Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 6

The week goes by pretty uneventfully. Mr. Johnson didn’t move my seat or Edmund’s and he continued to mess with me now in the halls. He and his friends make fun of me, either about how close my dad and I, or about my looks, or how I’m a teacher’s kid. Lalihia who is nearly always with them when this happens stays quiet and gives me an apologetic look. I ignore them as best I can and just walk past them. Dad hates it though and keeps getting them all in trouble. Cole has tried to defend me a few times but then they start bullying him. He has also tried to befriend me a few times. Turns out he is gay, on the swim team, student council, and in a few more clubs. Dad says he is a good kid but I am still not allowed to hang out with him.

It’s now Tuesday, and Mom has been gone for nearly two weeks. Dad is starting to get nervous and gives her a call on her burner phone. When she doesn’t pick up he looks at me. “Go get an emergency getaway bag ready.” I get up from the table and grab one of the extra passports, IDs, and other important fake papers. I put all that into a backpack with two outfits, food, a first aid kit, and 4,000 dollars. He comes into my room and sits down at my desk. “I am going to go look for your Mom. If I am not back by next week leave. Get plane tickets for Germany or Spain. You know what else, there is a book in your Mom’s desk and put that in your bag as well. It’ll explain everything you can read it on your way out of the US but not before. Do you understand?” I give him a shaky nod. “Look at me, I am going to call the school you won’t be going. We both came down with the flu.” I meet his eyes and nod my head again in understanding. He hands me a burner phone with only one number on it. He has a backpack on and puts his burner phone in the side pocket. “I know you are scared but I need you to be brave if I don’t come back I need you to leave immediately. Here are high school graduation papers and a laptop. Keep moving around for a few months. Do not come back to this town, don’t go to any of the cities on this list.” He hands me another sheet of paper. “If you need more money go to this bank and here is the bank information.” He hands me another sheet. Dad stands up and gives me a long hug and tells me he loves me.

After about a half-hour I get past the shock and put everything in the bag. I also pack a carry-on bag of clothes for Spain. I then go into the office and pull up some of the programs to make fake stuff. I then start typing to make Apollo my service dog in training. Once I am finished I order a vest for him and the velcro things for him. I print out the papers then put them in the backpack.

The next few days I spend time getting things ready for me to leave. Dad has now been gone for three days and I haven’t heard from him. It’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep. I even tried working out earlier so it would exhaust me. I give up and grab a book that I found in the office, which looks like a romance novel. When I sit down on the window seat to start reading the power turns off. That’s weird, it’s not storming outside I get up but then I hear the alarms start to go off. Someone has broken in. When dad installed the alarms he made it so they all are powered by batteries in case we lost power. I quickly pick Apollo up and run to the office, when I get there I grab the home phone and slide into the secret cubby. I dial 911 and wait, it feels like for every later but really only has been seconds, a woman picks up and I tell her what’s going on. I hear people coming up the stairs and start opening and closing doors. She stays on the phone and tells me to stay where I am. I don’t tell her exactly though. Someone comes into the office. I hold my breath, I am shaking and tears start running down my face. Suddenly, a deep voice curses as it sounds like he stubs his toe. “Can we get the damn lights turned back on!” he yells loudly causing me to jump slightly and shake worse, I move my face into Apollo’s fur and muffle my cries. I look at the phone to see the operator is no longer on the line. He leaves the room as more footsteps are heard coming up the stairs.

“We can’t find her, sir, her bags are still here but she isn’t in the basement, her room, master bedroom, bathroom, or the office.” I hear a man’s voice say.

“Get the dogs here, she’s here somewhere. She called 911 here and hasn’t been seen leaving the place.” another man’s voice says. About 15 minutes later more people are coming up the stairs. I can hear dog nails on our hardwood flooring heading towards the office. I start shaking more and Apollo releases a small whimper. One of the dogs scratches at the wall. I look away as I am blinded by the light. Apollo is torn from my grasp making me cry out and try to grab him. Another man grabs my wrist and roughly pulls me so I am out of the cubby. I look up and see a man in a sheriff’s uniform, the man behind me is in all black clothing. He grabs me from underneath my armpits and lifts me up. Another man comes into the room holding a syringe. I start violently trying to get away from the man who is holding me but he is too strong. Then I feel the needle break the skin on my arm.

The sheriff lifts my chin to look at him, “Is your name Arabella Kynaston?”

“No, my name is Violet Smith, please, you have the wrong person. I haven’t done anything wrong!” I exclaim while crying. The sheriff shakes his head as the medicine kicks in.

“What should we do with the dog?”

“Bring it with?” The sheriff says as I can no longer keep my eyes open and lose the ability to hold myself up.


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