Is this my Fate?

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Chapter 8

The room is fairly small, a twin bed is against one wall with a lamp sitting on a nightstand sits next to it. The walls are a light beige color and have absolutely no windows. Further inspecting I realize there are two cameras one facing the door and the other over the room. Apollo is asleep on the twin bed so I move further around and notice a door. It opens into a very narrow bathroom. I sigh and go back to the room to make sure Apollo is doing ok. He lifts his head when I get to him and immediately starts barking and jumping. I’m so glad they didn’t do anything to him. I quickly pick him up and cuddle him while he licks my face. While I hold him I allow my body to crumble onto the bed.

After a little while, Apollo settles down and lays next to my head on the pillow. The next day drags on very slowly Valentine brings me water and some food. When he brings me food he takes Apollo so he can release himself outside.

“You have a very well behaved pup,” Valentine comments when he brings Apollo back and grabs my half-eaten plate. He then hands me a nightgown and some soaps. “I figured you might like to shower and change. Don’t worry we only look at the camera in the bathroom if we have to.” I hadn’t even realized there was one in there. I take the nightgown and undergarments from him. I look at him weirdly when I look at it, it’s nearly sheer and will probably just cover my bum. He ignores the look and leaves the room. Who is this perverted to pick this out for a teenage girl? I then look at the undergarments and think of Mom as I notice they match, it’s a white bralette with lacey white panties. I take both the soap and ‘outfit’ into the bathroom. I get undressed behind the shower curtain and then get dressed behind it after I finish with the shower. There is no mirror in the bathroom but I was right about it not begin very long.

I take a calming breath then open the shower curtain then quickly make my way over to the bed to hide under the blankets. My heart races with fear as I think of reasons why they may have given me this clothing. Apollo comes and lays on my chest, absent-mindedly I start to pet him. Tomorrow is my birthday, I thought my last birthday was bad. I think this one may be worse though. We had to move the day of my birthday, all I know about that move is Mom had messed up somehow. We moved so much but it was odd every time I got a new name they kept my middle name the same, Rose. I had names like Mila, Emma, Claire, with blonde, brown, and even black hair. Never my natural hair color or eye color. At one school I got bullied so badly that it started to get physical. Mom got mad I defended myself and beat the group up but Dad was proud I took on four girls and won. They are so different from each other I wonder why they even married at times. Slowly I start to fall asleep my hand stopping its movements and just resting on Apollo.

12:30 a.m.

I stand in the middle of a pitch-black forest in a long white gown my hair cascading down my back but it’s not its natural color, it’s nearly white. I start walking to try and find a way out of the forest. I decided to walk towards the full moon a little way and see a lake. It kind of looks like the lake from my other dreams. The moon reflects off the pond allowing me to see the small ripples in the water from fish swimming around. When I am at the edge of the water I notice I am not wearing any shoes so the water hits my feet but I can’t tell if the water is cold or warm. How hadn’t I noticed I wasn’t wearing any shoes?

A branch snaps behind me, I dart my eyes to the forest behind me. Bright yellow eyes met mine and when our eyes meet I feel a sharp hot pain on my collarbone.

I wake up screaming in agony, it feels as if someone has stabbed my collarbone with a hot poker stick. I pull the nightgown off my shoulder and see blood running down my chest from my collarbone. What did these people do to me? I pick up a part of the blanket and hold it against my collarbone. Soon after I can’t keep my eyes open and collapse either from blood loss or exhaustion I’m not sure.

1:34 am

It’s not a full moon this time but a crescent and appears larger than it should. I again walk towards the moon and go to the lake. This time however I go down onto my knees and look into the water to see my already striking green eyes now slightly glowing in the night. When I look at my clothes I am in a white dress again but this time the front shows my collarbone that was previously bloody, instead of a bloody mess a beautiful tattoo lays there. It looks like some kind of symbol made with a calligraphy pen. I hear leaves rustle behind me and once again dart my eyes look into glowing gold eyes. However, this time whoever has these gold eyes starts to come out of the woods but before I can make out a figure I once again experience the burning pain of my skin. This time, however, it’s on my ribs near my right breast.

I don’t wake up screaming this time but a loud sob escapes me as I hold my side. It comes back sticky from the blood. Apollo licks my tears and whines next to me. What is going on? I look at my collarbone to see that it covered in dry blood but notice some black spots. The door opens and a woman comes in with a first aid kit.

She looks so kind, she has brown hair pulled into a tight bun and black rectangle glasses on. She’s wearing blue nurse scrubs and comes over to the bed. “Let me help you sit up and get these cleaned.” She puts the kit at the end of the bed and helps me see it. She hands me two pills and says it’s for the pain then hands me a glass of water. I take both. “I’m sorry but I think I’m going to have to remove your nightgown. Would you rather I cut it off or do you think you can put your arms up to pull it off?”

“Would you please cut it?”I ask her shakily. She smiles gently and grabs some scissors. She makes quick work to remove it then grabs a wet cloth. She then gently starts cleaning my collarbone first. After she removes the blood she dabs it with alcohol and covers it with gauze. My eyes start to get droopy from exhaustion, “I think the pain medicine is kicking in” I mutter to her as I lay back down and fall asleep.

Meanwhile in the courtroom

“What’s the verdict Nurse?” the man in the gray robes asks the nurse that tended to Arabella.

She has the ability of foresight like her mother’s family,” she says with her eyes cast down when she’s about to talk again he interrupts her.

He sighs, “Whiteman, prepare for her execution.”

“Sir, that’s not her only gift. She has the Gift of the Achlys.” The courtroom falls quiet from shock.

“Valentine, check the cameras, confirm what she is saying, and come back here.” The man demands, he is quick to rush out of the room.

“Tobias, what are we to do with the girl if this is true? We haven’t had anyone with the gift in over three hundred years.” A woman asks the man in the gray robes.

“We will need to talk with Ubel, he is the only man with any books related to the last one. As it was a man in his clan. We will also need to put her in a home that will train and discipline her so she doesn’t follow in her parents’ footsteps.”

“What about an arranged marriage?” a man suggests, Tobias nods his head.

“That is a good idea, Whitman,” In the middle of discussing who should be her husband Valentine comes back in. He nods his head yes and escorts the nurse out of the courtroom. “Whitman, contact Ubel I want him here in the morning we have a lot to discuss.”

“Will she be joining his clan sir?” the same woman who spoke earlier asks.

“If he wishes then yes.”

The following morning

The council is already seated when Ubel enters the room with his pregnant wife. “Ubel, it’s good to see you again. I’d rather get right down to business.”

“Of course, sir,” Ubel says as his wife moves to stand slightly behind him.

“Everything I say from here on out must stay secret until we decided otherwise. I’m sure by now you have heard about Elanor and Edward running off together some 18 years ago correct?” Tobias asks, to which Ubel nods his head. “As it turns out the reason they ran off is that, they had a daughter.” He pauses and sighs deeply. “At first we thought about execution in front of her parents and our people. Now however we can’t, it seems the union was meant to be. They created one of the most gifted beings we have ever seen in centuries and she is not even aware of it. She has the gift of the spirits.” Ubel and his wife’s eyes grow large. “Now to my understanding, you possess books from the last one?” Ubel agrees with him. “You may decide if you wish to take the girl in and train her or give the books to us to find another who will.”

“I will train her to the best of my abilities,” he says smiling.

“We also want an arranged marriage to be made. We don’t want this to happen again.”

“My son is yet to be married, I shall ask him.”

“Call him,” Whitman tells him. Ubel quickly makes the phone call.

“He wishes to know a little bit about her and what she looks like.” He tells them with the phone still to his ear.

“Of course, we have a file here, we can fax to your office. When he has decided, tell him to call you back.” Tobias tells him. “Now the girl’s name is Arabella Rose Kynaston, she hasn’t finished high school yet so you will need to enroll her in school. I want her to stay away from humans and she is to be considered a flight risk. I suggest having someone with her at all times. In case she tries to run. Now she needs to be educated in all our costumes as well, her parents left her completely oblivious to our world.” Tobias tells Ubel still not even glancing at his wife, Sarah.

“We have a private academy that no humans are allowed to attend and my wife can tutor her in our costumes.”

“Valentine, send one of your men to collect her things from her room and have them sent to Ubel’s estate.” Ubel’s phone rings as Valentine once again leaves.

“Ivan, have you made your decision?” Ubel asks his son, he smiles as he hears his son’s answer. “He says he will marry her, he just wishes for her to finish school first and have a better understanding of our customs.”

“Good we will finish all necessary paperwork within the human world today and she’ll be ready to go into your custody. How soon can you be ready to take her?” Tobias asks Ubel after he hangs up.

“I think we can have the room connected to Ivan’s ready tomorrow”

“Good, tomorrow at 9 am then, bring Ivan with and a guard. We got new information from her Edward, he trained her.” He pauses, “Valentine, how is she doing?”

“She’s hasn’t been eating much since being in our custody and since her receiving her gifts she’s been sleeping quite a bit. Her hair color has changed to platinum blond but other than that her appearance has not changed.”

“The last one with the gift had silver hair as well, but his eyes would change whenever he would use his gift,” Ubel tells the council.

“Thank you, Valentine. Make sure she eats today, her strength will be down from receiving her gifts. I will see you tomorrow Ubel.” Tobias says while standing from his seat.


Achlys will be explained later on. Let me know what you think, like, or comment, and feel free to give a review if you want. I never even thought this story would get any reads. I hope for those of you in the US that you had a good Thanksgiving.

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