done enough.” I absent-mindedly start to pet Apollo and close my eyes. “Why don’t you try and eat something?” He questions as he sends a text message on his phone. I look over towards the windows still being pelted with rain and wonder what time it is. “It’s only 7 in the morning,” Ivan tells me. I take a deep breath and close my eyes to go through everything I just learned.

Dad has the ability to change people’s memories and he changed mine very often. What memories are actually real? How many times had Mom hurt me so bad that I had to be hospitalized? Not only that but I had a brother.

I had a brother.

Mom killed him.

Mom killed my brother. My heart starts to ache for a new reason.

“Bella, when we were in the dining hall what was your vision of?” Ivan asks me curiously and changing the topic.

“It was of my parent’s trail,” I tell him truthfully as I feel something touch my hand that is petting Apollo, I look over and see it’s an Achyl. Instead of scaring me this time it soothes me to know I am not alone.

“But the trail had already happened. Foresight is to see things that haven’t yet happened not to see things that have already happened?” I shrug my shoulders and go to turn to get up but Ivan’s grip doesn’t allow me to.

“Where are you going?” He questions me calmly.

“To the bathroom and to get dressed,” I tell him numbly, he moves his arm from around me to allow me to get up. I go through the motions of using the bathroom and then brushing my teeth. When I come out of the bathroom Eva is there with breakfast.

“Good morning, Ma’am, how are you doing?” She asks me as she hands me a cup of tea.

“Fine,” the lie slips easily past my lips as a take the cup of tea. She sighs and pats my hand. Before she leaves she takes Apollo with her so he can be walked and start his training. I take the tea and sit by the window on the floor. Someone opened up the curtains while I was using the bathroom.


So sorry for the late update! It has not been an easy past few weeks. I am in the middle of moving and keep getting migraines and am having an allergic reaction but I have no idea to what. I’m in the US so there is no way I can afford to get an allergy test done because I also just lost my job! I’m going to be honest, I never even thought I would have many readers for my story. Never really thought I was any good at it. After I am finished I will edit the story so it makes more sense.

How have you all been? What do you think of the story so far?

I have family that is coming to visit in a few weeks and will not be able to update. Would you rather I double update once or schedule an update for that week they are here?

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