The world flipped

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Reinard is given another chance to life. Being maltreated by his uncle, bullied by his mate, had to look after his mom who entered coma after his dad's death. Happiness became a luxury Rein couldn't afford, the only way he could taste it was through gaming. However unlike everyone thought the world was going to end that night Reinard lost his gaming console and his sense of reasoning, the world flipped and 7billion humans on earth found themselves standing before a tower in an unknown land and now they had to pass a tutorial to start their adventure in this new world with the guardian of a system and the gods watching them. While many saw it as calamity, Reinard saw it as a new chance for him to live life the way he wants it. Follow Reinard and many other interesting characters as they journey to the pinnacle of power to either be the strongest or find out who flipped their world.

Fantasy / Action
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The whole world, every single being on earth felt the world flip, for a moment they thought it must have been delusional perhaps it was just their mind, it happened too fast for anyone to take note of.

Everyone regardless of where on earth the person was located was now seeing the same view, the well built sturdy wooden houses they were surrounded with and the long tower that stood in the middle of where everyone stood, high at the end a golden large bell could be seen from where everyone stood, people began to murmur but their voices scattered because everyone gathered here did not speak the same language. Right now approximately 7 billion humans were gathered on the same spot.

Not all could quickly realize this from just the little they saw from hearing different languages and seeing different races of humans on the same spot indeed Lewis was a genius amidst his generation even though he was young,

"how the hell did this happen?"

he spoke to himself

"if really the earth has ended then has God actually gathered every human here to decide if we would go to heaven or hell, shit I didn't even get to be an astronomer why does this have to happen... No no think Lewis think, I'm not really the type to quickly give up like this what can I do?, what can I make of this situation?"

Perhaps one of the things that slowly killed little Lewis was that he thought too much before he acts. However for Lewis to think like this everyone had a common understanding that it looks like the world has ended. Everyone except few....

"..... .... Did the world just flipped"

with a surprised look on his face Arthuier looked around he ran around squeezing himself to pass through people that are already beginning to form clusters, people that understood each other's language, he finally reach one building and touched it,

"this feels realistic enough I don't think this is an holographic work, then did the world really just flip but it makes no sense...
if so the we get teleported to the same starting point because the world is about to start again...
... I don't think it's that simple though"

Arthuier paced around as he thought aloud with his clean white tender fingers gently placed under his jaw.

It was amazing as to how humans can quickly take actions amidst emergency situations like this, people that spoke the same language had already started to form clusters and discuss what was happening... However....

"It still hurts, why does it have to hurt if the world actually ended shouldn't we be healed of all pained and await whatever is going to happen..."

Rein spoke aloud, looked to his left Kain who was still startled at what was happening couldn't even fathom that the one person he has always beaten the crap out of was looking at his sorry state with pity just because he couldn't believe what he was seeing... It was all too unrealistic to process...

"Tsk he's out of it"

Rein of course spoke in his head...

"You bastard are you just mocking boss right now?"

"Ahh I know that voice, I can't definitely miss that voice, so he's here too, Kritt!"

Rein look in the direction of where the voice was coming from and grinned, as hard as he could as if telling Kritt it is my time now.
Kritt staggered back at that face he saw just that moment the bell rang and everyone's gaze was fixed on the tower. Then a blue transparent tab appeared

[the tutorial will now begin in 5... 4...3...2...1]

[tutorial has started]

[the tutorial includes two parts the first part will focus on making you realize what true freedom is, however anyone that dies in the first part of the tutorial will be resurrected in the abyss they won't be able to take part in the second tutorial but will be given access to enter the real world later on]

[now the tutorial objective is to do the one thing you have always wanted to do, however you must be truthful to yourself for there will be reward according to how truthful you are to yourself]

[now you'll be given one hour to do the one thing you have always wanted to do]


As soon as the tabs that consecutively appeared had disappeared the whole place turned into rampage, humans true nature was revealed. Of course some could still keep it cool and carefully thought of what they wanted to do, some knew what they wanted to do but currently they couldn't do it so they just did what ever they really could do at the moment with what was available.

It's a sight no one would ever want to see, all sought of crime being performed openly, some men that had probably worked as law enforcers that were truthful to their job stepped in,
some could successfully stop the crime while some were beaten for butting in, amidst these crimes the one that was obviously being done a lot, was rape and gangbanging, of course they were people that agreed and went into the wooden houses, but those that did not were recklessly raped openly. The whole ground was in chaos.


Rein let out a brief sigh after beating the crap out of Kritt, he beat him so much that Kritt face was distorted with punches, blood covered his face and made it had to tell he was the one,

" somewhere on this ground he's father would've been searching for him"

Rein thought this and decided not to kill him, but there was this one person he really wants to kill, his face became scary the moment the thought of killing his uncle ran through his mind. I know what that geezer would be doing now.

He grinned and started moving but was brought to halt by a voice from behind.

"You, didn't you despise me? I literally gave you hell all your life, if you wanted to do anything wouldn't it be killing me?"

Kain had regained himself and had helplessly watch Kritt being ravaged to the ground.

"That's funny did you think you gave me hell, no... All your anger I knew the reason so I just didn't feel like retaliating, plus i had promised both my parent I would never fight because I don't want to become a thug like them, i was studying really hard and aiming to become a lawyer so I can make lots of money and live well. So no you didn't give me hell, the one person who was nearest to giving me hell, is who I need to hurry now so I can kill him".

Kain chuckled

"bastard so it never left you, you're the son of a thug after all".

Rein pointed out his hand to Kain

"... go and do whatsoever you really want to do, as you can see my father is dead so you killing me won't thrill you anymore, survive and let's settle our scores".

The next time we meet one of us will die. He ran off immediately to look for the one person he has always despised the most.

Kain grabbed his hair and fell to the floor in agony, he was surprised, he didn't know all this while Rein knew the reason why he was being hard and bullied him

"so he knew after all that bastard I'm sure I must've been a crybaby to him".

"What the hell, i thought those two was gonna have a go at it but they just talked and settled it, and what reason was that timid Rein was talking about?, what was the reason Kain bullied him all day?, damnit thinking like this won't help, I'll find out later... Anyway forget about that... Look at this"

Ajett who had hid himself amidst people and was waiting for Kain and Rein to have a real fight was disappointed they didn't, but soon got rid of the thought, perhaps he just decided to worry later.
He spread his arms in the air and began to roll in circles as one that was enjoying Mozart playing his piano.

"Look at that, look there, over here so much despair, so much cries, so much sufferings, i love it, i love it, i love it so much, I looooovvveeee it!!!"


Lewis murmured as he passed by Ajett who was already lost in his own self found joy.

Moments later just has Rein had predicted he had found his uncle of course he was in one of the buildings having s#x with a lady, he was too weak and old to rape, but you would fuck a granny so far she agrees.
He had picked a very large wood that seems to have been well packed as leftover materials after the houses were completed.

Lost in pleasure the hold man did not even know what awaited him not until the lady that looked like she was in her late fifties screamed, he initially thought she was enjoying it too much, but he was truthful to himself and knew that he couldn't do it this well, it had never happened however before he decided to trace the ladies eyes and look back, Rein had slammed the huge wood on him, he fell to the floor with his rod still standing upright,
the lady screamed as she ran outside falling and immediately picking herself up so she won't get killed, at this point no one cared about their surroundings anymore. Whether or not they like it, what was happening was their reality now.

"This... I'm only doing this because I really want to, however if I see you in the real world, I'll give you the hell you deserve I'll make you rot while you walk just wait".

He continues to slam the wood plank on his uncle's head until it felt like the woodplank was now hitting the wooden floor of the house.
His school uniform which he had not even had a chance to change because of the thugs that bullied him was covered in blood, his whole face was covered with blood, he sat on the floor and rested his back on the wall, tears began to roll down his cheeks as he murmured....

"Is my mother alive or dead?"
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