Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 5

My alarm wakes me up at 6 am, I rub my eyes while slowly sitting up and stretching. I sluggishly make my way to the bathroom and put my contacts in and glasses on. I then call Apollo and head downstairs to let him outside. I stand by the door and wait for him to finish, it takes him a few minutes then he comes running back to me excitedly. When we get back upstairs I feed him and say good morning to Dad who is getting the coffee maker going while in Lord of the Rings pajamas. We stopped at the grocery store yesterday on the way back from Starbucks. He greets me back and gives me a hug.

After my shower is done I slip on the uniform with stockings on underneath the skirt. I then go over to my mirror to see how it looks on me. When I button the blazer it kinda makes it look like I have bigger boobs than I really have though the skirt makes it look like I don’t have a butt. My dyed hair is up in a high ponytail. Shrugging I grab my gray backpack, when I come out of my room Dad has a tumbler of coffee ready for the both of us and a granola bar sitting next to mine with my lunch bag I got ready last night.

“When it’s your lunch come to my room. Your Mom and I decided that you should just avoid the lunchroom all together.” Dad tells me when we get to the car, I nod my head and sigh. This is probably so I don’t make friends. They would rather me get bullied then for me to make friends. If I get bullied then I don’t get close to people, is their thinking. About 10 minutes later we are pulling up to a three-story tan brick building that has a huge ‘Go Ravens’ banner above the doors and a sign that says ‘Welcome to Hemsworth Private Academy’. There are very few students yet, the teachers have]to get here 15 minutes before the students. Dad told me a student council member will be showing me to my classes before school starts though. Dad gets out then comes to my door to open it, that’s another one of their weird rules, Dad gets out of the car first then Mom, then me. Our windows are completely blacked out in the backseats, the front is as tented as it’s allowed to be. I grab my bag when Dad opens my door and get out carefully so my skirt doesn’t go up. He smiles at me and then closes my door then starts walking towards the school.

He takes me to the office where a plump woman sits with rectangular glasses on her nose as she types away on a computer. She looks up when she hears the door close and smiles at my dad. “This must be your lovely daughter,” she says and stands up to grab a folder from the table behind her. “Your tour guide will be here any minute, his name is Cole. Here are your schedule and a map of the school in case you can’t find your class after the tour is over.” Dad turns and gives me a hug and a kiss on the forehead then leaves me in the office. “Oh I am Mrs. Jones, the headmaster is Mr. Anderson. I don’t think you’ll ever have to meet him. You seem like such a sweet girl.” Mrs. Jones tells me as we wait for Cole to get here I smile at her but don’t say anything. A minute later the boy from the grocery store walks through the office doors.

“Hey, your Mr. Smith’s daughter! Dad finally decided to let you out?” He jokes while grabbing a copy of my schedule from Mrs. Jones, I shrug but don’t say anything. After he gets it he holds the door open for me to leave the office. “So, well we don’t have lockers here like other schools we just carrier our stuff around all day. Your first class is with,” he pauses and his eyes grow big, “Oh shit, Mr. Johnson, he teaches calculus. He’s a bit of an asshole if I’m being honest with you. I had him for pre-cal and he made four people cry in my class. Lucky you though because his class is on the first floor. Then you gotta make it to the third floor to your English class with Mrs. Brinkmen, who you have with me. Then aww, you have your Dad's AP bio class on the second floor.” He goes on to show me where each class that I have on each floor and shows me the quickest ways to them. We have 5 minutes between each class and the only elevator is for handicapped people.

He finishes just as the first bell goes off then I head back down the stairs to my first class. When I get there only a few people are already here. Mr. Johnson looks up when I come in and sighs, he looks to be in his late forties with graying hair. “Miss Smith, your seat will be in the back on the right side towards the window. Don’t speak in my class unless I’ve asked you a question.” He then goes back to whatever he was doing on the computer. I then go to my seat nobody looks up from their phones as I make my way to the back of the class. I breathe a sigh of relief, maybe nobody will take notice of me. Slowly after the second bell more students start to trickle in until half the desks are full, with oddly nobody in the front row. After the third bell Mr. Johnson starts to write equations on the board, everyone gets a notebook out and begins to copy them. Nobody is seated next to me however there is a girl in front of me that has a Starbucks coffee and her hair is a fish tail braid. While I’m writing the fourth equation down two guys walk in laughing, Mr. Johnson doesn’t stop and just says. “Mr Caine, Mr. Miller, detention after school.” They stop laughing and shrug before smiling at each other again. They look like the guys that were with Lalihia, both are tall and look like they play sports.

One sits down in the second row while the one with light brown hair and an olive skin tone heads my way. I quickly go back to writing down each of the equations. The boy sits down next to me and then drops his bag. He makes no move to get anything out of his bag and turns his attention to me. He rests his head on his arm and stares at me. Uncomfortable a shift in my seat and try to ignore him. After Mr. Johnson writes about ten equations on the board he tells us to complete them then he’ll explain them. I quickly do the first three and try to ignore the guy next to me. I do pretty good until he moves a hand onto my leg. I jump and move his hand off of me. He is quick to put it back on me and squeeze my thigh. I wince and try to move his hand, “let go,” I whisper to him and try again. “Miss Smith no talking, Mr. Miller do you even have a piece of paper out?” He finally moves his hand off me and then grabs a notebook out. Mr. Johnson sighs, “Why don’t you come up and do the first equation then Miller, sense you already know how to do it.” He tries to grab my paper while he stands up but I am quick to move it away. The guy completely does the problem wrong and shrugs. “Obviously you have no idea how to do this so why don’t you pay attention instead of ogling over Miss Smith.” A few of the students snicker and turn and look at me. I quickly look down and continue on the problems that I learned how to do two weeks ago. I mess up two of them so it doesn’t look like I got them all right. The rest of the class the guy next to me doesn’t do anything.

Finally its my third class that I have with Dad. My English class went by very smoothly. I walk in and Dad smiles at me, “How was your first two classes, sweetie?” He asks me when I go up to his presentionation desk. Miller guy walks in as Dad asks me and snickers.

“Wow, Mr. Smith I think you just broke a few of the other students hearts.” He says while he takes a seat at the first station closes to my dads desk.

Dad sighs and ignores him he turns back to me and waits for my response. “Its been ok, my math teacher isn’t as strict as Mom and I only have four chapters to catch up on in my English class.” He nods his head and asks me to give him my lunch bag.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before,” and puts my bag in his mini fridge that he has underneath his desk. He looks at the classroom and rubs his face where his beard used to be. He points to a table in the middle and tells me to sit there. “Edmund, why don’t you get the microscopes out for each station for your comment about my daughter and for messing with her in Mr. Johnson’s class.” My head whips towards my dad and my eyes grow big. How did he hear about that?

“Oh come on Mr. Smith, I didn’t know shewas your daughter.”

“That does not excuse your behavior, if you refuse I will give you detention and I hear you already have two. I don’t think coach would appreciate you missing so much practice.” Edmund grumbles and starts putting all the microscopes on the tables. He finishes just as the third bell rings. “We will be working on figuring out cells today. I will give you the cells and you have to write down what kind of cell it is and why you think it is that cell.” he has two students pass out the cells while he passes out the papers. Everyone has a partner but me, no surprise. When dad gets to me he mutters to me, “I know you already know this but miss a few.” then hands me the paper and walks off. I finish earlier then the other groups and pull out my english book, 1984 by George Orwell.

When the bell rings I put my paper on the stack with the other students and the cells in the container. I have lunch after this and so I help Dad put the equipment back. He grabs our lunches out of his fridge and sits down at his table. I pull a chair over to sit across from him and start to eat my chickapea salad sandwich. “Stay away from Edmund and his friends they are trouble makers. I am going to speak with Mr. Johnson about moving your seats. I can’t believe he thought it was wise to put his hands on you.” He says looking mad, I shrug my shoulders and look down at my carrot sticks.

Shortly after someone comes into the room. Another teacher walks in and smiles at us. “Hey, William I just had a quick question about my players.” ah he must be the coach. Dad sighs and motions him in. The coach looks at me then Dad with a questioning face.

“Oh, this is my daughter Violet, I think you have her in gym class at the end of the day. Violet this is Coach Campbell.” He introduces us, I wave at him then return back to eating my food. “Anyway which kid?”

“Edmund, Derrick, and Ekon.” Coach says with a sigh and sits down.

“Ah I’ve heard I’m not the only one who already gave Ekon detention today. I didn’t give Edmund detention today though he was close to getting it. He disrespected my daughter. Derrick isn’t as bad as those two but he is close to failing my class.” the Coach grumbles something under his breath.

“What did that boy do to you Violet?” My eyes grow big at getting addressed. I look at dad and he nods his head with a gentle smile. Coach gives us a weird look at the interaction.

I turn towards his and take notice of his gym shorts and bright orange shirt. “Well, he um first didn’t really do anything just kept staring at me.” I say looking down at my skirt. “But while I was working on the math equations he put his hand on my leg, I removed his hand but then he put it back and squeezed really hard.” I look up at Dad and then continue. “When I asked him to remove it Mr. Johnson heard and thats when he had to go up and do the problem. After that he left me alone.”

“Thank you, you’re a shy thing aren’t you, now I understand why you keep her so close to you William.” Coach says with a smile, “Edmund, will be dealt with. These boys are gunna be the reason I start graying early.” Dad and him joke around a bit more before the bell rings.

I pack up my stuff and give Dad my lunchbag and now empty tumbler. I grab my water bottle and backpack before heading to music class. I can play the piano and the violin a little bit. When we lived in France I started to learn the violin then when we moved to England I learned the piano. I am better at the piano then I am at the violin. They are working on concert pieces, I am the only one in class that plays the piano and Mrs. Flores is excited and gives me a folder of all the songs. The concert isn’t until the end of the semester. I set the first song down and only mess up the first two run throughs with the entire band playing. There is one song she really wanted to have a piano solo and now she can. This woman is nearly jumping up and down from excitement. However, during class we only work on the first song it seems this is the song people have been having the most trouble in. Cole is in this class and plays the trumpet.

After music class I head to history class on the third floor. Music class was on the first floor next to the gym. History class was uneventful, Lalihia tried to make friends with me but I gave her short answers and said no when she asked me to hang out this weekend. When gym comes around Coach Campbell realises they didn’t give me a uniform and has me sit out for this class. He is a very loud person but brings his voice down whenever he is talking to me as if I might crumble if he yells at me. Finally, the bell rings and we are dismissed. I meet Dad in his classroom, he packs up some papers in his bag and then hands my lunch bag with my cup. The ride back home is peacefully silent when we get home I immediately take Apollo outside. He plays around in the backyard for a bit then comes running towards me. He looks much better the infection is completely gone and his fur has a nice shine to it. When we get upstairs I change into leggings, a sports bra, and a tight tank top. Dad wants to start working out again today.

He’s at the table when I come out of my room, “Go warm-up, I’ll be down in a few minutes.” he tells me getting up and heading to his room. I go down the stairs and then head down into the basement. I do my stretches and decide to run a few miles on the treadmill for a warm-up. Dad comes down and starts to warm up as well. Afterward, Dad and I start to spar he corrects me a few times, and then he doesn’t hold back. By the time we are done I am probably covered in bruises and sore. “You can have the shower first, I am going to let Apollo out and start on dinner.” I agree and limp to the bathroom.

My birthday is next month, I wonder when they plan on telling me whatever it is they were going to tell me. Maybe when Mom gets back. I wash and shave before finally getting out of the shower.

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